The Frontstretch: Top Ten Things, Besides Attempted Murder, Carl Edwards Has Been Accused Of by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday July 21, 2010

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10. Global warming, for causing all those cars to release steam and smoke into the St. Louis atmosphere.

Carl Edwards did more than celebrate a victory; he changed the climate of his home, sent a star to prison, and possibly wrecked the gravy train that drivers such as he, Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick have been riding for years in the Nationwide Series.

9. Condemning the low budget Nationwide teams that were caught up in the wreck to certain death.

8. Needing driving lessons at the same driving school Juan Pablo Montoya suggested Mark Martin attend.

7. Everything that’s bad in Michigan (and what does that leave?)

6. Driving Lindsay Lohan, a closet Brad Keselowski fan, to drink.

5. ‘Roid rage. (You’d have ‘roid rage, too, if you rode your bicycle from Columbia to St.Louis!)

4. Spiking Bob Keselowski’s high blood pressure.

3. Forcing NASCAR to get off its ass and finally use some common sense (hopefully) by limiting Cup drivers in the Nationwide Series.

2. Somewhere up there, making Dale Earnhardt, Sr. smile from ear to ear.

1. Racing the way NASCAR used to be!

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07/21/2010 01:29 PM


Carl seems to have forgotten when he refused to give an inch to another driver back in 2004. He of all people should know better than to assume another driver is going to give you an inch. That incident was chalked up as a racing deal (it cost Dale Jr big time, but you never heard or saw a reaction like we have seen from Carl), just the same way Carl getting wrecked by Brad was just a racing deal.

Check the Common Denominator in these scenarios

Off Track
Carl Edwards goes after Dale Jr in Victory lane
Carl Edwards goes after Kevin Harvick in the garage
Carl Edwards goes after Matt Kenesth post race

On the Track
Carl leaves pit road during the cool down laps and slams into Dale Jr following a Nationwide win at Michigan, moments after Dale Jr had pulled his arm back in the window
Ran over Elliott Sadler to win a Nationwide Series race at Richmond
Wrecked half the field at Talladega because he cannot bump draft
Ran over Kyle Busch to win at Bristol
Spun out Tony Stewart (On pit road, once again endangering other people)

Brad has not done anything yet that ole Golly Gee Go Get Em Carl Edwards has not already done himself. I guess Carl AKA Eddie Haskell does not see it that way.

07/21/2010 02:24 PM

“1. Racing the way NASCAR used to be!”


Go back and watch some old school races (“the way it used to be!”) and listen to some old school interviews and you’ll soon realize that the old guys had much more common sense than Edwards has ever had. They realized that there was a time and place for paybacks.

Bama Man
07/21/2010 03:43 PM

Everyone is bashing Carl for taking out other cars. Go back and take a look at the wreck. Bratt Krashelowski got back in the gas instead of hitting the brakes in an attempt to get back around to hit Carl. Bratt Krashelowski is the reason the other cars were taken out.

07/21/2010 04:02 PM

Hi Jeff, Witty writing, but if Carl were to be tried in front of a jury of his peers (other current and past Nascar drivers) he would be found guilty of attempted murder! Admitting publicly what he has done was indeed intentional, should get him some kind of penalty! How about this: he pays out of his own pocket to fix or replace all of the race cars destroyed as a result of his wanton disregard for life and limb or other people’s property? Better yet, a news conference to apologize for his actions (ala Ernie Irvan)and to agree to keep his temper in check from now on?

07/21/2010 04:18 PM

1. Racing the way NASCAR used to be.

Are you nuts?

In that case, I’m only sorry that Kez’s team didn’t go to Edwards pits and beat the snot out of him with a tire iron or jack handle. Just “have at it, boys”.

I love good side by side door banging racing which was what they were doing all the way up until Edwards hooked Kez on purpose to wreck him. I’m not a fan of either driver, but I know the difference between a good old fashioned race and someone (edwards) who doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together.

07/21/2010 04:21 PM

Well once again NASCAR has done nothing. I have never liked Jack Rousch but I would gain tons of respect for him if we would step up and park Carl on his own. Of course we know that won’t happen.

Bobby Cal
07/21/2010 06:14 PM

It’s all these whining politically correct idiots that have ruined Nascar.Brad has a learning deficency and needed another lesson review which Carl graciously provided. Brad should have to write 1000 times “ You mess with the BULL you get the horn.” Watch the Video closely Brad was trying to squeeze Carl at the same time. Nascar should have punished both equally and give them the Earnhart/Bodine lecture or sat them both out of Nationwide racing for a week or two. As for statements made by Bob K or Tom L they are racing Dads and as such are blind to seeing any wrong from their own and never will, so they can get emotional. The 70% vote for Brad vs. Carl has more to do with whiners being vocal than true fans and Nascar should not have bowed to them because they aren’t usually true fans just fans because it is fashionable . The fans that Nascar has lost are the ones that made the sport grow and got tossed aside to the politically correct that the “NEW” Nascar has tried to become. By now they have accussed Carl of everything the National debt and the OJ murders.

07/21/2010 08:28 PM

Bobby Cal – You are a lost ball in high weeds. Jeff – I love your writing but we all know you and Carl are buddies so this article doesn’t count. Maybe the pair of you should read the great article Vito put out.

07/23/2010 12:49 PM

The only way that could have resembled racing the way it used to be is if Brad would have went to victory lane and punched Edwards right in the mouth live on T.V.
Now we’re talking old school.


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