The Frontstretch: Top Ten Reasons Why Kyle Busch Has Been So Calm About Losing Lately by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday April 6, 2011

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Top Ten Reasons Why Kyle Busch Has Been So Calm About Losing Lately

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday April 6, 2011


Could Kyle Busch really be maturing lately… or is there something else behind his calm demeanor?

10. His mind has been busy with luring former Formula 1 hothead and party boy Kimi Raikkonen into his stable.

9. Has been told not to push his Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota engine too hard.

8. He’s maturing? Oh, say it ain’t so!

7. Gets more money from his sponsors by leading the most laps (aka TV time) than he would from actually winning.

6. It’s all a conspiracy between him and his new BFF (Bestest Fan Forever) Susan, out to prove that everyone here at Frontstretch are “Kyle Haters.”

5. He finally “got some trim” and his new wife is teaching him that it is really selfish he has to always “finish” first.

4. Wife Samantha is insanely jealous of Sprint girls.

3. No one really has a clue as to why, but we’re all eagerly awaiting to get our “real” Kyle back.

2. Knows he just plain got beat and is taking it like a man.

1. Knew he wasn’t yet strong enough to pick up a grandfather clock and smash it on the ground.

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04/06/2011 08:06 AM

Susan your ignorant rant serves no purpose other than to exercise your fat fingers. You will NEVER change anyone’s mind and indeed someday Kyle will really change, just like his brother did. So get on your treadmill and exercise the rest of you!!

Uncle Birt
04/06/2011 09:52 AM

I like #1 best. Kyle sure made some people MAD when he busted the guitar, me included. Glad he has grown up a bit. The old Kyle will return from time to time later in the season when a bad situation arises.

04/06/2011 11:35 AM


Kevin in SoCal
04/06/2011 12:24 PM

Susan, there is a link on this website where you can submit your resume and examples of your writing style for consideration. I seriously thought about it two years ago, but I realized its more fun to be a member of the “peanut gallery.”

04/06/2011 07:12 PM

@ Susan. I don’t know what journalism school you graduated from (as Kevin said, feel free to follow the audition process if you want to try your hand at being a writer) but I can assure you that I most certainly do have a college degree in mass media communications. The only reason I attend the local high school is because I teach there. Just so you know before you go spreading any more mistruths.

Daddy wiltone
04/07/2011 11:26 AM

Anyone named Amy has to be fantastic. Personal opine. Oh. Was this suppost to be about Kyle? Well, I’d like him better if Darrel didnt.

04/07/2011 12:43 PM

What!! Ol Randy G took aliking to posing as a female. LMAO
For Kyle it’s all about the almighty dollar,anyone who’s had/has a wife knows that tune all too well.


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