The Frontstretch: Running Their Mouth: Sylvania 300 by Beth Lunkenheimer -- Tuesday September 22, 2009

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Running Their Mouth: Sylvania 300

Beth Lunkenheimer · Tuesday September 22, 2009


Each week, we’ll go through media reports, interviews, PR, and all of our own stuff to find the best quotes from the Sprint Cup race, capturing the story of how the weekend unfolded. It’s the most original commentary you’ll ever find: the truth, coming straight out of the mouths of the drivers, crew members, and car owners themselves. This week, here’s a peek at what they all were thinking following the Sylvania 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway:

“Alan (Gustafson, crew chief) won that race — that’s all I got to say. He took a driver that can’t drive Loudon, and put a setup in it that we could run along reasonable. This is a very frustrating race track. I can’t believe we won that race. It couldn’t be easy. We had to have three caution restarts and all kinds of chances for me to mess up. And I did, but just, I guess, not enough to lose.” Mark Martin

“It was a solid run. We didn’t really have a race-winning car until probably 50 [laps] to go after we came out there on the green flag pit stop. I got killed every single restart on the bottom lane. I’d get stuck three-wide in the first corner and then I’d have to battle my way back. To come out second when I should have been about fifth with those restarts, I was pretty proud of that.” Denny Hamlin

“[Mark] Martin just screwed me — he just stopped the car on the apex, right on the bottom, and I had nowhere to go. I could have pushed him out of the way, but I respect him a lot. He probably did a trick that we weren’t expecting, but it’s OK, he deserved to win. It’s racing and I’m cool with it.” Juan Pablo Montoya, finished third

Kyle Busch’s fifth place run at New Hampshire was one year too late after he crashed out of the Chase opener last season.

“That was a fight, man. I wish we could’ve done that last year. Unfortunately, we are here in this predicament. The guys had flawless pit stops and Steve (Addington, crew chief) had a good pit strategy all day. Congratulations to the old man (Mark Martin). He looks like a kid again.” Kyle Busch, finished fifth

“It was a fight. We had a good car. What hurt us the most was the accident on pit road, and that put us on the right sequence. We just didn’t make good adjustments at the end; lost the handle on the Miller Lite Dodge. If there had been no debris cautions, we would have finished second. Our car was no good on restarts.” Kurt Busch, finished sixth

“We made wholesale changes from (Saturday) night that really helped our Stanley Dodge. This race was very gratifying for everyone on this team. It was a good run for us. We learned some things today that really helped our car. Hopefully, we can build on that for the final nine races.” Elliott Sadler, finished eighth

“I guess it was OK. I really thought I could run up front with those guys. All I needed to do was get track position and I could have been there. I knew once I got up there I could run with them, but I could just never get there.” Greg Biffle, finished ninth

“We hung in there tough all race, and it was a long day. Todd (Berrier, crew chief) made a great call about midrace to stay out and gain track position; track position is so important at Loudon. We were able to keep the Jack Daniel’s Chevy in the front pack from there and come away with a top 15. I’m proud of the entire team for all their hard work. Clint Pittman was injured on a pit stop (hit on the first stop by the No. 11) so I hope he is going to be OK.” Casey Mears, finished 13th

Editor’s Note: No definitive word yet on Pittman’s injury, but doctors at the track suspected at least a fractured foot after being checked out at the infield care center at NHMS. He was scheduled to see an orthopedist Monday.

“That was unfortunate for our UPS team. We were out there just racing our own race, and it was just one of those things where the No. 2 (Kurt Busch) was leaving, and if I would have slowed down, he would have hit me in my door. In that kind of position, they need to be looking ahead to see what is coming in. We had a good car today and don’t have anything to show for it.” David Ragan, finished 33rd after getting spun on pit road

“My car is tore up and he (David Reutimann) ain’t got enough talent to run in the top 5, I guess. He run down into the side of me and spun me out late in the race. I mean we’re all running real hard, but you’ve got to know how much race car you’ve got and you’ve got to know how much talent you’ve got before you go down in the corner. He never knows. It’s disappointing. I felt like we had a top 3 car.” Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished 35th

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The Turnip!
09/22/2009 07:51 AM

Well, the news this morning has the following companies poised for BANKRUPTCY:

“3. Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel is bleeding customers, and could lose as many as 4.4 million net post-paid subscribers this year.

This is a huge problem when you have large amounts of maturing debt over the next few years.

A recent Deutsche Telekom acquisition rumor offered some hope, but that appears to have faded. Facing a difficult road ahead on its own, the company better keep its lawyers on speed-dial.

6. Goodyear

Demand for Goodyear tires has sunk, and the company is saddled with massive debt and pension obligations.

It doesn’t help that The United Steelworkers union prevents the company from proper cost control by forcing factories to stay open.

Shareholders have to wonder how much value will be left of the company after bondholders and the union members have their way.” (end of quotes)

GEE! Does this mean the NA$CRAP fan is not doing their jobs and buying SPRINT service, or GOODYEAR TIRES?

Of course, I do not have SPRINT SERVICE, and there are absolutley ZERO GOODYEARS in my driveway! (actually just bought a set of tires for the P/U truck, and told the salesman don’t even mention GOODYEARS to me! They are JUNK), of course loud enough that every customer in the showroom could hear me! Brought some smiles also when I said that!

So, $700 GOODYEAR did not scam off me!

(I don’t want my tires simply exploding at highway speeds)

Wonder just what King Brian’s future is without these two companies!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy for sure!

And for all you “fans” that think NA$CRAP is doing just fine, think again!

It ain’t working people!

09/22/2009 09:17 AM

Boy, I just saw how Montoya walked out on interviews with t.v. stations that were “granted “ interviews with him…what a douche! Then, he starts with the crying post-New Hampshire…what is up with this guy anyway? What an infant! Watch ole’ Rowdy ring his taco bell during the chase!

The Turnip
09/22/2009 01:13 PM

and lest I forget, SAY WHAT JR.?

Quote: “but you’ve got to know how much race car you’ve got and you’ve got to know how much talent you’ve got before you go down in the corner. He never knows. It’s disappointing. I felt like we had a top 3 car.” Dale Earnhardt, Jr., finished 35th!

Hey Jr. you’ve had a top 3 car all year, you just don’t have enough TALENT to get it there! Hell, Reutemann never realized “you were running third”, Heck, you ain’t been there all year!

Your 21st place in the standings shows that!

So don’t be critcizing another driver for “lack of talent”!

Look in the mirror!

09/22/2009 02:03 PM

It seems interesting to me that only Montoya is whining about Mark Martin’s move on the restart.

Also. I was watching the race, but I didn’t see Martin “stop.” Did anyone?

That #5 must have been a real rocketship to “stop” in front of the 42 & then regain enough speed to still win. What a car!

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