The Frontstretch: ODDS and ENDS: Meet Dana Horne from “Tiles for Fund Raising” (Race News for Fans with Short Attention Spans) by Dennis Michelsen -- Tuesday March 15, 2005

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A few years back I was looking at ideas for starting up my own NASCAR-related business. I figured if you could find a unique product that race fans would buy almost anything! Discussions with the Mooresville office of Waste Management over collecting banana peels from drivers led to as great idea but the Center for Disease Control was concerned about selling garbage! I contacted area Doctors too. Imagine being the proud owner of a Jeff Burton x-ray…wouldn’t that be a big seller? Privacy rights reared their ugly head and another profitable venture bit the dust. Now I have stumbled across a lady in Atlanta that has come up with a terrific idea for a unique driver collectible…I just wish I had thought of it first!

Dana Horne is a 30-something New Yorker now living happily in Atlanta that has added “Tile for Fundraising” to her list of exciting ventures with a racing theme. You may have seen the amazing mural that Ms. Horne donated for the “Jayski Computer Lab” out at the Petty family’s “Victory Junction Gang Camp.” Like a Sam Bass piece of art, intricate in its details, the mural is an amazing work of art indeed! This labor of love came about as a way to help a needy organization raise funds. But your favorite charity, or that of your favorite driver can take advantage of this great idea too. Imagine owning a limited edition tile designed by your favorite driver commemorating a special victory or career milestone. Who needs yet another cap or shirt anyway? At the same time your friends are raving about this clever new addition to your racing room decor, a charity somewhere has just provided services for another needy person thanks to your donation! Talk about the ultimate win-win situation. But who is this entrepreneur with this bright new idea. Here at Frontstretch, like Paul Harvey, we try to bring you the rest of the story.

When I asked Dana what convinced her to take on this amazing business she answered very simply, “I had a case of temporary insanity!” But seriously folks, the system is quite simple but produces amazing results. Whether used as a single collector’s tile or built into an elaborate mural on the floor or wall, these specially coated tiles give amazing results to all types of artwork. “If someone calls me during a race I know it is someone that doesn’t really love me,” joked Dana. This racing junky found a clever idea to bring something unique to the collectible market while also helping charities raise money!

Like any winning race team Dana needs the help of her team to pull off amazing works of art like the Jayski mural. “Paul Whitehill from Images in Tile is responsible for the technique we use, and graphic artist A.J. Wood helps bring my ideas to life,” mentioned Dana. “A.J. deserves all the artistic credit! “If you are as amazed as me by her amazing creations then stop by “Tile for Fund Raising” to see how she can help out your charity with a unique new fund raising idea too. Unless of course you would rather sell that stale popcorn or wrapping paper again this year!

Best Driver Ever and I Can Prove It
Earlier this week I was doing what you are doing right now…surfing around for NASCAR news. Stumbling across a piece by the best writer in the business, no not me but Monte Dutton, I couldn’t help but agree with him. Who was the best driver in the history of NASCAR? Some might scream “The King!” Others will raise three fingers with pride, tip their cap, and say the Intimidator. Maybe a few will even say good old “Jaws,” or for you newer fans that would be the mouthy one DW. While it is tough to compare and contrast drivers from different eras I have to say the greatest driver in NASCAR history, at least in my life time, was the guy Monte Dutton said was the best…the “Silver Fox” David Pearson. But do the numbers support such a grand proclamation? You bet your sweet Power Ratings they do! David Pearson won three NASCAR titles but would have been right up there with seven or eight titles if he raced every race! Driving many years for the famed Woods Brothers, Pearson would miss all but the best paying races. In 1973 Pearson won a series best eleven races despite only running in 18 of the 28 events. Series champ Richard Petty won the next best at six. Imagine a driver today winning 22 races this year…that is the pace David Pearson was on in 1973. In his 27 seasons in NASCAR the “Silver Fox” never ran every event that season, but still won three titles! Many talented drivers have raced in NASCAR’s premier series over the year, but for my money the best ever was David Pearson.

Getting Tough On Cheaters
Let the debate begin about the severity of the three penalties handed out this week after the UAW Daimler Chrysler 400 at Las Vegas. Unless you just got back from a long weekend on the planet Zenon, you know all about the penalties handed out to three teams on Tuesday. I find it curious why the Crew Chiefs for Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch got sacked for two races each for violations NASCAR couldn’t prove was accidental. But I do applaud NASCAR for getting tough too! The stakes in this game have increased and so should the policing. Cracking down on a more consistent basis on pit road speeds was the first indication that NASCAR was no longer a cheater’s paradise, but this is clear cut evidence that even shading the rules will no longer be tolerated. Maybe one of these days we will even see the complete rule book so we understand these rulings too! Also someday we will see what happens at the horse race track when a jockey doesn’t weight the same after the race…they disqualify him altogether. If teams realize they can lose a win, and the money won, they will no longer shade the rules and even so-called “accidental” violations will disappear instantly!

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