The Frontstretch: Top Ten Punishments NASCAR Considered For Matt Crafton After the Race at Gateway by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday September 16, 2009

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Top Ten Punishments NASCAR Considered For Matt Crafton After the Race at Gateway

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday September 16, 2009


10. Giving him the “Black Flag” treatment … a whole can of it.

9. A good talking to.

That’s right, Crafton… even Brian France is sanctioning this ass-whoopin’.

8. An all-expense paid hunting trip led by Todd Bodine and Ron Hornaday.

7. An all day indoctrination covering the entire NASCAR rulebook, but no one could find one.

6. A written apology to Hornaday and Bodine.

5. Truck driving lessons by Kyle Busch.

4. Locking him in the NASCAR hauler with Bodine and Hornaday … and no cameras.

3. Enrollment in NASCAR’s 12 Step BDA program (Bad Drivers Anonymous).

2. Nothing (but the need to feel like they were in control overwhelmed them).

1. Subject him to drug testing using the same “cup” they used for Jeremy Mayfield.

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09/16/2009 08:34 AM

While I was none too happy with him, both times he held his line and didn’t turn into Bodine or Hornaday.

Should he have backed off? IMO, yes. He was barely inside both times, so barely that the spotters probably told Ron and Todd that they were clear. But as he stated after the race, if it wasn’t the last few laps of the race, he would have backed off.

Do people disagree with me and think he went out of his way to wreck them? They both tried to block him and paid the price. Granted, the never seemingly can get a call correct, NASCAR, obviously saw some rough driving I didn’t see. (BTW, where were these same officials during the Montreal race?)

09/16/2009 09:09 AM

When I was watching the race on TV, my first thought was, ‘would have Bodine or Hornaday have backed off if the situation was reversed’? I really don’t think so. And if it had been either one (especially Hornaday) that had caused both crashes, does anyone really think that they would have been black flagged to the end of the lead lap? Again, I think not. Point is, the amount of ‘bumping’ you can get away with on the track, just depends who you are. Some things never change….

09/16/2009 12:33 PM

I don’t get all this complaining about blocking. If I’m leading, and you want to pass, well be prepared to have to run into the grass to get by! This is just complaining for the sake of complaining! Back at Talladega, everyone cheered that boneheaded moron Keselowski for sending Edwards almost into the stands for Edwards having the audacity to dare protect his position! I’ll bet nobody would dare complain if the number 1 blocker in NASCAR history was still alive! Dale Earnhardt Senior would have run “Brat Brad” so far down below that yellow line and into the grass, penalty or no penalty! And you know it! Crafton got what he deserved! And as much as I cannot stand Hornaday or Bodine, both plain got wrecked by an idiot! Crafton should have been parked for stupidity!

09/17/2009 03:41 AM

Ken, your response makes no sense.

Both Bodine and Hornaday tried to block, and Crafton held his line, which resulted in Bodine and Hornaday wrecking themselves.

According to you, blocking automatically means that the driver getting blocked (in this case Crafton) would move down the track and into the grass. IF this was the case, then neither Hornaday or Bodine would have wrecked, and Crafton would have been successfully been blocked.

So what did Crafton do that was so stupid?

If anyone should have been flagged for aggressive driving, it should have been both Bodine and Hornaday for throwing an aggressive block. But considering they wrecked themselves in the process, no need to flag them.

Rick, I totally agree. What rules apply to you all depends on your name. NASCAR has proven this many times.


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