The Frontstretch: Top Ten: Comparing Jimmie Johnson To Cale Yarborough Is Like Comparing… by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday October 22, 2008

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10. Kumquats to Apples.

Tony Stewart’s no hunk, and Chase leader or not, Jimmie Johnson is no Cale Yarborough.

9. Mick Jagger’s lips to Angelina Jolie’s.

8. Store bought tomatoes to homegrown.

7. Jimmy Carter to Ronald Reagan.

6. Hillary Clinton to Nancy Reagan.

5. Mike Tyson to Cassius Clay (Mohammad Ali, for you younger folk).

4. Tony Stewart’s body to Brad Pitt’s.

3. A Big Mac to a Hardee’s Thickburger.

2. Ike Turner to Barry Manilow.

1. Richard Simmons to Brian France (Now that I think about it… I never have seen them at the same place at the same time!)

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10/22/2008 08:10 AM

“3. A Big Mac to a Hardee’s Thickburger.”

Hey, I tried a Thickburger in Bowling Green, KY. last week, sure isn’t anything to write home about!

Seriously, a nicely put together listing!

10/22/2008 09:59 AM

Jeff, you really don’t like Jimmie do you? If it weren’t for him I wonder how you would come up with your negative articles.

10/22/2008 04:34 PM

While we’re comparing. Brian France and George W. Bush. One makes bad decisions and the country goes to hell. The other makes bad decisions and the on track action goes to hell. I sure miss Bill Jr.

10/22/2008 04:41 PM

Jeff, of course there is no comparison other than the fact that Cale Yarborough won three consecutive championships, and Jimmie Johnson is trying to accomplish the same feat. I don’t understand why people want to put him down for that. Jimmie is not of the same generation as Cale, but he has worked hard to achieve what he has so far.

10/22/2008 09:49 PM

Rosemary, If nascar was using the old points system, jimmy johnson could never accomplish 3 in a row. He may not have even won one. No matter how big a lead a driver masses, with 10 races to go that big lead is wiped out. It is my perception that the chase format favors Johnson. Cookie cutter driver on, for the most part, cookie cutter racetracks. The racetracks that favor Johnson.

K.Bush would have NEVER been a champion under the old pionts system. He got in the chase by the skin of his teeth.

No Rosemary, Jeff is right. Johnson in no way can fill the shoes of Cale.

I miss the days of a drivers like Cale, Dale, LaBonte brothers.,Dale Jarret, Bill Elliot,{I could go on and on.} winning the championship by kicking the butts of his fellow drivers each and every week to win a REAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Consistancy WAS the key to a championship. Now it’s Cookie Cutter Champions.

I sure miss “THE WINSTON CUP”.

10/23/2008 02:17 PM

I don’t even like him, but while he wouldn’t be a three-time champion, Johnson is definitely championship-caliber historically.

He has NOT just been dominating the cookie-cutters.

He has 18 wins on tracks that require minimal driving talent (Atlanta – 3, California – 3, Charlotte – 5, Daytona – 1, Kansas – 1, Las Vegas, 3, Talladega – 1, Texas – 1)

He has 21 wins on tracks that require driving talent (Darlington – 2, Dover – 3, Indy – 2, Loudon – 2, Martinsville – 5, Phoenix – 2, Pocono – 2, Richmond – 3).

Okay, so he hasn’t won at Bristol or on a road course…he’s won at every other difficult track currently on the schedule MULTIPLE times. Based on his recent Richmond and Martinsville results, he has been the MAN on short tracks, dominating not unlike Rusty used to.

On the schedule currently, I count 18 races where the driver plays a role (the road courses, tracks < 1.5 mile, Indy, and Pocono), and 18 races where the car plays more of a role (the intermediates and plate tracks).

In other words, Johnson has more than 50% of his wins on the tough races despite the schedule being only 50% tough races.

I DO have a problem with the chase only having four driver’s tracks in it (Loudon, Dover, Martinsville, Phoenix), but Johnson shouldn’t be blamed for that.

He’s no Cale Yarborough, but who really does cast that much of a shadow on this era besides Jeff Gordon? No one.

And Johnson I think is a better driver than Bobby Labonte…who really was a cookie-cutter driver (even though he was a much nicer guy, the short tracks WERE his Achilles’ heel and Johnson has figured them out). I would say Jarrett and Kenseth were also largely cookie-cutter champions, though probably better than BL.

And I do hate the chase and don’t take Kurt Busch’s championship seriously, although at least in that stage of his career he was better on tougher tracks than Johnson…that’s changed now.


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