The Frontstretch: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the 2010 Sprint Cup Series by Garrett Horton -- Tuesday November 23, 2010

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of the 2010 Sprint Cup Series

Garrett Horton · Tuesday November 23, 2010


Good morning, race fans, and happy Tuesday to all of you! It’s hard to believe that the 2010 season has finally concluded. I don’t know about you, but this time of year always brings mixed feelings for me. I now have three months to actually be productive on Sunday afternoons; but at the same time, I am already looking forward to and eagerly anticipating the excitement this sport is set to produce next season. While we wait, though, it’s a perfect time to take a look back at the best and the worst of what we just saw: the high points, low points, and everything in between that defined the sport of stock car racing these past nine months. So, as a tribute to one of my favorite movies, let’s delve into the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of the NASCAR season that was:

Fly, fly away! The departure of the wing on the CoT was celebrated all across the land.

The Good

Wing Be Gone! – Ever since the CoT debuted in 2007, the one thing that stood out more than anything was that damned wing. Replacing the spoiler, it was supposed to reduce the dirty air in traffic, thus making it easier to pass. But it failed to help aerodynamically, and most importantly, it was ugly as sin. That aesthetic change always made it difficult to relate to the new stock cars, becoming the scapegoat of a design that never caught on with fans. It took two-plus years, several tweaks, and a whole lot of complaining to force a change; but NASCAR finally listened, ditching the wing for a bigger, bulkier spoiler after the spring Bristol race.

Exciting Races, Exciting Chase – If you didn’t like the racing action this year, I guess cars going around in circles isn’t your thing. We saw one of the most exciting Daytona 500s in history (if you can get past the pothole issues), a record number of lead changes in the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega, two fantastic Martinsville races – heck, even Fontana put on two good events. We had an exciting Chase as well. While it was a different story, same result, this ten-race playoff was the best one we have had since the inaugural edition in 2004, with three drivers all having a legitimate shot to win it all going into Homestead.

The Bad

TV Ratings / Attendance Down – Declining television ratings and attendance haven’t been anything new; it has been going downhill for the past couple of seasons now. However, there were several races in 2010 that were well below a 3.0, losing over a million-plus viewers while posting a decline of well over 20 percent year-to-year – a disturbing trend that can’t only be blamed on the economy. Financial concerns might have a bigger impact on the decline in attendance, but when Bristol Motor Speedway, once the toughest ticket to get in all of motorsports, is filled with empty seats, it is a clear sign that all is not well with the state of our sport.

See Jimmie Johnson win. See Jimmie Johnson make history. See NASCAR fan base change the channel?

Johnson Wins, Again – Not to knock on our new five-time champ, but his dominance is the last thing NASCAR needed. Even though Brian France doesn’t believe it, we already have plenty of fans who hate the Chase and have discontinued watching races because of it. The fact that one driver has won the title for the past five years is not helping the cause. If you know how the movie ends, you will be less likely to watch, especially five times over. Some will argue that history is being made, Johnson’s talent making this historic run an accomplishment that will never happen again. That, I’ll admit, is very true; but history was made two years ago when Johnson tied Cale Yarborough’s record and again last year when he broke it. At this point, his reign at the top has become redundant. But let me make something clear here: I don’t blame Johnson or even the Chase for this lackluster dynasty. You race under the system you have in place, and the other Chasers need to step it up; instead, for years now we have seen all of them choke. Denny Hamlin and Kevin Harvick kept the No. 48 honest for the first nine races, but it was their screwups on Sunday, more than Johnson’s success, that made the difference, a trend among challengers that needs to stop if the new Mr. Five-Time is ever going to give up the throne.

The Ugly

“Boys Have At It” Out of Hand – Overall, NASCAR’s decision to let boys be boys was a success. We saw the two Jeffs scuffle on the backstretch at Texas, Joey Logano and Harvick provided some post-race drama, and it improved racing in general. However, two incidents, both involving Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski, made the case for the opposition. Edwards twice took Keselowski out, both moves that saw safety compromised and nearly resulted in last April’s Talladega disaster that injured seven innocent fans in the stands. The first came in March, a tap which saw Keselowski go airborne into the catchfence in Atlanta while the second, last-lap skirmish near the finish line saw Kes T-boned at Gateway in a wreck that collected many innocent drivers. Edwards admitted to both incidents being intentional, and the seriousness of both wrecks led many to question the “Boys, Have At It” policy.

Start and Parks Gone Wild – Continuing a trend from 2009, we saw an increase of the start and park gang over in Sprint Cup. Underfunded teams have discovered a loophole in NASCAR’s system that allows them to run a handful of laps before retiring and earning a nice paycheck for their efforts (or lack thereof). The Nationwide Series remained the worst offenders, where several cars would park just several laps into the race, including 2000 Nationwide champ Jeff Green. But the start and park dilemma reached a low point in NASCAR’s top series, peaking when another former champ, Bobby Labonte, was resigned to such an effort once his team, TRG Motorsports, simply did not have the funds to run the entire distance.

“No” Rookie Class – Kevin Conway is your 2010 Rookie of the Year in Sprint Cup. Sadly, that’s not a misprint; for the season, he had just one top-20 finish, a 14th at the Coke Zero 400 in Daytona, and one lap led. His only competitor, Terry Cook, attempted ten races and only made three of them, two of which were an aforementioned start-and-park. Between the lack of driver development in the Nationwide Series and sponsorship harder than ever to come by, the result became one of worst rookie classes in NASCAR history. Things don’t look much better for next year, either; as of now, there aren’t any drivers who have declared to run for ROTY in 2011.

