The Frontstretch: Top Ten Excuses Heard At Hendrick Motorsports Weekly Post Race Meeting by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday February 20, 2008

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10. (Someone from the No. 48 team): “…but all we gotta do is be in at least 12th by race 26 — right?"

9. Chad Knaus: “I do my best work when I’m not allowed at the track.”

8. (Someone from the No. 24 team): "Well, we hired this new kid, see — Shane Hmiel, I think his name was — to work on the suspension…"

7. Jimmie Johnson: “I'm the reigning back-to-back Champion. You'll have to ask my agent.”

6. Dale Earnhardt, Jr.: “I, uh…I wuz runnin pretty goo…girls! SSSHHHH! Stop it! Hold on a minute, can't you see they are asking me a question…I, uh…what was the question again?"

You see, Dale and Casey, we’ll let you shine in the exhibition and fuel mileage races —- but when it comes to the Big Ones, let’s face it … you’re not going to beat us.

5. Jimmie Johnson: “My agent just told me that Brian France told him that we, the reigning back-to-back Champions, were to give the other cars a chance.”

4. Junior (looking back over his shoulder at Jimmy and Jeff): “Well, I don't know ‘bout the rest of y'all, but hell, I wuz up front most of the day and I never saw any teammates in my rearview mirror… ‘cept my bud Casey here.”

3. Casey Mears (leaning over and whispering to Jr.): "Ha, Ha! Welcome to my world, buddy! At least I ain't the only red-headed stepchild ‘round here no more!"

2. Junior (waving a pair of checkered flags): “Hey, boys! Look what I found this past week! How many y'all got? What's that? I can't heeeaaaar you…"

1. Steve Letarte (mumbling to himself): “Damnit! I know better than to patch her call through to Jeff on the radio! ‘Jeffy, we need more diapers…NOW’”

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02/20/2008 10:04 AM

funny, but #4 and #3 should be #2 and #1, they were the best

02/20/2008 10:40 AM

STUPID-STUPID-STUPID at least write about something with info in it.STUPID-STUPID-STUPID

Lunar Tunes
02/20/2008 02:40 PM

LOL @ James!

Info? Yo dude, ever heard of this thing called humor? Its been around for a few years now. Granted this list isnt the funniest thing I’ve ever read, but you need to realize that not everything you read on the net is the gospel truth!

02/20/2008 03:41 PM

That was great. “Reigning back to back” was a direct hit. The Casey Mears “red headed step child” was so true..just think Vickers over and over. Keep it coming……

02/21/2008 03:55 PM

HAHAHA but you forgot one : # 1 . Rick hendrick saying , “ good think you sent that check when ya did , did you see how bad they slammed ROBBY GORDON ? “

02/21/2008 08:35 PM

Where’s the BEEF,excuse me,I mean the FORDs? They have not won the Daytonia 500 in five or six years and they didn’t do anything this year. But they were hardly mentioned in any of coverage before, during or after the race.

02/22/2008 11:50 AM

sorry sam this is the “new” NA$CAR , and since toyota spent more money than george bush in iraq they took precedent ,CHEVY was included cause mr hendrick OWNS na$car !!
Ask yourself how much you herd about the dodges during speedweeks? EXACTLY !!


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