The Frontstretch: NAACP Threatens NASCAR With Proposed Publicity Stunt by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday May 28, 2009

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NAACP Threatens NASCAR With Proposed Publicity Stunt

Voices From the Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Thursday May 28, 2009


Writer’s Note: WARNING! The following article contains graphic examples of common sense. If you are offended by common sense, it is advised that you skip reading this article and go entertain yourself with more important things… like watching all those past episodes of American Idol you recorded!

Here I was this week, just sitting here minding my own business and not having a racist thought in my redneck brain (other than plotting to kill the incessantly barking German Shorthair dog belonging to my white trash neighbor, whom I might think better of if they’d shut that damn dog up!) when I came across the following news that I just had to share with the rest of you.

Live! From Miami-Dade County, Florida, where 57.3 percent of the population is Hispanic, 20.7 percent White-non Hispanic, 20.3 percent Black, and “Other” and “Mixed” accounting for a combined 8.4 percent, the National Association for the Advancement of Color People (NAACP) have decided they want to take on NASCAR and its fans if they don’t get their way.

I call this idiotic action against NASCAR, which I will explain in a moment, a “publicity stunt” because when it is all said and done, NASCAR doesn’t have a thing to do with it! The only thing they are guilty of in this case is simply being there.

The real issue arises, again, over the flying of the Southern favorite, the ole “Stars and Bars,” also known as the Confederate Flag… and a city’s Veteran’s Day Parade.

It seems that in 2008, some “colored people” — and I only use the term “colored” because it must be OK if the national association uses it — were “offended and stunned” when groups representing the Sons of Confederate Veterans and other Confederate States organizations went proudly marching by in the annual Veteran’s Day Parade. Of course, these organizations were flying the Stars and Bars the NAACP so strongly condemns.

This dastardly public display prompted the Miami-Dade chapter of the NAACP to petition the local Chamber of Commerce to ban the flag at all future city-endorsed events. At the center of this petition is one Rosemary Fuller, a longtime member of the Miami-Dade NAACP chapter.

As it turns out, Fuller was also the chairperson of the Human Relations Board, a group that was formed by the Homestead City Council to address racial issues in the Homestead/Florida City area. Shortly after Fuller’s friends in the NAACP challenged the Chamber of Commerce to ban the flag, uniforms and other memorabilia associated with the Confederacy, the Homestead City Council, led by Mayor Lynda Bell, voted to abolish the HRB entirely — citing that they were not addressing issues pertinent to the city’s residents. Meanwhile, the Chamber’s directors have said they will recommend to the Military Affairs Committee (a group of the Chamber primarily responsible for the parade) to discontinue it altogether.

“At their monthly meeting on May 21, the Board of Directors of the Greater Homestead/Florida City Chamber of Commerce voted to recommend that its Military Affairs Committee discontinue their 47-year tradition of producing Miami-Dade County’s oldest and largest Veteran’s Day parade,” said Mary Finlan, the Chamber’s executive director. “Members of the board stated that the mission of the parade has been greatly diminished due to the controversy concerning parade participants, causing the focus to shift away from the military men and women it was intended to honor.”

Where does NASCAR fit into all this, you may ask? It doesn’t! But that won’t stop the NAACP and Rosemary Fuller.

“We intend to notify NASCAR about the troubling racial discord we have here in Homestead, and we would like their support,” said Fuller during a recent NAACP meeting held in Florida City. “Right now, we are still in the planning stages, but if NASCAR decides to come here under these conditions, we will meet them at the racetrack.”

Also at the meeting was Miami-Dade NAACP President Victor T. Curry, who, ironically, while attempting to rally the troops sounded more like the usual unintelligible nonsense that NASCAR CEO Brian France usually utters.

“I believe I can speak as president. (Well DUH! What else you going to speak as?) If we come up with an action plan tonight, I believe we can change some things here,” said Curry. “Because if we don’t, it’s going to spread like these wildfires. These Confederates will be marching in the Martin Luther King Parade, and we’ll be marching right along.”

The NAACP says that if they do not get NASCAR’s support, they plan to begin contacting NASCAR sponsors to threaten boycotts and stage protests at the speedway, much in the same way the National Association of Minority Race Fans (NAMRF) attempted to do a few years ago.

