The Frontstretch: Top Ten Nice Things Tony Stewart Could Have Said About Goodyear, Re dux? by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday March 12, 2008

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Top Ten Nice Things Tony Stewart Could Have Said About Goodyear, Re dux?

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday March 12, 2008


Author’s note: Ladies and Gentlemen, as you read today's Top Ten, dated March 12th, 2008, you may feel a slight sensation of déjà vu. Do not be alarmed! You are _not stuck in some twisted NASCAR version of the movie ‘Groundhog Day'. But then again, maybe we are! It is very hard to tell with such things. Believe it or not, what you are about to read was originally published March 13th, 2007! Why, you may ask, are we bringing it up again? Well, it seems Tony Stewart went on the same tire tirade last year at this very time! Perhaps it is time for Tony to get a new publicist; or maybe, this is a sign that “the more things change, the more they remain the same,” especially in NASCAR._

The Goodyear Eagle took a beating from Tony Stewart for the second straight year following a rocky performance at Atlanta.

10. "They sure are round! These are some of the roundest tires I've ever raced on."

9. “As the ‘exclusive tire supplier of NASCAR' through 2012, at least the ‘company’ is viable.”

8. "I thought they quit making bias ply tires years ago!"

7. "At least NASCAR won't have to worry about teams soaking a ‘foreign substance' into these babies!"

6. "Goodyear should contract with De Beers. They could shape their diamonds with these things."

5. "Uhhhh…let's see. Did I mention how round they are?"

4. "Ya know that big tire that flattens Kasey Kahne's car in the commercial? Yep! That's a Goodyear!"

3. "Goodyear Product Development sure hit the nail on the head when they named these ‘racing slicks!‘"

2. "I just heard that Goodyear won the contract to be ‘The exclusive tire supplier of Union Pacific.‘"

1. "THEY SUCK!!!"

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03/12/2008 09:07 AM

Good lines. I hope Tony reads your article. The next time he feels compelled to speak out about tires, and there will be a next time, he will have some new material. Tires seem to have become such an issue over the last few years that they overshadow the racing and pretty much ruin it for the fans. It’s time drivers started speaking up more harshly. Goodyear is trying too hard and needs to stop fiddling with the tires. Maybe this is the result of baby boomer brain drain and the new young engineers are trying “new things.”

Steve M.
03/12/2008 11:15 AM

Hey, can anyone answer me a question? Last year, when Tony spouted off at the mouth about “phantom debris” on the track on his radio show; was he penalized in any way by NASCAR? I honestly can’t remember if he was put on probation for his outcry. If he was, why wouldn’t his tongue lashing at Goodyear this past weekend get him the same penalty? Could it be because he’s already on probation and to hit him with another violation may lose him driver/owner points or worse – setting out a race? As I said, I can’t remember if he was put on probation last year for his big mouth, so if anyone can verify this for me I’d much appreciate it.

03/12/2008 11:30 AM

Hey Steve,

Funny how after Tony’s rant (and yes, I believe he was put on probation after it, although Nascar “claimed” it was for not showing up for post-race interviews) the occurs of “phantom debris” cautions was drastically deminished? Could it be that Tony was right? If it wasn’t for Tony’s rant, Nascar would still be orchestrating the finishes of each race.

Do you really think it’s fair to penalize a driver points for saying EXACTLY what needs to be said? What EVERY driver in the garage was thinking? Tony may not know how to be PC above his concerns but at least someone has the cahones to stand and do what’s right!

Steve M.
03/12/2008 11:41 AM

JGR Fan, I couldn’t agree with you more. Tony has a way of getting things done within NASCAR that no other driver could. Unfortunately, he comes across as an ass more often than not when he does speak his mind. The point that I was trying to make with the question was whether or not NASCAR was going to keep things “consistent” or if they’re going to back down just because of Tony’s popularity and undeniable driving talent. How far is Tony going to have to push the bar, while he’s currently on probation, before NASCAR comes down hard on him? Pissing off a major sponsor/partner in the Sprint Series Cup doesn’t really bode well for a driver, his owner or his sponsor. Do I think he needs to be penalized? Not necessarily, but maybe a muzzle wouldn’t hurt :-)

Ken O
03/12/2008 01:01 PM

I applaud Tony for speaking out about the tires. With no competition, Goodyear has no reason to make the best tire possible. They save a ton of money making the same tire for the the different series and using the same tire at many tracks. If there was another tire available from another manufacturer, you can bet that Goodyear would have a much better tire development program.

Tony’s rant about the phanthom debris cautions did a world of good even though we still have them when a “chosen” driver needs one or they want to bunch the field up for better “competition”.

Dale Sr. wasn’t always the most diplomatic person but they listened to him and I thbink we need Tony to take over his leadership role.

03/12/2008 02:57 PM

FUNNY how nobody ever likes the BIGMOUTH that points out the problems …but EVERYBODY loves to reap the rewards when changes are made !! TRUE tony could be more calm when ripping sponsors up in the media ….but would he get the same publicity ? would nascar OR goodyear change anything without folks like us spending all week discussing it on the web ? I DOUBT IT !!

03/12/2008 06:25 PM

The question nobody can or has answered yet is “Who elected Goodyear to decide what compound tires are run at what track?” In the WOO the drivers can pick and choose whether to run a hard compound or a softer compound. Why can’t NA$CAR let the drivers and crew chiefs decide for themselves? Think about it: a caution comes out with fifteen or twenty laps to go and everyone pits and puts on soft compound tires. What a shootout for the finish!


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