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Cami Starr · Tuesday February 17, 2009


SPECIAL NOTE: For those longtime players, we have great news! The Game of Tomorrow is finally back in action, and started last week at Richmond! Be sure to sign up for this week’s action in Darlington so you don’t fall too far behind!

Frontstretch’s signature fantasy game is back for a fourth season! For the veterans, know this year there are no changes. We still have seven drivers in five groups for you to pick from, and the scoring system remains exactly the same! Registration is FREE, so all you have to do is sign up, collect your password, and you’re good to go!

New to the game? Or just can’t remember how it goes? Then please read the rules below for more information.

For all players, the first step is to register your team name. Please fill out the form below and submit your choice of a four number password. No letters are allowed. We will send you a confirmation of your registration, so please make sure to provide us with a valid email address. You will be able to login and create your team beginning Thursday, April 29th.

You must register prior to making your picks so a password can be sent to you. If you are creating your own password, please use numbers, not letters.

Register and Make Picks:
Game of Tomorrow Registration
Login and Select Your Team

Overall Season Standings
Weekly Results
Race Results
Division 1 Lineups & Results
Division 2 Lineups & Results
Division 3 Lineups & Results
Division 4 Lineups & Results


- Select one driver from each of the five driver groups. Groups will be set week-to-week based on the current top-35 in owner points.

- Points are awarded based on CAR NUMBER, not the driver name. See below for more information.

- All entries will be due one hour prior to the race. Each week’s deadline will be posted HERE and on the Frontstretch Fantasy Racing Central home page. (which, right now, is the exact same thing you see here!)

- Rosters are locked once the deadline passes and can not be changed.

- Scores will be posted Monday evenings after the official race results are released.

*Extra Rules To Remember:

- Teams can be dropped for inactivity, so make sure to keep up with your team. This is normally done after the group changes at the end of each segment.

- Drivers earn points based on CAR NUMBERS. So if the driver is replaced before the start of the race, don’t worry; you will still receive points. Note that the way our software works, if a driver change is made midweek, the new driver is not always updated in the database prior to you making your picks for the week. Remember, we score based on the car number, not the driver listed.

- The overall winner will receive a trophy, and the top four finishers will receive the prizes listed below. The more sponsors we acquire as the season goes on, the more prizes we may have to offer!

- Thanks for joining the league, and GOOD LUCK! Be sure to look for some of your Frontstretch favorites; they’ll be playing right along with you!

As they stand on May 1st:

1st Prize: $50 + Special Frontstretch Trophy + Copy of 2011 Athlon Magazine
2nd Prize: $25 + Copy of 2011 Athlon Magazine
3rd Prize: $10 + Copy of 2011 Athlon Magazine
4th Prize: FREE Frontstretch T-Shirt

Scoring System:
1 110
2 100
3 95
4 90
5 85
6 80
7 75
8 70
9 65
10 60
11 55
12 52
13 49
14 46
15 43
16 40
17 37
18 34
19 31
20 28
21 26
22 24
23 22
24 20
25 18
26 17
27 16
28 15
29 14
30 13
31 12
32 11
33 10
34 9
35 8
36 7
37 6
38 5
39 4
40 3
41 2
42 1
43 0
Bonus Points:
5 Leading a lap
5 Leading most laps

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