The Frontstretch: Top Ten Signs Michael Waltrip Racing May Be In Financial Trouble by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday June 11, 2008

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10. Mikey was recently spotted purchasing auto parts at Advanced because they have “some really good deals!”

9. All shipping needs at MWR are now handled by DHL — because they are the cheapest.

8. DW was recently banned from the shop to cut down on air conditioning costs.

7. Local car dealership rents the MWR employee parking lot to host their annual “Big Tent Sale.”

6. “I was there…” fan reports Michael bought 56 dollars worth of “regular” unleaded gasoline instead of “premium” last night.

Michael Waltrip’s season has been dismal, and recent reports state that his racing teams may be in serious financial trouble.

5. Mikey and “I was there” fan agree to carpool from now on.

4. Entire catering needs at the annual MWR Employee Appreciation Day were handled by a three foot party sub from Subway. (and Mikey took home the leftovers)

3. Michael’s been spending more time with Buffy and not “other girls.”

2. Michael is presented with a “sign” by Bill Engvall after Bill was approached about investing in the MWR operation.

1. An investigation shows that amazingly, the only people to have ever been turned down for a rent to own agreement at Aaron’s are also MWR employees.

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06/11/2008 07:26 AM

It’s obvious that Waltrip can’t manage a team, so it follows that financial trouble would be next. I guess he spends too much time listening to himself, and praising NASCAR.

06/11/2008 07:48 AM

Going back to the very beginning, and I kinda like old Mikey!


Why would Toyota in the first place sign MWR up for their program? That’s what does not make sense!

Was MWR the ONLY team willing to take on Toyota at the time!

Poor Mikey has never ever given any indication he would be a good “Team Owner”!!

Mud Dawg
06/11/2008 08:13 AM

That’s funny. However, Mikey says MWR is in very good financial shape. While his driving may not be impressive, the way he put three teams together in a matter of months is very impressive. They do need to get more competitive real soon. Mikey fell out of the top 35 at Pocono but I beleive he will be back in after Michigan.

06/11/2008 10:28 AM

I do like Waltrip. But he’s been kissing NASCAR’s ass for a while now and it’s getting old. All he did last year was bite off more than he could chew. You should always start small and work your way up. I’m pretty sure his sponsors aren’t putting out the money they need to run up front. And most likely Toyota isn’t giving them much help either. Give them credit though, their qualifying has gotten better. Just need to work on the racing.

06/11/2008 03:51 PM

Well, let’s not forget when the Hendricks, Childress’ et al started they too had a couple of crappy seasons & the gloom & doomers were also bring out their shovels to start burial proceedings

06/11/2008 06:04 PM

Pretty funny stuff, especially no.8

06/11/2008 06:29 PM

I agree with Ziggy. I’m reading Joe Gibbs book and he admitted he had 9 terrible years before things turned around for them. MW took on a huge undertaking last year. I really hope these rumors are all untrue and things work our for them so MWR stays around for a long time. Even if it means dropping from 3 to 2 cars. Maybe, if they lose one of their sponsors, MW could trade his driver hat for a full-time owner hat and let Reuti and McDowell do all the driving….

06/11/2008 08:29 PM

Mikey and Cal Wells sound like “Baghdad Bob 1 & 2” denying they are headed for trouble. Dominos and Burger King split this year. And UPS will probably leave next year. That’s about $40 Million a year in sponsorship out the door.

I don’t care how deep his investor’s pockets are, MWR is going to have a rough time surviving in ’09.

And after the great runs by JGR for Toyota this year, look for a major Dodge team (I’m betting GEM) to bolt for the “Cow Logo” before the 2010 season.

06/11/2008 09:04 PM

For the health of Nascar and to keep the competition interesting we all better hope MWR keeps on going, kinda below the belt on some of your comments, the is constructive journalism and then there is vicious attacks.

06/11/2008 10:06 PM

I suppose making fun of someone when they are going through a rough patch is your idea of quality journalism. Not funny and pretty insulting!

06/12/2008 03:47 AM

Give Mikey a break,if he fails, it is more than all of the rest of us could do. At least he tried and risked a lot of his own money doing it. So lets just see what happens.

06/12/2008 12:57 PM

Michael Waltrip is a class act. He has found great investors and sponsors. I hope we will Jeff eat his words one of these days soon. It is only his second year, as stated above, alot of teams had these kind of problems and are now the biggest teams in Nascar. Go Mikey, you have lots of fans who are rooting for you and your success. You went for the gusto, that is number one in my book.

06/12/2008 01:08 PM

Give Mikey credit for what he has done & quite attacking him for everything. Almost everyone in the media puts him down & I for one am tired of it.

SS Mike
06/12/2008 02:02 PM

Waltrip is nothing but a NA$CAR suck up. He has no talent as a racer which he has proven for 20 years. I hope that a-hole goes broke and we never see him again.

And he can take his brother with him.

06/12/2008 03:25 PM

Thats F’n funny right there! I don’t care who you are that is funny! Even POS fans should be laughing as MWR whole existence has been somewhat a joke!

06/12/2008 05:39 PM

Did you ever in your life do something that was risky or out of the box…oh yeah you just did you wrote this article….
Michael is a class act and one of the most fan friendly drivers out there.I agree our year isn’t what we expected we are making strides and once we get the kinks worked out, WATCH OUT!! Oh yeah, than you’ll be writing an article saying he has an unfair advantage…Why not find someone else to write about…or better yet put your pen down, turn off your computer and attend a few more journalism classes….and remember if you have nothing nice to say..don’t say anything at all!! Mikey your fans believe in you and that is what counts!!

06/13/2008 09:48 AM

As a Mikey fan, I can laugh at most of those, just because in my personal opinion, they are funny. It’s when you bring that person’s family into the insults(ie: #3), that’s pretty low. I am sure even Michael will tell you to insult and make fun of him all you want but leave his family out of it, no matter what you think of a possible situation. That’s low class to bring up anything about his family there buddy. I guess you’d know this if you were a real journalist instead of some blogger.

06/13/2008 07:45 PM

11. Mikey was seen leaving the scene of an accident to avoid paying the wreckless driving and DUI Charges

06/15/2008 09:48 PM

Mikey has done more in 2 years than anyone in the history of NASCAR . The teams are running better than last year but it will take time before the teams are regularly to 15 it takes time and may never happen but he has done more than the losers that post bad crap on Message boards about him.


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