The Frontstretch: Making the Grade: Looking Over NASCAR Issues For 2006 by Dennis Michelsen -- Monday February 6, 2006

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Making the Grade: Looking Over NASCAR Issues For 2006

Dennis Michelsen · Monday February 6, 2006


Each week on "Making the Grade," I play teacher and hand out grades based on that week’s race event. This week, I will take a peak in my crystal ball and hand out my grades for the upcoming season. Do you have a grade you would like to hand out to NASCAR or one of its drivers? Then drop me an e-mail, and the best comments will be included next week right here on "Making the Grade."

F for Car of the Future
So far, so bad, on the test-drive of the so-called "Car of the Future." It will be interesting to see if NASCAR can get the bugs worked out, and also convince some of the important teams that they need to help. So far, many of the teams seem less than thrilled with NASCAR’s plan for the future!

D for Litigation
When it comes to racing, you want to see the excitement on the track, and not in a court of law. But this year we can once again look forward to a court battle as NASAR tried to convince a judge and jury that they do things on the up and up when it comes to assigning race dates. Based on recent history, that might be tough to prove to anyone with a double digit IQ!

C for Lame Duck NBC
NASCAR has already announced the switch to ABC/ESPN for the 2007 season. What incentive will NBC have to play up the promotion of NASCAR this year?

B for Speed Channel Coverage
Gone is "NASCAR Nation," which appears to be the best move anyone has made in years"¦addition by subtraction for this race fan indeed! But back is best darn pre-game show in any sport, with Kenny Wallace and Jimmy Spencer in an unscripted masterpiece every weekend with “NASCAR This Morning!”

A for the Rookie of the Year Battle
Last season, there was an article talking about the shortage of young drivers moving up the ranks in NASCAR. Obviously, someone didn’t get that memo because this season we are being treated to the best Rookie-of-the-Year battle ever! In Nextel Cup, Busch, and the Craftsman Truck Series, there are so many talented youngsters in great rides that this will be the big story of 2006!

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Bryan K Smith
02/07/2006 08:51 AM

I am a huge Dodge fan and had a question about the soap opera going on in the Dodge Camps. All the teams want to fix the nose on the Charger. But from what I understand they can’t come to an agreement as to how to fix the nose. I was wondering what are the teams option in trying to fix the nose and still look like a Dodge Charger, and yet still be Aero ready for racing in the crowd?

I was also wanted to know how long will it take if Nascar grants the change, will it take to replace all the cars with the new nose? Those ideas and approvals just don’t happen overnight.
02/07/2006 11:41 AM

i have a the article about ams getting the hof.nascar will never share proceeds from anything.brian france is stealing money from the fans.races that i feel are sometimes staged between rousch and nascar,the many commercials that are played,the racing we are missing because of them,and the announcers that constantly putting the names of martin,kenseth,edwards,biffle,and now mcmurray.hey don’t get me wrong some of these guys are grat drivers,some are over the hill and won’t quit but continus to foster the most exposure,he has fans BUT there are 30 something more drivers that has sponsors that never get exposure but still spend money to win.they never get a word.i.sorry BUT none gets a chance when they go off to run busch and trucks.they win the money its takes to continue with teams.the new crop this year will not win if they continue to allow martin,kenseth biffle or any other driver that goes UP .it neeeds to stop.jeff gordon doesn’t dpo it.even junior does it and always win the big must be a training ground for the want a be’s.
mark martin will finally leave NASCAR NEXTEL CUPafter this year maybe.hopefully for sure but where is he going CRAFTSMAN TRUCH should not be allowed.if you have won say 5 races in NWXTEL CUP no way, cae owner maybe but with his own millions he has won.he wants an in for matt.fine that’s great for father to give his son a break.most people can’r do that for chilren bou or has to stop someewhere.i say NOW!!!!!ENOUGH SAID NOW BECAUSE I KNOW THERE ARE OPTHERS THAT FEEL THE SAME AS I.jamesm

02/07/2006 03:14 PM

The new nose could be ruled on real fast, but different Dodge teams are attacking the problem in different ways!

Thanks for adding your comments to MAKING THE GRADE!!


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