“I don’t think an organization like NASCAR, that has so many major sponsors, should bring people here who could be subjected to this type of racism,” added Fuller.

See anything here that should be of concern to the NAACP? Jeff Meyer doesn’t think so.

One would assume that, if such a boycott does happen, those sponsors targeted would be the same as the ones supposedly boycotted by NAMRF. (Oddly enough, back then KFC, a big time sponsor, was NOT on their boycott list. We’ll see if the NAACP omits them as well!) One would also assume that the NAACP will not get caught paying and bussing “protesters” in from Texas like NAMRF did!

Meanwhile, NASCAR officials are basically scratching parts of their anatomy wondering just how in the heck any of this concerns them.

“We have not heard from them, and obviously we will be happy to speak with them, but while NASCAR races at the Homestead track, we don’t own it, or any other track, and are quite a bit removed from the situation,” said Ramsey Poston, NASCAR’s Managing Director of Corporate Communications. “Our policy is that the flag and its symbol are prohibited on anything we control. You won’t find it on cars, uniforms, in our promotions, or any of our marketing materials. We have had this policy in place for nearly twenty years. Obviously, it’s a divisive symbol, and we have been very stout about enforcing the policy.”

And so the circus goes. Now, before I get down to brass tacks and explain that the only bigots here, in my opinion, are the NAACP themselves, consider this last quote by the scorned, stunned, and offended Rosemary Fuller.

“The parade is to honor those who served this country, not those who fought against it, and they are not the only ones that can put on a parade,” she said. “No one is more of a patriot than I am, but we will not tolerate the Confederate flag flying over us again.”

Well, enough of the BS; let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

The real problem here is the Civil War itself. It was like no other. The simple and plain truth is that those who died in it, whether they died under the Union flag or the Confederate flag, ALL of them were Americans fighting for their ideals and principles.

It was sometimes brother against brother, family against family, but always AMERICAN AGAINST AMERICAN!!!! Those boys that died under the Stars and Bars have just as much right to be remembered as those that didn’t! This is a free country, one where you are allowed to fly whatever flag you want.

Why, just look at you, Miami-Dade Chapter of the NAACP, you represent a demographic segment of the populace that is outnumbered in your area by almost three to one (same for us white folk, see stats at the beginning of the article) yet you want to impose YOUR will upon the majority! Who’s the bigot now? Get over it already!

Another stark reality of the past is this: That Stars and Bars that so deeply offends you… if your ancestors were truly under its authority… chances are, if you dig deep enough, some of them white boys who died for it are related to you too!

We no longer have colored drinking fountains, dining areas, sections of buses or things of that nature in this country. Isn’t it about time we drop the “Colored” from the NAACP?

Why can’t we have the National Association for the Advancement of just plain People? My goodness! How more far advanced can you get than the Presidency?!

Stay off the wall,

Jeff Meyer (White guy, non-Southerner, American, and still proud of it!)

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MJR in Springfield VA
05/28/2009 07:24 AM

That is an interesting quandary Jeff. The group of folks you talk about have changed the term that they want to be referred by several times. And in some cases I have encountered, become rather indignant when I refuse to use the new “political correct” term. So that does beg the question: Why does the NAACP still use the term “Colored?”

05/28/2009 07:33 AM

Great article…I’m glad to see someone in the “media” with the stones to stand up for Americans…not the hypenated-Americans.

05/28/2009 08:51 AM

Does anyone know what the NAACP really does? And it’s REAL purpose?

Me thinks not, just a bunch of idiots trying to create names for themselves!

Now, with that said, My wife and I are a true mixed couple! One white! One black! We know discrimination first hand!

But whatever the NAACP does, has NOTHING to do with discrimination or such! Me thinks it’s a way to generate revenue for themselves!


Next they will be getting that PHONY Jesse Jackson to join them!

Sure, I have a problem with the confederate flag! But so what? It is history for sure!

Vito Pugliese - FS Staff
05/28/2009 09:50 AM

You know what the Stars & Bars represent to me? The Dukes of Hazzard. That’s all I knew it as when I was growing up here north of the Mason Dixon line.

