The Frontstretch: Top Ten Translations of Tony Stewart's Post-Race Interview as Spoken by Other NASCAR Personalities by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday July 31, 2007

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Translated Statement:
“This one is for everyone in the stands who pull for me and have to take the bull(expletive) from everyone else.” Tony Stewart

10. "This win was engineered for all the fans’ perspectives, as they encourage me every week and are made to suffer the derision of everyone else." Ryan Newman

9. "Great victory for NASCAR. All those fans. NASCAR has never been better. All these changes. A step in the right direction. Lots of support from everyone. Always a few critics, but we refuse to focus on the negativity. Just look at the attendance." Brian Z. France

8. "I'll tell you whut. This one's for all ‘dem cats in the stands. Doesn't matter whut ‘dem other cats say. We had one fast hot rod today!" Rusty Wallace

7. "This win's for all those people that realize I am the greatest racer that ever strapped into a race car. When it comes to those who didn't believe, well, the story ends with me putting them in the wall." Loren Wallace (Mike Wallace's 3rd cousin, once removed)

6. "Let me just say this one thing. Today's win, that's for you fans. I don't care what them other idiots say. If they give you any s*%t about me winning, just knock them upside the head. You don't have to take that." Jimmy Spencer

5. "HAHAHAHAHA!…Whew!…Oh, man! That was great! HAHAHAHAHA…Wow! I just wanna say…HAHAHA…No really, listen listen…HAHA…I just wanna say…You fans…You fans are just GREAT! YEEOOWWW! (does a little dance)… HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Did ja like that?! …..HAHAHAHAHA! YEAAAAAH!" (more dancing…interview still going on at press time) Kenny Wallace

4. "Today's crowning achievement speaks voluminously for all those that have supported the rich tradition of NASCAR throughout the years. Once more, YOU have the final say, and will not have to contend with anymore bovinian excrement from the outspoken naysayers." TNT's Bill Weber

3. "This one is for all those fans that hate me, and my teammates that refuse to help me. I sure showed them; even though the car sucked all day, I don't need none of their crap, or anyone else's for that matter!" Kyle Busch

2. "This one is for everyone who has supported the NAPADomino’sPizzaCoca-ColaKlaussnerFurnitureBestWesternToyotaCamry all this time. Even when we were qualifying like dog doo-doo, you all stuck with us, and I'm real happy for that. My hair look OK?" Michael Waltrip

1. "Thisun ee-uz foevewuninthstans whopuhfomeanhafta tayk thu buhlsheet from evahwonels." Ward Burton

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d duc
08/01/2007 06:49 AM

With all the BS coming out of nascar we hear worse words then that on regular TV. I didn’t know they (nascar) good walk on water.

Mike Lovecchio
08/01/2007 09:09 AM

classic, Jeff…love it!

08/01/2007 09:30 AM

Can someone translate for Ward for me…as southern as I am (Georgian) I can’t make it out :)

08/01/2007 11:36 AM

“This one is for everyone in the stands who pulls for me and has to take the bull**** from everyone else.” :-)

J. Meyer
08/01/2007 01:59 PM

“This-un ee-uz fo-evewun-in-th-stans who-puh-fo-me-an-hafta tayk thu buhlsheet from evahwon-els.” Ward Burton

08/01/2007 06:05 PM

Love It!!! Now Tony didn’t have to say that but he did and so what of it? I love to watch that kid drive and you know you won’t get cookie cutter statements from him regardless of the situation. Shoot and go to heck…We went to Home Depot and bought 16 flats of color plants last Wed. and finished getting them in right after the race on Sunday. That’s my TS tribute. Thanks for the “color” Tony! And thank you Jeff for a terrificly entertaining list.

08/01/2007 06:35 PM

The scary part, Stan, is Ward’s “quote” is EXACTLY what TS said, word for word!

Classic, Jeff!


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