The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: Where to hide/find Easter racing eggs by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday March 24, 2005

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Well, here we are, into our second ‘off’ week for the Cup Series, and after last weeks races, it couldn’t have come at a better time. I don’t know about you, but I’m still trying to catch my breath after watching my 2nd favorite driver, Carl Edwards, pull off not one, but two amazing victories at Atlanta.

No, I’m not one of those ‘jump on the Edwards bandwagon because he won’ fans. I’ve been leaning towards Carl since last year as a replacement for my main man, Dale Jarrett. DJ hasn’t retired yet, but lets face it, it will come sooner rather than later, and it has been worrying me to no end as to whom I would root for then. Now that I’ve finalized my choice, I just wish Carl had a more colorful sponsor.

And speaking of colors…its time to get creative and dye those Easter eggs! For all you HARDCORE NASCAR fans, I hope this weeks column will give you a few ideas on where to hide all those eggs that you actually put race car numbers on. (Don’t be ashamed, we all do it. We just don’t talk that much about it!) Plus, it’s a great way to familiarize all the young’uns with the current drivers and their sponsors. Going a step further, if you get those little tykes (and the grownups too) reasoning out where they were to most likely to find, say the #32 Tide egg (in the laundry room), you’re creating not only a fan, but a more intelligent fan at that! So lets get started…

#01 Joe Nemechek – Army; With all the troops serving valiantly overseas, this egg needs to be light tan with a few darker patches. Don’t actually hide this one, but rather, send it to a service person overseas and let them know we are thinking of them.

#07 Dave Blaney – Jack Daniels; Ok, this is one for the grown ups and one of my favorites! Obviously black and white, put this one in a tumbler in the liquor cabinet. This is often one of the first to be found.

#0 Mike Bliss – NetZero; Another black and white one, this one goes behind your computer. Even if you have a different ISP, c’mon, play along! It’s for the kids, remember?

#2 Rusty Wallace – Miller Lite; Another one for the big boys, this is best kept in the fridge. This one may also be found with several others, which we will mention later. (Sometimes found in the fridge in the garage, usually after noon)

#4 Mike Wallace – Lucas Oil; Has a simple white and red paint scheme and, like the actual car, is usually in the garage.

#5 Kyle Busch – Kelloggs; This colorful egg is best put inside a box of Frosted Flakes. (Note: big, goofy ears may be added to this one for extra styling)

#6 Mark Martin – Viagra; Obviously one for the guys, it is best looked for later in the evening. (Guys, if hidden in your shorts, she might already think you took one and it can easily be found)

#7 Robby Gordon – Fruit of the Loom (next race); This egg could have any of a number of sponsors, but for Bristol it will be Fruit of the Loom. Be warned! This egg may roll of the table and crack up for no apparent reason and then blame you for it. However, this egg spins very well. Hide it in your dresser (this week anyway).

#8 Dale Earnhardt Jr. – Budweiser; Again, this one may be found in the kitchen or the garage, often with the numbers 2 and 40. For best results, feel free to make as many as 6 or even 12 of this simple red and white design.

#9 Kasey Kahne – Dodge Dealers; Mopar fans often hide this one in the driveway. For others, hide it BEHIND the vehicle make of your choice.

#10 Scott Riggs – Valvoline; This one may be hidden in the garage, or if you don’t change your own oil, take it to your local Wal Mart and let someone else find it.

#11 Jason Leffler – Fed Ex; This egg could be anywhere between here and there at any given time. It will usually show up near the front door just as you get in the shower.

#12 Ryan Newman – ALLTELL; Especially after a hard Saturday night, this egg could be hidden practically anywhere. Sometimes it may help if you call it.

#15 Michael Waltrip – NAPA; This simple blue and yellow egg is always easy to find as it is saying “I’m the NAPA egg” over and over and over.

#16 Greg Biffle – Army National Guard/Post – It; This is another one that could be sent overseas to honor our troops. If not, look for it near the phone, on the fridge or on your computer monitor.

#17 Matt Kenseth – DeWalt Tools; This one should be found nice and tidy in the garage, but may be in the ‘junk’ drawer in the kitchen. Usually though, it can be found in the last place you left it. Ask your wife or the kids.

#18 Bobby Labonte – Interstate Batteries; Another wonderfully colored egg, it is best hidden under the hood of your car.

#19 Jeremy Mayfield – Dodge Dealers; See #9 (but then again, this one may come out of nowhere!)

#20 Tony Stewart – Home Depot; Warning! This one may be very temperamental. Wives will often hide this one near a project they have been nagging you about. Usually found ‘when you get around to it’.

#21 Ricky Rudd – Motorcraft; While this egg has been around year after year after year, and is a perennial favorite, it hasn’t been found first in quite awhile!

#22 Scott Wimmer – Caterpillar; This should be hidden at the nearest road project to your house. It will be found when you are in a hurry and running late.

#24 Jeff Gordon – DuPont; I’m not gonna tell you where to hide this one, but many will swear it can be found at certain taverns that cater to a specific clientele. (I’m not saying that, but many do.)

#29 Kevin Harvick – GM Goodwrench; Don’t worry about this one. This egg has been bad and should not be allowed to play this year.

#38 Elliott Sadler – M&Ms; Duh! This one goes in the candy drawer!

#40 Sterling Marlin – Coors Light; See numbers 2 and 8. Best kept cold from start to finish.

#42 Jamie McMurray – Havoline; See #10. A nice head of wavy hair may be added to this one for an extra touch.

#45 Kyle Petty – Brawny; Usually found late in the day when you go to get a paper towel after you spilled your #40. A good egg none the less.

#48 Jimmie Johnson – Lowe’s Home Improvement; Will probably be the second egg found right after the #99. Again, may be hidden near that project you’ve been meaning to do.

#49 Ken Schrader – Schwan’s; Another one that’s been around forever and a lot of fun, hide this one in the freezer.

#88 Dale Jarrett – UPS; This one is best hidden in a plain brown wrapper between the screen door and the front door. (Signature may be required)

#97 Kurt Busch – Sharpie; This egg should be made to resemble Alfred E. Newman and hidden in your desk drawer or the junk drawer.

#99 Carl Edwards – Scotts; Since last weeks sponsor was Scotts, hide this one in the lawn. The way things have been going, you will probably find this egg first, and grinning ear to ear. Once found, carry it VERY carefully! It may flip out of your hand!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Stay off the wall.


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Glenna Hilyard
03/25/2005 03:40 PM
Can I ask why the #41 of Casey Mears was not mentioned in the Voices From the Heartland: Where to hide/find Easter racing eggs column? It would have been nice to include all the main Cup drivers.
Jeff M
03/25/2005 09:15 PM
Dear Glenna,
I apologize. On the list I printed, Casey’s info was at the bottom of one page carried on to the next. Me being in a hurry and all, I missed him. So here ya go…

#41 Casey Mears – Target; With that ‘bullseye’ on the side, hide this one in the rec room/den and affix it (with double sided tape) to the center of the dart board. (Remember to remove your boss’s and or spouse’s picture first!)

Glenna, if you come up with something better, please pass it along. I LOVE reader participation!

03/25/2005 10:32 PM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (for more productive input, go to message board!!)
03/26/2005 03:33 PM
I was really enjoying your article till I got to your crack about Jeff Gordon. Did you really HAVE to go in that direction?? Do you have any idea how tired we Gordon fans are, of hearing that? I can take a joke as well as the next, but I’m REALLY tired of that one. Otherwise a very funny article, though.


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