More recently, it is used in other countries as simply a symbol of rebeling against agression. A friend of mine I used to work with when I was in college was one of 300 people who escaped a Serbian death camp, in which 10,000 people died. Scenes that included herding scores of people into the cafeteria, only to have the lights shut off, followed by bursts of AK-47 fire into the masses. He and his ilk who were fighting against the invasion of their country all wore confederate flag patches on their person – I hardly think they were endorsing seggregation or “states rights”.

Also – let’s back history up even a little further. The Confederate flag is also known as the cross of St. Andrew the apostle who was responsible for bringing the Gospel to the Celtic people.

M.B. Voelker
05/28/2009 10:27 AM

Its a sad thing to see an organization that once stood for something noble and honorable degenerated into a pack of unprincipled shakedown artists.

This sort of political opportunism undermines the work done by the true civil rights activists via the “cry wolf” effect. Since everyone knows that this kind of thing is nothing but a money-grab by power-hungry political operators we are likely to ignore it should any significant case of REAL discrimination arise.

05/28/2009 01:06 PM

One country; one people; one flag!
Any more than that and you can call yourself the enemy.

05/28/2009 01:29 PM

Too bad the cup race was spoiled by bad weather this past weekend. It makes racing bloggers really scrape the bottom of the barrel for subject matter. There are several dozen sites I know of where I could read about the politics of race relations, and the bufoonary of various organizations of all political leanings.

I come to this site to read about racing, thank you very much. Please, get back on that topic, and leave non-racing topics to the other blogs.

Kevin in SoCal
05/28/2009 01:31 PM

If black people would act like human beings instead of like thugs, they would probably be treated better.

05/28/2009 02:32 PM

Carefull Kevin-in-Socal, you know not what you speak!

Sounds like your lumping all black people in one group!

Do you liken all white people then to that killer G.W. Bush? The biggest THUG, LIAR, and WEASEL this country has ever known?

Don’t lump me in with his kind!

05/28/2009 03:17 PM

Over the past several years we have heard that so-and-so is the first black to be chosen for this position or so-and-so is the first black to be elected to this position. Now with a black president we are running out of things for the first-blacks to be. It seems to me that the NAACP is just trying to justify their position and nothing else. Shut up and throw the green flag!

05/28/2009 03:29 PM

Hey Rocky, actually with the NAACP we need to throw the “black flag”!


05/28/2009 04:01 PM

Well, that got out of hand. There will never be a time where everyone is happy. So if people would just stay out of others business, it would be a lot better. Activist suck. All they do is cause trouble.

05/28/2009 07:49 PM

“Do you liken all white people then to that killer G.W. Bush? The biggest THUG, LIAR, and WEASEL this country has ever known?”

Not even CLOSE to the Clintons. I’ll just leave it at that.

Anywho….just wait until the Democrats and their muslim president come after nascar. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

big donkey
05/28/2009 08:41 PM

So now Obama and the Democrats are going to do something to ruin our favorite passtime? Come on Mike, can’t you Republican prophets come up with something better than doom and gloom.
BJ’s for everybody!

05/28/2009 08:44 PM

I am sad and disheartened by the article and comments. As an educated black female race fan since 1992 and a citizen of the grand ole USA I would think we would want to respect our flag (stars & stripes). Our flag represents us ALL and ALL the brave honorable soldiers who died for ALL of our freedoms (past and present). As we talk about being one people and the advancement of ALL we are doing it as a response to an article that supports to American flags. The rebel flag does not insult me in the least as it is just a piece of colored cloth representing a time long ago. If you fly the flag to honor those who died for our country that is great. If you fly the flag in support of the old south and slavery then I am just sad for you. I love the frontstretch and will continuing reading I just wished I had skipped this article. God Bless us ALL!

05/28/2009 08:45 PM

Hey “mike”, you wouldn’t be referring to all the dead bodies that showed up mysteriously (oh, sorry, they were suicides) during the Clinton years!

Gee, more “white” thugs?

Managing Editor
05/29/2009 10:04 AM

A reminder to all to please keep the conversation on point. Racist or personal attacks will not be tolerated and future posts will be immediately removed.



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