Overall, it was a great year and I, for one, am ready for the 2011 Daytona 500. But whether you enjoyed Sprint Cup competition or not, it is the perfect time to take a step back, look at the big picture, and remember: there are more important things going on in the world. Be thankful for what you have, and don’t take the racing too seriously (I know I do, way too often). Happy Holidays to all, and I hope everyone enjoys the offseason. Until then, see you in February!

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11/23/2010 07:25 AM

The Good: It’s over

The Bad: brian france, Mike Helton, John Darby, the chase, and nepotism

The Ugly: Empty tracks, TV ratings, corrupt inspections, arbitrary rule “enforcement”, the lack of driver development in the ‘Series for Cup Drivers That Can’t Actually Compete At The Cup Level’, etc., etc., etc..

11/23/2010 08:21 AM

Jacob, AMEN Brother!!

11/23/2010 09:40 AM

Thanks Johnboy60

11/23/2010 10:06 AM

Good recap, I agree Kevin Conway getting ROTY is a joke. They should have just left the award vacant. I was at the Watkins Glen race, Conway was 5 seconds back after the 1st lap. On the year as a whole, I’ll stay optimistic that NASCAR will make the right changes. The new nose on the Cup cars will be a positive. It will be nice to see a Nationwide only driver win the title next year. I can only hope they decide to can the Chase, or at the very least leave it alone. I don’t trust Brian France though not to make even more of a sideshow.

11/23/2010 10:11 AM

If everyone says its over… why are we all still here talking about nascar?

Carl D.
11/23/2010 11:22 AM


You hit the nail on the head.

Also, I wouldn’t necessarily agree that “Boys have at it” was out of hand. I do think that Nascar should have suspended Carl Edwards for putting lives in danger with his antics, but the Gordon-Burton, Logano-Montoya, Harvick-Busch skirmishes were quite entertaining, and put no one in any real danger.

John Potts
11/23/2010 12:18 PM

Excellently done, Mr. Horton.

11/23/2010 12:20 PM

The Bad: change the Start & Park rule, mainly it hurts teams who may want to race complete races. Fake cautions just to make the end of a race “more” exciting (I dont need to expand on this one.) Why throw a caution just because someone spins out, no harm, no faul, keep racing…what the heck.
The Ugly: The spiraling cost of going to the races, watching the races on TV at home, going to a local Pub to watch the race (did anyone look at the last money made in the local newspaper and the top 25 drivers made like over 4 million or something.
The Good: Going Left and the SOUND of V-8 Engines not doing 16 thousand RPMs, the smell of burning rubber, the roar of the fans cheering for their favorite driver or car brand … ah this is American Motorsports Thanks and Keep Turning Left

Don Mei
11/23/2010 01:33 PM

You mean….but…actually…could there really be….nah….must be a misprint or my computer is playing tricks on me….“what can be improved in Nascar!” HERESY I say….Nascar is PERFECT! I mean how could anyone even THINK that the perfection wrought by our GREAT DEAR LEADER Kim Brian Sung Il france is anything but perfect!!! For shame oh disloyal one! For shame! Thou must spend a day seeking the Holy Debris at Talledega and bringing it to the Temple of THE YELLOW FLAG!!! Blessed are they who praise Nascar for they shall inherit the Kingdom of Sunoco (the official fuel of Nascar)… Brian France the official FOOL of Nascar or perhaps one of his lesser acolytes. Thou must keep thy splitter above the earth….OH YEAY!

11/23/2010 03:35 PM

I have to say I don’t like the chase, but I gave it a shot. After watching jimmy win #5 it just shows how it really dosn’t work.(not a shot @ jimmy)It’s going to put a * on the history and until they change it back I guess I’m giving up. so long old friend.

11/23/2010 04:10 PM

Thank you John!

11/23/2010 07:27 PM

The Great: Kevin Harvick, after getting off pit road first, being handed a speeding penalty, without the 2 cars in front of him being handed a penalty, & just knowing & accepting what was going on with GRACE.

11/23/2010 10:47 PM

We have been blessed that the economy troubles have not hit us (yet). We still could be attending 2 Michigan 1 Chicagoland and 1 or 2 new track a year. Each race would cost us 1,000 to 2,000. We have been to over 30 races and we have seen our driver win once. Yep you guessed it we are Jr fans. Jr’s lack of performance has made us decide to stop attending races altogether and we no longer plan our lives around the races. We are not band wagon jumpers and go with whoever is doing great. We like some of the other drivers but not enough to spend big bucks to go watch them race.

We are only 2 people of the Jr nation who still could afford to attend races and no longer do. The economy is not the only reason for poor attendance. Jr’s poor performances is hurting attendance no matter how much the bashers agrue that. I can tell you right now if Jr was running good and winning some races we would be booking races again. But we aren’t going to spend 1,000 to 2,000 to see him run 30th. Throw in the stupid chase we are losing interest faster and faster.

Bill B
11/24/2010 08:07 AM

Don Mei,
“Is Brian France the official fool of NASCAR?”, maybe but he’s definitely the official “tool” of NASCAR.

11/24/2010 09:12 AM

The good: I have no plans to attend the 2011 race at boring Chicagoland

The bad: 5 time champion JJ

The ugly: next year it could be 6 time champion

Na$car and Brian France suck