The Frontstretch: Top Ten Things Greg Biffle Said to His Spotter After His Car Came to a Stop by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday April 11, 2006

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Top Ten Things Greg Biffle Said to His Spotter After His Car Came to a Stop

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Tuesday April 11, 2006


Editor’s Note: This week, we need to thank a friend of the Frontstretch, Michael Billings, for suggesting #3 on the Countdown.

10. “Uhh, you did say ‘clear,’ right?”

9. “I know, I know, don’t tell me! Kurt Busch, wasn’t it?”

8. “When did a Bodine start driving the 2 car?”

7. “Hey, find out what Harvick is doing after the race tonight. I got a plan”“

6. “He must still be pissed about that game of ‘Pin the Ear on the Rubberhead; he caught us playing last year.”

5. “Where’s a Maricopa County Sheriff when you need one?”

4. “Ten bucks says ‘That was my Fault!’”

3. “Have Nicole tell Eva they should come for breakfast, because I’m fixin’ to scramble his eggs!”

2. “I wonder if the surgeon left enough of those ears for me to pull him out of the car by?”

1. “Think Kasey’d loan me that shotgun he won for the pole award?”

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04/11/2006 11:02 PM

Just wanted to be the first to comment on Top Ten Things Greg Biffle Said To His Spotter.

Probably a good thing you didn’t include the eleventh thing Greg said to his spotter.

Might be detrimental to stock car racing.
Ya never know.

Rajeev Jaswal
04/12/2006 06:30 AM

That’s hilarious!!!!

John Kistner
04/12/2006 11:43 AM

First of all let me say that I am a NASCAR fan, and although I have favorites, I am not rabid about any one particular driver.
I have supported Greg Biffle in the past and felt that he really showed what he was made of last year.

The NASCAR television media has decided that we are not going to like Kurt Busch, and they will not sleep until they have made their point.
Because it is far easier to just go along and quote everyone else than offer an independent opinion, the print journalists just fall into line and sing the NASCAR company song.

I have heard a great deal about what Kurt Busch did at Texas.

What about what Greg Biffle did ?
To put it in the simplest of terms, he executed what is called a “slide job”, and for the record, he did it poorly.

For anyone who doesn’t know what a slide job is, I will explain.

Slide job
A slide job is a very aggressive move when one competitor slices across the path of a competitor to make a pass for position.
The reasons for the slide job are twofold.

To force a pass on a competitor and avoid a straightaway drag race to hold the position.

To cause the competitor to lose momentum and limit the opportunity to be re-passed by them.

Biff wasn’t making a pass for position, he was two laps ahead and much faster than Busch.
He could have simply driven by, but chose instead to slide job Busch in the process.

Was that type of pass really necessary in this instance ?
Is it possible that ex-teammate Biffle may have been looking to ruffle Busch a little ?
Isn’t the whole point of the slide job to clear the opponent while making the pass?
How is it possible that Kurt did enough damage to total his own car with a simple bump unless Biffle who had more than enough speed to drive past Busch checked up ?
To this point, no one has posed any of these questions, and likely never will because NASCAR needed a bad guy for television ratings, and they have created one.

Being a supporter of both drivers, my take on this is simple.
Biff tried to slide job Kurt and wrecked himself in the process.
It is the only answer that makes any sense to me.

Of course, I do not expect anyone to agree, but that is your right.

04/12/2006 12:24 PM

Busch was driving in a straight line. Period. Biffle moved in front of him. He wasn’t clear. Biffle got turned. End of story.

I am not a fan of either one of these guys, but Busch has been crucified over this. Sure he could have cracked the throttle, but Biffle could have waited half a second to clear him completely.

Biffle claims that this type of thing is common from Busch, so why tempt fate by cutting right in front of him? I am sure Biffle knows that it’s Kurt in the #2.

PS- A slide job is executed when coming off a corner, not running down the backstretch, but John’s points are otherwise valid.

If Biffle and Busch wrecked each other every week I would be a happy fan.

04/12/2006 01:06 PM

Josh & John – What race were you two watching? Greg was in front of Kurt completely and was not in the process of passing Kurt. Even Kurt agrees with this. I am willing to put the blame on this incident on Kurt. I am also sure the Roger may have had a word or two with him as to driving smart. Let up on the gas, save your own equipment, and you wouldn’t have spent the afternoon driving aound making laps in a car with a wrecked front end. You could have been doing what you should have been doing – racing. I don’t like the phrase big picture racing but looking to win each race you do need your car in one piece – at least on most tracks.

04/12/2006 01:12 PM

I am not a fan of Busch or Biffle but both were at fult. Biffle was a lot faster than Busch and 2 laps head he could have easily passed him instead of he chose to slid infront of Busch who did not let up therefor hitting him. That doesn’t make it Busch’s fult but both as Biffle chose to piss off Busch by pulling in front of him and Busch for not letting up.

04/12/2006 01:31 PM

Keith, I hear you. But your point assumes Busch was running down the backstretch with throttle to spare. So you are saying Busch sped up to hit him? Biffle was blowing by him. Or he got a draft that allowed to him close up on him that easily?

