The Frontstretch: Running His Mouth: The Best Of Mayfield Speaking Out by Beth Lunkenheimer -- Tuesday July 21, 2009

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Running His Mouth: The Best Of Mayfield Speaking Out

Beth Lunkenheimer · Tuesday July 21, 2009


Author’s Note : Normally when the Cup Series takes a weekend off, we go through the media reports, interviews, PR, and all of our own stuff to bring you the best quotes from the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series races. But on Friday, FOX Charlotte ran an exclusive interview with Jeremy Mayfield that quickly made far greater national headlines. The 20 minute piece is worth watching from beginning to end, but in case you don’t have the time, we’ve gathered the best quotes from the interview and put them together here:

“This would have all been solved if they would have sat down with me before they made their little press conference. We would have talked about it and gotten my doctor involved. All of this never would have happened.”

“You’d think that if they’re gonna show a positive test again that they would do it right this time and take my B sample and send it off to whatever lab we choose. We’ve been arguing for that for a week, and they won’t do that. We’re right back to square one with them again. They won’t send the B sample out and get it tested at our lab. It just doesn’t make sense.”

“That’s what I don’t like about this whole thing. I don’t like the lies, the tactical moves, the sideshows they put on all the time. And that’s why I haven’t been saying a lot. But the world’s gotta know this. I’m not the guy sitting here that they’re portraying me to be.”

“If I was guilty, I could have already been back racing again. I could have already been to their rehab and been their good example of their strong, tough policy, and that would have looked good. But it didn’t work out that way.”

The always outspoken Jeremy Mayfield didn’t hold back words when FOX Charlotte confronted him about NASCAR’s drug policy earlier this week.

“I’ll probably never be able to go back racing again. And if I did, I wouldn’t be able to get a sponsor or ride, so they’ve got me there. But I was prepared to do that anyway when all this started happening because I started thinking, ‘why would I?. If you don’t care about me more than that, then I don’t care about you more than that either.’”

“We’ve proved that their policy has major flaws in it from the top to the bottom. Then they come out and say, ‘we’ve got the strongest toughest policy in sports.’ Why lie to the public? That just breaks my heart to see them doing that.”

“They want it out there to the media. I don’t classify her as my stepmom. It’s a desperate woman at desperate times and desperate need. She needs money. She’s tried to come to me about money over my dad’s deal. It’s just a huge deal. There’s no proof of anything. It’s just a sad deal.”

“I have nothing to hide. When I take their third test, I’m getting one before and one afterwards just like I did last time. I get tested about every 3-5 days. I’ve been doing that for my attorney at different locations. It’s going to look funny one day when someday they go, ‘there’s a stack of paper that says he’s negative and only two pages saying he’s positive and there’s no B Samples to back it up.’”

“The days of dictatorship I thought were over when we went over and cleaned house in Iraq. I went over there last summer for 12 days. When you go over there and you come back, it really isn’t much different here when you go racing.”

“Just don’t believe everything you hear. Let it all come out, and it will. I could have been quiet like they asked me to and went off and did their little rehab thing for no reason and I’d be racing again. But then down the road this would come back and haunt them with somebody else.”

“I knew I was a fall guy when I didn’t get any consideration. Chop my legs out from under me and have a press conference to tell the world. What’s going to happen is this is going to keep going on and on and on. It’s not good for me, NASCAR, or anybody.”

“I just wish that somebody would open their eyes up and look at Dr. David Black and realize that his lab is the only lab for NASCAR and the only lab for WWE. How can that be fair when it needs to be a non-biased drug program. It’s biased one way with no appeals process. It’s not right to do that.”

“Wouldn’t you think by now that we would have a list of what we can and can’t take? I have a hard time believing that Dr. Black owns the lab and is getting calls from all the drivers about what they can and can’t take. The guy doesn’t have the credentials to tell you that. And then, if you have a positive test, he’s the one that tells you when you can come back and when you can’t. But he’s a toxicologist and that’s it.”

“I heard Brian Vickers called and asked Dr. Black, ‘can I take my multi-vitamin?’ And Dr. Black said, ‘I don’t know’. It does make sense, I guess, because if you’re not an MD and you’re not a doctor, you wouldn’t know. I’m tired of all of this. Everybody that’s called Dr. Black has not gotten an answer yet.”

