The Frontstretch: JMO (Just My Opinion or Jeff Meyer’s Opinion): Childress appears to be a lying whiner. by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday March 31, 2005

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After learning of the National Stock Car Racing Commission’s denial of his appeal (re: suspension of # 29 crew chief Todd Berrier), Richard Childress started running his mouth.

“There is no consistency in NASCAR’s penalty and appeal process,” Childress said in a statement. “It’s black and white. You’re either legal or you’re not.”

“First of all, what Todd Berrier did was wrong and we deserve to be penalized,” Childress said. “But I think suspending him for four weeks, in light of everything else that has happened in the past several weeks, is wrong.

“The infraction took place during qualifying and we were sent to the back of the field to start the race. Penalizing Kevin Harvick, who knew nothing about the infraction before the fact, is also wrong. NASCAR’s decision to deduct driver points, whether it’s Kevin Harvick or any other driver, does an injustice to the sponsors and everyone involved with the racing organization.”

Now I ask you; at what point does money, success and fame cloud a persons thinking to the point that they appear to lose sight of reality?

To Richard Childress,

Richard, I hope you get a chance to read this because I’m going to remind you how a person who doesn’t have enough money to have all his/her common sense removed, sees the real world.

As for consistency in NASCAR’s penalty and appeal process, you are only half-right. The PENALTY process, handled by the half-wits in NASCAR’s front office, IS about the most inconsistent thing in all of sports. Case in point; taking away the same amount of points from Johnson and Busch as they did your boy, Harvick. RCR BLANTANTLY, and for no apparent reason, attempted to cheat by altering the car. The RCR entry should have been sent home IMMEDIATELY when the deception was discovered. You had the INTENT to cheat from the git-go. Your car and driver should have received no points whatsoever. You got off light!

The appeal process, as handled by the Commission, is probably the only sane group associated with the whole NASCAR sanctioning body. The group that rescinded the suspensions of Knaus and Gustafson, by a vote of 2-1, were proper in doing so. Knaus and Gustafson DID NOT have the INTENT to cheat. The cars didn’t pass post race specs, and they paid the price.

A totally different panel of the Commission denied your appeal by a vote of 3-0. That alone should tell you something. If you still don’t get, let me explain it this way…

Some kids are playing ball in the empty lot by your house. Two separate kids hit foul balls that break your car’s front and rear windows. Another kid, for no apparent reason, stands next to your car and throws a baseball through your drivers’ side window. Which of those kids deserves the worst punishment? All three should have to pay for repairs, but I’m sure you’d want the third kid punished to the fullest extent of the law. Am I making sense here? You (RCR) are that 3rd kid Richard.

As for saying Harvick knew nothing about the tank not being full, I say you are a liar, and a bad one at that.

With all the micro-tweaking on these cars nowadays, everyone knows that a car with 5 gallons of gas in it will handle differently than one with 22 gallons of gas. You can never convince me that Kevin didn’t know exactly how his car would handle going into the corners at 170+ mph. We’re talking about 140 pounds difference in car weight. Go sell stupid somewhere else.

If Kevin truly didn’t know, then at the VERY LEAST you and your team are guilty of gross negligence for putting his life at risk! Is Kevin not bright enough to realize that or not that good of a driver to feel such a difference in his car and just got lucky that day?
Is that what you want me to believe?

Perhaps someone should look into how many practice laps the #29 did AT ONE TIME before qualifying. Was it 5 gallons worth or less each time? I don’t know, but it would be interesting to find out. Circumstantial evidence, I know, but it could be quite informative too!

No, Richard, it’s not “NASCAR’s decision to deduct driver points…(that) does an injustice to the sponsors and everyone involved with the racing organization.” as you so artfully put it, it’s YOU and THE PEOPLE WORKING FOR YOU that are guilty!

So please, shut up, bend over and take it like a man! You got off light.

Refusing to have my intelligence insulted,

Jeff Meyer

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04/01/2005 10:55 PM

Nail on the head again with my thoughts Jeff. Kinda hard though, you’d seem to be the most fun to argue with! :D

Requesting permission to quote you for my sig!


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