The Frontstretch: Top Ten Things Rick Hendrick said to Kyle Busch Sunday Night by Becca Gladden -- Wednesday May 31, 2006

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Top Ten Things Rick Hendrick said to Kyle Busch Sunday Night

Frontstretch Top Ten · Becca Gladden · Wednesday May 31, 2006


Top Ten Things Car Owner Rick Hendrick said to Kyle Busch

... as they walked to NASCAR’s Oval Office after Busch’s misbehavior in the Coke 600:

10. If you’re not careful, someone’s gonna go “Jimmy Spencer” on you.

9. I’ll be deducting the cost of that HANS device from your paycheck!

8. You do realize that Casey Mears couldn’t have avoided you, right?

7. After seeing that throw, I’d advise you to turn down any future “throw out the first pitch” requests.

6. I’ll bet you spent a lot of time in after-school detention, didn’t you? On second thought, maybe you didn’t spend enough time there.

5. If I wanted to deal with this sort of thing, I would have hired (circle one):

A. Robby Gordon
B. Tony Stewart
C. Kevin Harvick
D. Your Brother

4. C’mon boy, if you’re gonna throw something, at least make it look good!

3. No matter what they say to you in there, just smile and nod.

2. Look, everyone knows you feel bad for the “guys back at the shop” – but frankly, they don’t want to be embarrassed by you, either.

1. First stop: The Oval Office. Next stop: The woodshed.

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05/31/2006 09:45 AM

Hey Kyle, Your a frickin pampered baby and I don’t know why I hired you.

ol nate hisself
05/31/2006 09:56 AM

it must be some disease that affects all people called bush. Their brain closes down when their mouth opens. It is a damn shame that a kid who can drive like that is going to blow his career by constantly being a real PUTZ.

05/31/2006 10:00 AM

If you and Kurt were my sons, I’d have had you in the woodshed a long time ago. Prime example of why some wild animals eat their young!!

05/31/2006 10:50 AM

Or a fine example of why Nascar should have a minmum age limit for drivers to compete on the Cup circuit.

05/31/2006 11:23 AM

gotta work on your throwing your way off

05/31/2006 11:32 AM

Just another reason why I’m starting to lose interest in NASCAR & going back to IRL & sports-car racing. You didn’t see Marco Andretti throwing a tantrum after he lost the 2nd closest Indy 500 in history.

05/31/2006 12:24 PM

I have to ask myself why I respect the three guys mentioned as hiring alternatives, but have zero respect for the Busch brothers.

They seem to represent the worst part about the kids of today: whining crybabies with a ridiculous sense of entitlement.

Obviously, their parents told both of them they would be great Men if they won.

Instead, they are just little boys driving a race car, a pale shadow of those who have preceded them.

05/31/2006 12:51 PM

Jay, I can tell you why you respect the other 3.

Robby – kind of jerky but he’s starting to make it happen as a driver/owner.

Stewey – champion

Harvick – jumped into the greatest ride of all time. He has not exactly performed but they are coming on. Also, he went through these temper tantrums with NASCAR. What was the result? He got sat for a week.

That’s exactly what they need to do to this punk to make him realize he needs to shape up. Sit him out for a week NASCAR. It seems to work with drivers named Busch. Look at his brother. He is kind of doing better now thanks to Jack.

05/31/2006 01:14 PM

What an embarrassment to the sport.

05/31/2006 01:17 PM

Just think what the headlines would have been and how the fans would have reacted had he just climbed out of the car and waved to the crowd that he was OK!

Carol J
05/31/2006 01:40 PM

Kyle is just an immature person and with those couple of wins, now has developed an attitude that this stuff winning is easy…just wait Kyle….just wait….its not EASY TO WIN…ask any VETERAN!!!

05/31/2006 02:44 PM

Kyle & Kurt are a bunch of whining crybabies.Spoiled little rich kids that have to have everything their way.Racing is Racing if you don’t like it find a different Career.

05/31/2006 03:25 PM

Kyle Busch demonstrated exactly how low class he & his brother are. They may have a sufficiency of money, but they’re still just “poor white trash.”

05/31/2006 05:54 PM

Kyle….you gave everybody something to talk about…way to go !!! Im still on your side.

05/31/2006 07:55 PM

Why are some people going directly to Kurt too. The article was about Kyle. Him and Kurt are too totally different people. Kyle doesn’t need to be referred to when Kurt does something wrong and Kurt doesn’t need to be referred to Kyle when Kurt does something wrong. They both make mistakes, a lot of mistakes, but bring the other Busch into a conversation about one is just adding fuel to the fire.

J. Meyer
05/31/2006 09:23 PM

As the saying goes, the acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.
I could understand if one or the other does something stupid and immature, but when they BOTH have a habit of doing stupid things REPEATEDLY, and so often, one can’t help but wonder about family values and/or traits.
There have been lots of brothers in NASCAR, but none BOTH so vehemently disliked as the Buschs’

Tom R
05/31/2006 10:31 PM

If Kyle Busch is the future of NASCAR then NASCAR has no future. Park him for a week and let him think about his attitude.

Patrick D.
06/01/2006 01:58 AM

Kyle Busch is the most immature Cup series driver since his brother. He has had more run-ins with drivers in his 1 1\3 years driving Cup than some veterans have had in their entire careers. Kyle fits in well with the Hendrick stable though, as all of the drivers there are crybabys and whiners like Kyle. Fans should create a site donating to every driver that spins Kyle in each race.

06/01/2006 01:15 PM

Every “pit lizzad” on in the pits cried into their crying towels over Kyles trip to the oval office….NOT. That little boy has no respect for NASCAR…the DRIVERS, and the FANS…especially FEMALES!!!!

06/02/2006 07:05 PM

If you want to talk about cry babies, you need to put Tony Stewart as #1, he is the biggest of them all. It is never his fault when he wrecks. As far as the Hendrick drivers they are some of best ones out there today. Go Jimmie and Jeff.

06/02/2006 09:18 PM

I think there should be an age minimum of 21 or older!
I feel bad for his PR person Amy!
I also think they should park his little idiot butt!

race fan
06/07/2006 11:54 AM

It is just so obvious who is a Dale fan and who is just into racing. I would like to know when Brian Vickers (as part of the HENDRICK CRYBABIES STABLE) ever showed any inappropriate behavior. Do none of the D.E.I. fans remember Jr. swapping whole crews just because he couldn’t get along with his cousin(probably because Eury Jr. said it was Dales fault) now THAT was immature.


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