“It’s supposed to be a zero tolerance policy. Well, just the other day Brian [France] makes a statement that they have positive tests all the time. If you have positives all the time in a zero tolerance policy, how come nobody else has been suspended like me? Zero tolerance in their drug policy just depends on who you are.”

“I’ll probably get in trouble for saying what I’m saying right now, but it’s the truth. And it’s what America is about and what America is not about.”

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MJR in Springfield VA
07/21/2009 07:28 AM

I’m not an attorney…but I play one on TV…… Jeremy, take a urine test every three days, video tape it (pixelate out the “import” parts) and while the video is running sit down and take a polygraph test. Do this for the next thirty days. Have additional drug tests based on hair analysis – again video tape it. When the results of the drug tests (hair and urine) are presented to you and your attorney, have them documented by an outside source. And then, and ONLY if then, they show you clean of all banned substances sue the pants, socks, jockey shorts (and whatever else they have) off of NA$CAR…. I’d say start at $500 million.

07/21/2009 08:03 AM

Well I’m not an attorney..but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night..I don’t know how much longer NASCAR and Mayfield can hold the publics attention in this he said/they said situation..So both sides better ramp up the “entertainment value” or get to the truth..and the way it’s been going the truth can’t possibly be as entertaining as what has already gone on! Well I will say one thing for NASCAR…on the track and off they strive to give the most for your entertainment buck!!!

07/21/2009 12:10 PM

This has been a farce from the beginning. Not that my opinion matters, but I’ve felt that Mayfield is innocent from the beginning But the dictatorship that is nas$car couldn’t care less if it is right or wrong. Mayfield chose to stand up to the big bully and they’re doing everything in their power to destroy him. Low blows, smear tactics. And the racing media community has show their true colors in this matter. Talk about taring and feathering someone on the dubious information nas$car has put out there. Used to be a person was innocent until proven guilty. People like Jeff Hammond just spit this crap out and further smear Mayfield. Well, for what it’as worth I’ve put my opinion out there. If you don’t like it that’s your perogative.

07/21/2009 01:58 PM

Jeremy is just looking worse and worse in this! He is acting exactly like a drug addict does! He lies and lies and lies some more! Nothing is ever his fault and the world is against him. All sure signs of a druggie! NA$CAR is looking just great now! GO NASCAR! I know many people on your side! You are looking better and better all the time! You will win this case you are right!

07/21/2009 02:12 PM

Good Grief, It’s obvious that Nascar is lying and Mayfield is an innocent man. If Jeremy was a meth-head, he would have a history of bad breakups with past employers, he would have squandered the millions of dollars he made in his career, he would be paranoid and making outlandish claims, he would be issuing vague test results to combat Nascar’s and he would probably have a hard time standing still and not tweeking during interviews……. Oh wait….. Nevermind.

07/21/2009 02:32 PM

sorry but I am with Jeremy on this one. After 25 years in the military, one thing I know is drug testing and the testing facility must be completely transparent. Non of this top secret BS that Nascar is defending here. And the step mom, are you kidding? If he was doing Meth all that time it would be VERY noticeable and undeniable now.

07/21/2009 04:37 PM

What is Mayfield so scared of? If he is so innocent, and has nothing to hide, like he is claiming, why does he not just do what they are asking? Heck if that were me, I would be carrying cups around with me and do whatever they asked to prove I am have done nothing wrong, and am clean. If he wants to win against NA$CAR, and make them look like fools, all he has to do is agree to do the testing the way they are asking. When he does that, and it comes back clean, that would be great. That would prove to everyone that he is clean and NA$CAR is just out to get him. But the way he is acting right now, it does not look good for him. I’m sorry to say, he is acting like a man with something to hide.

Robert Eastman
07/21/2009 09:50 PM

Mayfield is an extortionist, just ask his former employers. If he was straight up, he would have told NASCAR/Dr. Black about his “so called prescription” before his failed test. He’s looking to screw over NASCAR just like he did Evernham. Even the simplest of minds can “see through” his scam!

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