The Frontstretch: Turn 5 Cartoon Debut by C. Otto & T. Thompson -- Wednesday February 7, 2007

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Turn 5 Cartoon Debut

C. Otto & T. Thompson · Wednesday February 7, 2007


Editor’s Note : Among the new features we’re proud to introduce over at FS this season is a brand new cartoon aimed to poke fun at the lighter side of the sport. Yes, that’s right…we’re jumping from the written word to the written blurb. Join Phil Fuller, Velma Lou McCallister, Pork Chop McBride, and Earl Sweeney for the ride of their lives as they give everything it takes to make it in the rough and tumble world of today’s high-priced NASCAR circuit. With unique characters and a race team unlike any other, it’s always an interesting time in the garage when it comes to this bunch. Short on funding but overflowing with enthusiasm, it’s no wonder this particular car is a fan favorite…even if it needs an extra turn to get around the race track.

Enjoy our newest addition to the FS stable of news, commentary, interviews, and so much more…after today, look for another strip to debut Monday and then continue every Friday throughout the racing season.

Turn 5

Phil Fuller

Velma Lou McCallister

Pork Chop McBride

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02/08/2007 11:24 AM

Shux Howdy!

What a small world!

I’ve parked the ol’ cracker box Jimmy in front of Myrtle’s Cafe many times and Velma Lou is a big reason why. Sittin’ at the counter with “Pork Chop” checkin’ out her legs that go all the way to the floor.

Interesting conversations always with “PC” McBride. Never mentioned that Velma Lou was a homecoming queen though. I shoulda knowed. What a foxy lady!

And don’t let that “small engine repair” sign fool y’all. PC has turned a wrench on the ol’ diesel more than a few times and saved my bacon. When it comes to engines, he’s a gien,.....jeniou,.....geneou,..
real smart cookie. Squeezed more than 5 million miles outta that ol’ Jimmy. And still goin’ strong, haulin’ hogs, makin’ bacon.

Earl Sweeney? I think I bought an Edsel from his daddy —- years ago. Still have it too.

Cooter County is a place I’d like to spend alot of time in if I didn’t have places to go and people to see. Ahhh, the life of an over the road trucker. Let the good times roll!

If ol’ Phil needs a transporter driver, lemmie know. Or, even a push start. Be more than glad to hep out. That boy can flat out drive the wheels off a race car. Championship material for sure.

I can’t hardly wait!
This oughta be fun.
The only way I could be more pleased, if I was twins. Which, of course, I ain’t.
But, I digress….........


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