The Frontstretch: BSNews! Lucky For Us, NASCAR "Diversity" Still At Pace Speed by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday May 3, 2006

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BSNews! Lucky For Us, NASCAR "Diversity" Still At Pace Speed

Voices From the Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday May 3, 2006


(Author’s Note: Please remember that the opinions expressed within this article are those of the writer and not All hate mail should be directed to me, not the editors. However, if you would like to email the editors in my support, that is OK, they love that!)

For years now, NASCAR has been working toward a more “diverse” fan base. The means towards that end has been, among other things, NASCAR’s “Drive for Diversity” program. Through various incentives and programs, the DfD is attempting to encourage minorities, primarily African-Americans and Mexican-Americans, to get involved in all aspects and levels of the sport.

I refer to those two groups specifically because, let’s face it, with the “evil, white redneck” dollar already firmly in NASCAR’s pocket, those groups represent very fat cash cows on which the France family has yet to firmly grasp and squeeze a teat. (That is how you milk a cow, for you city folk.)

Of those two groups, the Mexican-American dollar seems to be the one most aggressively targeted by the head office at Daytona. I am referring, of course, to the Busch Series’ treks south of the border for races in Mexico City the last two years. You’d be sorely mistaken if you think Brian France is just looking for some good Tequila and burritos followed by a quick siesta.

Fortunately, for NASCAR and the rest of us, the Drive for Diversity has been stuck behind the pace car, failing to bring a minority “superstar” up to speed… so far"¦

Imagine for a moment that the great (fictional) Elio Sadlero had been on the pole for last Sunday’s rained out Aaron’s 499 at Talladega. Thousands of like heritage are there to see their amigo take the green flag. Elio is the hottest thing to come out of Mexico since the habanero pepper. Suddenly, during the pace laps, tragedy strikes. Rain! The race is postponed till Monday.

But wait! Monday is "Day Without Immigrants" day! Legal or illegal, we must demonstrate the economic impact of the immigrant! Stay home or go out and protest! The great U.S. will come to its knees! Brian France is nervously sweating. What will Elio Sadlero do?

Luckily for NASCAR, Elio Sadlero is still sweeping the garage in Mexico City after the Busch race, trying to do anything to get his foot in the door. Thank goodness, because the economic devastation to the France family could have been huge!

As it was, Monday’s running of the 499 went off without a hitch. Oh sure, there may have been a local restaurant or two that shut down, but what red-blooded race fan wants to eat at a place that hires or supports anyone in this country illegally anyway!

The great “Day Without Immigrants” didn’t affect me! No price spike in lettuce or Corona to report from Iowa. A few cars might not have gotten dried off after the car wash, but that’s about it. How did it affect you? Depends on what city you were near, I suppose.

Now that I think of it, you know what should have happened Monday? We ALL should have stayed home! After all, isn’t everyone in this country descended from someplace else!? Even the “Native American” Indian came from somewhere else. Granted, they were here a lot earlier than most of us, but still"¦we all should have stayed home. Who would the illegals and their supporters have “demonstrated” to then!

If this article offends you, well"¦.shame on you! I have no problem with immigration to my country, but if you are here illegally, you are NOT special and are NOT entitled to any special rights (other than basic humanitarian rights of not being abused or killed while we send you back home!) Come in the open door LEGALLY like the rest of us! Then, and only then, will I share my beer with you as we cheer Elio to the checkers TOGETHER!

Stay off the wall (and don’t make me pay to build a BIG one, cause I will!)


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05/04/2006 08:39 AM

LOL…I agree.

Clance' McClannahan
05/11/2006 08:04 AM



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