The Frontstretch: Running Their Mouth : Sylvania 300 by Beth Lunkenheimer -- Tuesday September 16, 2008

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Running Their Mouth : Sylvania 300

Beth Lunkenheimer · Tuesday September 16, 2008


Each week, we’ll go through media reports, interviews, PR, and all our own stuff to find the best quotes from the Sprint Cup race, capturing the story of how the weekend unfolded. It’s the most original commentary you’ll ever find: the truth, coming straight out of the mouths of the drivers, crew members, and the car owners themselves. This week, here’s a sneak peek at what a select few were thinking following the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

“This Turbo HD Ford really wanted to go, but I was holding back at the end there – at the middle part of that run – and then we got those cautions thankfully. That’s what my plan was inside the car – close us up to Jimmie Johnson and get me a shot at him. I can’t describe it. I needed a lot of help to get here and all these guys behind me and the engine department, everybody has just given me so much help and support. All of my friends and family at home just keep telling us we can do it.” Greg Biffle

“Second anytime is no fun, but with the big picture… and you look at the guys who had bad luck today. Great effort for this Lowe’s Impala. I’m very proud of these guys. We had a shot at winning. My weakest point all day long was on restarts, and Greg [Biffle] was a little stronger then and I’d pull away after 10 or 15 laps. But a great performance. Great fun racing these guys today and we did what we needed to.” Jimmie Johnson

“My guys did awesome. Everything worked. The Vitamin Water even tastes good right now. It’s cool to be leading the points. It’s awesome for Greg Biffle and great for Office Depot, Ford, Aflac, everybody.” Carl Edwards, finished 3rd

“It was good. We were solid all day. We didn’t have quite the speed those guys had. There were times in the race we did. I could see them coming back to us. But there were times in the race they were better than us. It was a solid day. We ran pretty much Top 5 most of the day, and that’s what we ended up getting. Proud of everybody. We had no idea what we had coming into the race today, and the guys did a great job getting us ready. One down, nine to go.” Jeff Burton, finished 4th

“It was pretty good. We were real, real good at the start. Got out to the lead there, and felt like we were going to be a good car the rest of the day. I got to thank my pit crew; they’re an awesome bunch of guys. They did a good job today to get us a Top 5. I’ll feel good when I’m holding that trophy (at Homestead).” Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished 5th

“It was a good run for the Miller Lite Dodge. We felt like we had something good from last week, and we tried it again this week. It [the car] ran better. We’re still struggling at the end of the race keeping up with the race track. I don’t think it’s anybody’s fault. We just have to work on something different, but [compared to] what we’ve been having lately, it felt good the last two weeks.” Kurt Busch, finished 6th

“I’m real proud of the guys. They got us track position to get us in an opportunity to get back on the lead lap with the Lucky Dog, and that was because of the guys’ great pit stop before that. Last week it was a mistake in the pits, and this week it was a mistake on the driver’s part. I got a drive-through penalty that got us way behind. We had some bad luck and then I made our problem worse with the speeding penalty. To fight back to eighth – I’m pretty happy with that.” Tony Stewart

“We were better than 14th place. I had to avoid the No. 10 [Patrick Carpentier] when he wrecked. Lapped cars were just horrendous today. We had a lot of trouble in the pits with the No. 7 [Robby Gordon] car. Try to talk to him about practice and trying to get in to this pit stall this week. Once we lost that track position, just couldn’t ever get it back. Just fought hard, it was a great fight by our team, kinda the way our season has been, the results don’t show for it.” Jeff Gordon, finished 14th

18-year-old Joey Logano was all smiles about his Cup debut; that is, until he stepped into the race car and took the green flag. Finishing a disappointing 32nd, he’s still got a long way to go for the results to match the hype.

“Not what I wanted — that’s for sure. It was a tough one. We tried hard, but it just wasn’t there the whole time. It seemed like the end of the race we were getting it close. If we could have worked on it from there (as if it were the start of the race), then it would have been a lot better. We started so back in the hole trying to get this car good and we just got close to it too late.” Joey Logano, finished 32nd

“He just needs to go home and forget about it for the week. He’s been the dominant force all year, and today was one of those odd days for him. You feel bad for him because you know they’re better than that. But you know if there’s anybody that can rebound from a day like today, it’s that 18 [Kyle Busch] car and Kyle [Busch] and Steve Addington [crew chief] and those guys. They’re not out of this yet.” Tony Stewart’s advice for Kyle Busch after a bad start to the Chase

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09/16/2008 06:47 AM

Jeff needs to find a better excuse. Robby was completely in his pits every time and did nothing wrong. It’s Jeff and his crew’s responsibility to get in and out of his thier own pit.

Until NASCAR changes the rules, there’s still 43 cars racing – Chase or not.

09/16/2008 07:28 AM

Shouldn’t Jeff Gordon be mad at NA$CAR for “making” the chase drivers run alongside those that have been eliminated?

If any driver(s) should be mad, it should be drivers like Kyle Busch, finished 11th of the chase drivers but got credit for 34th place and 34th place points, a mere 66 points at that, and Matt Kenseth, finished 12th of the chase drivers, but only received 43rd place points!

What in the world does Jeffie have to complain about?

Oh, right Jeffie, sorry, you are not allowed to criticise Dear Brian and NA$CAR! You have been warned not to do so by the powers in charge!

So, blame your misfortune on a fellow competitor!

How sick!

And, are the pit stalls at this silly thing they call a race track of “legal” & specified length?

Karen S
09/16/2008 08:14 AM

Joey got a much better finish than he ran all race. If not for late race accidents, he and Kyle would have finish 39th – 42nd at best.
Welcome to Hall of Shame Racing Joey. Maybe they will dump you like they did Yeley, Coleman? Nah, They won’t as they are hoping that you will bring enough JGR workers over to fix their cars. I don’t think that team has any plans to become independent.

09/16/2008 01:49 PM

Any driver who thinks that just because they are in the chase deserves the right for those who did not make it should get out of their way should hang up their helmet. There is still points money out there to be had. So if the chase drivers can’t handle that maybe they shouldn’t be out there to start with.

09/16/2008 02:27 PM

giving points to ANYONE outside a top-10 finishing position, chase or not, is retarded and does not reward consistancy in anyway. Kyle Busch could have just parked it for the day instead of parading around waiting for late-race wrecks. the system needs to be revised so those with mechanical problems and no shot for points get the hell off the track. yeah, earn your sponsor some money, but move outta the way! (sorry … that goes for all drivers, not singling KyBusch out)

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