The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: Useless trivia, free cats and JMO by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday April 27, 2005

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Voices From the Heartland: Useless trivia, free cats and JMO

Jeff Meyer · Wednesday April 27, 2005


Let’s start with JMO (Jeff Meyer’s Opinion)

At the risk of offending my Milwaukee Busch Race ticket connection, (don’t be offended Jill, its just JMO!) I am almost at the point that I can’t wait to see Jimmie Gordon, oops…I mean Johnson, involved in some sort of “incident” each week just to see how far he will go to blame someone else.

Last Saturday night, I was at the home of some loyal ‘Voices’ fans near Guernsey, Iowa watching the race. Two laps before Jimmie caused the wreck by taking Tony out, I said, (and I can produce witnesses) “What the (expletive) is Johnson doing? He’s gonna wreck somebody here in a minute!” followed by a lot of “See! Didn’t I tell ya?! Did I not say he was gonna crash somebody? What an idiot! Man, I called that one! I’d sure like to see a Tony interview about now!” ‘Brake check’ my butt! Give Jimmie a pacifier.

I was handed another beverage, probably in the hopes that I would sit down and shut up…..anyway, that’s JMO, now let’s have a small useless trivia contest.

Here’s the rules. Guess em all correctly, get some prizes. Guess most of them, get a few less prizes, etc. etc. The prizes may or may not be racing related, but rest assured they are all useful and I do actually send them out! I am the judge, and all my decisions are final (unless I change my mind or an agreeable bribe can be negotiated). Oh yeah, if you do win a prize, do not be alarmed if, when it arrives, you hear scratching noises coming from the box. Roger and Sharon (the loyal fans from near Guernsey), will soon be having some new kittens that they might want to find homes for. I can’t think of a better home for a cat than a dedicated race fan! Here we go…(it’s ok to send cats by mail, isn’t it?)

1. Guess who said (a driver)… “I’m really looking forward to Talladega. It’s a fun weekend. It gets back to the way I like it: Busch, Cup and Dirt.”

Clue: This driver’s nickname is the same as the father figure in a short-lived, but very popular 60’s sitcom.

2. Which driver has completed all but 3 of all possible laps so far in 2005 Cup Series competition, for a 99.8% lap completion percentage?

Clue: Divide half of all possible 2005 laps by 30.57 to get half of his car number.

3. Who holds the Busch Series record of consecutive races without a DNF and how many?

Clue: Sorry, I don’t have a clue. ( I mean, I do know the answer, I just ain’t giving you a clue!)

Please respond to me via email and not in the ‘comments’ section so as not to give away the answers to other potential future cat owners.

There, that should keep you all busy for at least a little while anyway. If you decide you don’t want to play but want a kitten anyway (and you don’t care who the father is…), call Roger or Sharon at 319-68……oh nevermind.

Stay off the wall (hard to do with Johnson behind ya, I know)


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04/28/2005 07:37 PM
Author, Author, you have done it again my friend. EXCELLENT article Jeff!


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