The Frontstretch: Making the Grade: New Hampshire 2 (Temper, Temper) by Dennis Michelsen -- Monday September 19, 2005

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Making the Grade: New Hampshire 2 (Temper, Temper)

Dennis Michelsen · Monday September 19, 2005


Pace Laps

The NASCAR official that sang the National Anthem did a better job then some people that supposedly sing for a living!

Isn’t it time that NBC brought their "First String" play-by-play guy Allen Bestwick back for the playoffs?

The command to start engines lacked creativity, emotion, excitement, and generally anything you would associate with stock car racing!

All they could spare for the flyover was a Warthog and a KC 135?

Maybe it is just a coincidence…but the NHL is back, and lately NASCAR is looking more like the NHL than racing sometimes! I went to a race and a hockey game (fight) broke out!

Race Grade: B
Most of the race was dominated by Tony Stewart and turned into a snooze on the front end. But there was more passing than usual for NHIS and the end was great, so let’s bump the grade up to a solid "B".

F for Robby Gordon

Why doesn’t NASCAR suspend this guy for 2 or 3 races? This is not the first time Robby has been a jerk, but it’s perhaps his best display of bad manners! Hey, Robby: this isn’t a demolition derby, although your driving style would be right at home there!

D for Kasey Kahne
Kasey looked a little foolish when he had his temper tantrum and tried to wreck Kyle Busch’s car…especially when he didn’t cause any damage! The truthful and entertaining interview after the incident was refreshing, though!

C for Bobby Labonte
At times he ran a little stronger Sunday, but once again he couldn’t manage a better finish than 24th place. This team needs to make major changes for 2006.

B for Tony Stewart
Smoke had the most dominant car all day, but the late race contact with Dale Earnhardt, Jr. seemed to hurt the car’s handling. The late race caution didn’t do him any favors either!

A for Ryan Newman
Sometimes you earn the top grade for winning with the second best car, just like Ryan did this week! It paid to be lucky and good with the late race cautions giving Ryan Newman a chance to rally for the win!

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09/20/2005 08:37 AM
Did you watch the race? That idiot Waltrip took him out under the caution flag!!! Hello !! He endangered the lives of several people. This track has taken lives in the past in case you forgot. There is NO excuse for what Waltrip did. He should be parked for several weeks for deliberately crashing someone at over 120 mph !!
09/20/2005 09:23 AM
Dennis, why do you jump all over Robby when Mikey(i can do no wrong)takes him out during a caution? maybe you should watch the race again, then comment….
09/20/2005 11:02 AM
Robby Gordon put more excitment into that boring, commercial filled telecast than the sponsors could ever hope for. Without his emoutional display, the highlight films would have dealt with the last two laps of good racing. the guy they should park is Waltrip, Robby called that one truthfully...
09/22/2005 08:49 AM
There is NO DOUBT that Mikey was out of line dumping Robby. My problem was Robby’s demo derby move that almost took out a contender…combined with his general lousy attitude of late.

Thanks for your comments!


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