The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: Atlanta Rain Gets Voices Wondering by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday March 22, 2006

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Between February and November, my Sunday afternoons are usually pretty well structured. Rain really screws that up.

Not rain here at the Iowa office. That I can deal with. I mean, even though the roof leaks pretty good at the ole Finish Line Bar and Grill, you can usually move your stool enough one way or another to avoid the drips coming from the ceiling. (Not always so with the ones sitting next to you). It’s the rain at "˜wherever they are racing this week’ that sucks. It just totally messes up my church, race and beverages, poker and beverages schedule. Gives my mind time to wonder. Not a good thing.

I wonder about things like"¦who decides what to put on TV after the race has been called?

Immediately after I watched Carl Edwards back flip his way to his first Cup victory"¦again, I am mesmerized as Ron Popeil is injecting herbs and spices into a leg of lamb with a big syringe. I suppose millions of the darn things got sold. How can you resist? I just hope someone in my campground at the fall Bristol race bought one and remembers to bring it along. I wonder what kind of fun we could have with that?

With no racing, suddenly it becomes just ‘beverages,’ while waiting for "˜poker and beverages’ to start. Seems the beverages BECOME the race. That’s not good. That throws off the poker. I’m "˜staying’ when I should be "˜folding,’ am totally confident my deuces are the best hand out there and relying way too much on the river!

I wake up Monday morning wondering where my money is, and"¦should I be expecting a large syringe in the mail?

By the time mid-race rolls around, I’ve forgotten that it is Monday and find myself wondering what kind of sales they got going under the grandstands at Atlanta Motor Speedway that has 100,000 fans down there shopping during the race! Eat your heart out Fontana! Oh yeah, it’s Monday.

Tuesday rolls around and I learn about the radio talk of Kurt Busch and Kevin Harvick. Harvick alludes to Busch’s recent ear surgery. What ear surgery? Did he really have his ears pinned back? How could I, of all the non-Busch fans, have missed THAT juicy tidbit? Gets me to wondering why, if he is that vain, didn’t he do his teeth instead of his ears? I mean, a guy who wears a tight fitting helmet that much of his life"¦well, the ears should just flatten out by themselves over time.

Wednesday comes all too fast and now I’m wondering, with deadline looming, what the heck am I going to write about this week? (I still can’t believe I missed the ear thing"¦)

I wonder"¦what’s the forecast for Bristol? Bristol rain would REALLY suck! Wonder if my liver would hold out"¦?

Stay off the wall,


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03/23/2006 02:36 PM

Holy COW Jeff! I think I peed myself a little on that one.

“Gets me to wondering why, if he is that vain, didn’t he do his teeth instead of his ears? I mean, a guy who wears a tight fitting helmet that much of his life…well, the ears should just flatten out by themselves over time.”

Phyllis Stansell
03/24/2006 10:22 AM

I know what you mean about it throwing your whole week off! And I didn’t have any sick days left! Arrrrrh!!!


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