The Frontstretch: Running Their Mouth : Bank of America 500 by Beth Lunkenheimer -- Monday October 15, 2007

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Running Their Mouth : Bank of America 500

Beth Lunkenheimer · Monday October 15, 2007


Each week, we'll go through media reports, interviews, PR, and all our own stuff to find the best quotes from the Nextel Cup race, capturing the story of how the weekend unfolded. It's the most original commentary you'll ever find: the truth, coming straight out of the mouths of the drivers, crew members, and the car owners themselves. This week, here's a sneak peek at what a select few were thinking following the Bank of America 500 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway:

“This is just an incredible day for the DuPont Chevrolet. I’ve got to thank all these guys. They just never gave up. We had an awesome race car. Even on that last one, on the restart, the tires spun so bad that Clint Bowyer could have gone right by me, but he gave me a big shot in the rear bumper and kind of got me going again. So it was just a great day. This is what we’ve been looking for is getting us a win at Charlotte. What a great comeback.” Jeff Gordon

“He (Gordon) slipped and I was gaining on him too fast and got into the back of him instead of going underneath of him. Gil and all the guys brought me a good hot rod. We ain’t out of it. We’re going to keep going and we’re going to get Jack Daniels a championship. It was a great finish for us as far as the Chase points.” Clint Bowyer, finished 2nd

“That's great for us. We did not have a fifth-place car, so we're very fortunate to be fifth. That's good for us. We were barely a Top 15 car, so I've just got to thank my crew — everybody on this Office Depot team. I definitely had a good time tonight at the end. That's cool. We should have five-lap sprints like that all the time. It was a blast.” Carl Edwards, finished 5th

“I’m real proud of my team for the effort. The team really deserved a Top 10 tonight, which is a great way to top off what has probably been the biggest week in the small history of this race team.” Michael Waltrip, finishing 10th, tying his best finish this season

“It's good, but it's bad. We ran out of gas when we got the green flag. They said we were good on fuel, but we weren't good on fuel, so that's really frustrating. We were seventh and we would have at least been seventh or moved to fifth.” Ricky Rudd, finished 11th in his first race back after separating his shoulder at California Speedway September 2nd

“I came down pit road because I thought I had a flat. I guess there was a lot of oil on the race track, and they didn't want to throw a caution for that one. So, I thought I had a flat. We ran through it about three times I guess, and by the time I saw it I was on pit road and the caution came out. That put us all the way back at the back, and we put tires on it. Then the No. 12 wrecked, we had a green, white, checkered and finished 12th.” Bobby Labonte

“We had a great race car. We didn’t have a clean night tonight. I made a mistake. We had mistakes through the night that kept hurting us on track position. We deserved to finish in the Top 5 tonight. We’re trying to get every point we can. It was wasn’t what we expected or wanted. So we’re leaving here disappointed. But we had a good performance so there is some light at the end of the tunnel. But it’s just a bummer of a night.” Jimmie Johnson, finished 14th

“The blame is…I don’t think either one of them (Tony Stewart or Paul Menard) have any respect for each other. Getting into the 15, I don’t know. I just know his crew was clapping when we were working on our car. That’s kind of uncalled for and unprofessional.” Greg Zipadelli, crew chief for Tony Stewart, finished 7th

“I don't know where to start. We had a pretty fast car tonight. I have absolutely no excuse. I really feel like an idiot out here tonight. I wrecked twice and it seems like we've wrecked for a month straight, so I really want to apologize to my fans. It's kind of hard to stress how these guys work on this car. I really feel bad for these guys. I really let them down.” Matt Kenseth, finished 34th

“We blew a left rear tire out. I couldn't tell if it felt a little spongy before, but obviously the car was plenty fast. It was a great Alltel Dodge today, just unfortunate. We were running away from them after Gordon's little slip up there on the restart. It was a great coincidence for me, but unfortunately the left rear tire blew out after that. I doubt he missed his shift. It was a good situation for us that turned bad about two laps later.” Ryan Newman, finished 28th

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Steve M.
10/16/2007 05:33 AM

Beth, speaking of “Running Their Mouths”, why aren’t you, or anyone else, commenting on the rest of what Greg Zipadelli said about Paul Menard? I quote “Well, you know, the 15 car was a minor thing. And then everybody got hollering on the radio and never even saw the 9 car. And that’s what did the damage. The 15 just stripped the paint off and didn’t really do it.