Quoted from

Not surprisingly, Busch had a different view.

“I don’t know what he was doing,” Busch said of Biffle. “I was a lapped car trying to get out of the way. He had trouble passing the 21 [Ken Schrader], and he checked up going down the straightaway. I tried not to get into him. I had nowhere to go.

“He had a fast racecar. He caught me from like 20 car lengths back in a lap, so I don’t know why he couldn’t pass the 21. I was just trying to get out of the way.”

So Kurt does say it wasn;t during the pass, I just don’t buy it that Biffle could run him down and then be slower, and that Busch wasn’t running wide open down the backstretch already.

Again, my main point, they are both idiots.

04/12/2006 01:35 PM

Hey, have your own opinion, ya’ll, but Greg gave Kurt room. No doubt about it. When he moved in front of him, he was enough ahead of him to keep Kurt from gettin’ into him. I don’t know what Kurt was thinking but he obviously had something up his sleeve. (or but.) I used to be a fan of Kurt, but he keeps pulling these “stunts” so he’s way down there now.

04/12/2006 01:40 PM

I agree with Keith. John, the large amount of damage caused to Busch’s front end was not from the bump, it was from the SECOND time Busch hit Biffle when he came off the wall. Also, that wasn’t a ‘slide job’, that was what is normally called passing him and clearing him. If he wasn’t clear he would have clipped Busch’s LF which he didn’t. Of course Busch is going to pick up a draft and close on Biffle when Biffle pulls in front of him. Busch knows this and chose to hit Biffle. It was Busch’s responsibility to avoid contact in that situation, not Biffle’s. Busch’s car, as far as I understand, was one of those fully equipped models that comes with brakes. It was completely Busch’s fault and completely out of line for anyone most of all one two laps down.

04/12/2006 02:53 PM

I had my #16 cap on when Biffle passed and checked up. My favorite driver put himself in a bad spot.

04/12/2006 03:08 PM

Josh, actually I make no such assumption. When Greg got in front of him Kurt could have let up. The only way that wouldn’t have been the gas peddle is if Kurt was coasting down the back stretch. I don’t think the Penske power plant is that strong. I put the blame on each of them. Greg was trying to get back to the front too fast. He had trouble passing Schrader and got out of the gas and in front of Kurt. Bad situation to put yourself in. Because Kurt didn’t let up it ruined both of their days. So I agree they are both idiots.
New theory on why Busch left Rousch – fewer teammates to run into snicker

04/12/2006 03:09 PM

finally a”true” fan that can admit that his driver was also at fault,and not just bash KB….

J. Meyer
04/12/2006 05:17 PM

People, People! First of all, thanks for all the responses so far! That means you are reading! I like that.
I would like to say that the Top Ten is a humorous article that is pointing out the 10 things that you MAY have heard Biffle say immediately after the incident. Not blaming or bashing anyone. Had I wanted to do some bashing, I would have posted the alternate list…
Top Ten things comparable to ‘Making fun of Kurt Busch’

10. A ‘warning’ vs. a ticket.

9. “Honey, would you like me to bring you another beer?”

8. “Does a bear excrete in the woods?”

7. Taking candy from a baby.

6. Because you can.

5. What else ya gonna do!?

4. Shooting fish in a barrel.

3. Death and Taxes

2. DW saying ‘Boogity, Boogity, Boogity!

1. A big, red EASY button!

Remember folks, we’re here to have fun!
Thanks again, and stay off the wall!

04/12/2006 07:31 PM

One question, where is Biff’s spotter in all of this?

04/13/2006 05:48 AM

I have a new theory…Biffle dropped a hot Subway sandwich in his lap as he was going by Busch. This caused him to lose focus and cut in front of Busch while lifting off slightly as he threw the sandwich on the floor. Meanwhile, Busch was looking at his new “ear-do” in his side mirror and had no idea that Biff was in front of him.

Either that, or everytime Biff is in front of Busch, Kurt can’t help but try and tap his backside.

04/13/2006 07:23 AM

Mark Martin and Carl Edwards better be watching their mirrors, next! By the way, if it was “just an accident,” why did Roger Penske take KB into the hauler for over an hour? I don’t think it was to talk about the weather . . . .

04/13/2006 07:54 AM

Im not a biffle or a busch fan but I dont think it would have hurt KB to back off a little considering he was a lapped car at the time. He should have given biffle as much room as he needed. KB has wrecked someone just about everyweek whatever his problem is he needs to fix it before people start wrecking him.

Rajeev Jaswal
04/13/2006 01:36 PM

I didn’t know Kurt had some supporters. If he keeps driving this way, they’ll be an extinct species.

04/13/2006 05:54 PM

We are far from extinct. Sure he could have let up on the gas, but Barfle should have been smarter about his driving. He had zero room to get over and yet he did it anyway. He got what he deserved, he and his trailer trash girlfriend both need to go learn common sense.

04/15/2006 07:11 AM

You are obviously a class lady! Carl Edwards says it best. “I am responsible for my front bumper, you are responsible for my rear bumper.” Meaning that if he hits someone from behind, it is his fault. If someone hits him in the rear, it is their fault.


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