The Frontstretch: The Fantastic Four drivers who could make a movie of their own by Cheryl Walker -- Monday July 11, 2005

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Unless you have had the unfortunate experience of being stuck in an elevator for the last few weeks, you are aware that a new movie has been released entitled, ‘The Fantastic Four’.

If you have kids, or love this particular movie genre, most likely you have already gone to see the adventures of four comic book super heroes who battle to foil the plans of Doctor Doom, each with their own extraordinary superpower. There's Mr. Fantastic, with the ability to stretch his body to remarkable proportions; the Invisible Woman, who not only disappears at will but also creates force fields; the Human Torch, who can conjure up and control fire; and Thing, who transforms into a human-shaped moving rock. These four superheroes comprise the team that saves the world on regular occasions.

Since my mind relates everything in life to NASCAR, I could not help but ponder who among our bevy of talented drivers would be ideal choices to play the roles of these incredible super people.

The driver who could play Mr. Fantastic, the nimble one who seems to be made of elastic, was an easy choice. Who else but Carl Edwards, our dynamic and dexterous back flipper, could play the stretchy super hero? On top of everything, he seems to have perfect teeth for a perfect smile, something that every superhero seems to need.

As far as the Invisible Woman, the amount of choices drops drastically, because, logically, there just aren’t as many female drivers as there are men. I do find then that the adjective used in this case, ‘invisible’, to be somewhat ironic, because Danica Patrick notwithstanding, the media does not seem all that intrigued with female racing warriors. However, there have been some tremors on the racing seismometer caused by a young woman named Erin Crocker, who currently competes in the ARCA RE/MAX series. At a recent race at the Kentucky Speedway, Crocker seemed to have a force field around her No. 98 Dodge, and nearly took home the first-place trophy. She also has the mighty force field of Evernham Motorsports helping to protect her, nothing to sneeze at in the world of racing super heroines.

Then which driver would fill the shoes of The Human Torch? I dismissed the idea of putting a famous racing hothead in the role, mainly because lately there are so many to choose from. Instead, I thought of that seemingly rocket-powered No. 12 Alltel Dodge, and the Speedy Gonzales-like driver who mans it, Ryan Newman, and it was a perfect fit. Newman burns up the track in qualifying like a man on fire.

Lastly, we have Thing, the super hero made of rocks with massive strength. This choice was a little tricky, because, for the most part, NASCAR drivers are not exactly known for their size, bulk, and muscle mass. However, the driver Todd Bodine comes to mind. With a reputation of being an aggressive and hard-charging driver, he’s even got the perfect pate for the character.

There you have my choices for the roles of NASCAR’s ‘Fantastic Four’. Do you have any suggestions of your own? Share them here with the other Frontstretch readers below.

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Nick Hunter
07/13/2005 01:48 PM
Oh, you missed the last one… big time!

Who else could possibly be the Thing but Jimmy Spencer? After all, they say that McDonalds fired him because they couldn’t afford to feed him…


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