But he could have, with us rolling out, it would have been real easy to give us the go-ahead. Not that he has to, but it’s a give-and-take. You have respect for people and when they’re racing for something that you’re not, you usually do that. And if you don’t, the roles will be reversed someday.”
So tell me Beth, what’s the difference between what Greg Z. said “You have respect for people and when they’re racing for something that you’re not” about Paul M. and what Denny Hamlin had complained about with Kyle Petty? The press was all over Denny’s butt when he made that comment, as well as the public. A young kid badmouthing a vereran driver and having the audacity to say something about him (DH) being in the Chase and Kyle not. Well, in this situation it’s the exact opposite. We have a veteran crew chief making comments about how a young driver should just move out of the way for a veteran driver who is in the Chase. I just have to ask; what’s in the water that the guys in the Chip Ganassi camp are drinking? And honestly, why isn’t the press making a big deal out of this like they did with Denny? And after what Tony did to Paul a couple of weeks ago, both on the track and on pit road, well, I too was clapping and shouting when I saw that 2TonTony had to go back into the pits to do body work on his car. And as for Greg Z. saying “the roles will be reversed someday”, well he was right, and maybe, just maybe, Paul Menard showed Whiner Tony that yes indeed, the roles did reverse!

Steve M.
10/16/2007 06:47 AM

Let me continue with the above comments after I have just read more about I-Deserve-Everything-Handed-To-Me-On-A-Silver-Platter-Because-I’m-Tony-Stewart. After his little mis-hap on pit row with Menard and Kahne, this is what he said on his radio; “Basically, Stewart lamented the fact that two of the 31 “other guys” not in the Chase had once again dented his chances of a top finish in a Chase race.” Why does Stewart and Hamlin think that anyone, any other driver, owe the two of them anything? Just because they are in the Chase? Stewart’s ego has spread to his teammate and I really hope that next year, driving Toyota’s, that Tony has his worst year ever. Whoever is going to be teaching his anger management classes next year – you won’t be paid nearly enough for your job!!

Not so disappointed
10/16/2007 08:32 AM

Steve M. – I believe the contrast and similarities are as followed : Denny and Paul are relatively new kids on the block in spite of their success or the lack thereof; while Kyle ,Tony and Greg are seasoned veterans who not only have to compete with the up and coming YOUNGSTERS but groom them as well.SOME chastising is fine although I do think Petty crossed the line when he slapped Denny’s shield last month.

10/16/2007 10:05 AM

Not only that. You left out the most important part of Zippy’s remarks. The 15 crew was clapping and cheering when Tony came back in as if they were pleased with the damage, which is extremely disprectful. And, in all the driver’s meetings, there is a warning given to watch out for the chase guys and try not let anything stupid affect the outcome of the championship.

Steve M.
10/16/2007 10:44 AM

But 8Fan, Zippy said it himself, Paul Menard didn’t do anything to the 20 car other than peel off some paint. All the damage came from Tony hitting Kahne. As for Menards crew applauding Tony’s misfortune; yeah, it may have been a bit immaturish but Stewart more than deserved it (and you would think that a guy his size would have broad enough shoulders to be able to deal with what happened. We all know that Tony spews off at the mouth often enough and expects whomever he is pissed off at to accept his remarks and take it like a man. Sad to think that Tony can dish it out but he can’t take it). Who knows, maybe it knocked him down a peg or two from his high horse attitude. Also, and I may very well be wrong, but from what I saw, Paul Menard, when coming to his pit, had to stop his car to avoid getting hit by an out-going Stewart. I saw it as they each sat there for a second or two trying to decide what the other was going to do. When PM went into his pit box it was Tony’s spotters job to tell him he was clear to go, which obviously was not the case. And as for the non-chase drivers “not letting anything stupid affect the outcome of the championship”, how exactly did Paul or Kasey do that? Pit road mistakes happen all the time, but when they happen to Crybaby Tony, he ALWAYS has to put the blame on someone else. And why everyone is thinking that what happened was Paul’s fault, well that’s just ridiculous. The press is hitting all the right buttons in hopes of getting a feud going between two drivers. Again, Zippy is the one who said that the damage done to Stewarts car had nothing to do with Paul Menard.

10/16/2007 11:32 AM

Hey, SteveM:
I believe Zippy also mentioned something like “What goes around comes around”, intending that Paul Menard may eventually get his. I thought it rather ironic, since I saw Tony “getting his” after bumping Paul Menard several times ON PURPOSE! I guess Crybaby Tony is allowed to do stuff like that, but Nobody ever even THINK of getting in HIS way!!! What an OAF! (NOTE: fastest growing NASCAR fan club: F.A.T.S. – Fans Against Tony Stewart!)

Steve M.
10/16/2007 11:38 AM

Oldsmo-Bill…thank you, I really was beginning to think I was the only one seeing the “real” Tony Stewart….And yes, you are 100% correct in your assertation of “what goes around comes around”. As for F.A.T.S. (I love it by the way), I’ll be sharing that little acronym with everyone I know!!!

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