The Frontstretch: Calling It Like I See It: Contrived NASCAR Controversy by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday April 21, 2011

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Calling It Like I See It: Contrived NASCAR Controversy

Voices From The Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Thursday April 21, 2011


OK, here’s the deal.

You want me to write about how good the state of NASCAR is in?

You want me to write about some feel good crap that umpteen other writers have already written about this week?

No, that ain’t my style.

I’ve been doing this writing thing for awhile on this site…that and the Top Ten List…and I’m gonna tell you what…

I’m a fan of racing first! I penned my first column many years ago as a drunken fan in a bar on a bet. I’m not afraid of clapping for what I think is right or a great thing. What I write in this space has always been my opinion, and mine alone. I respect if you don’t agree with it, but that is your prerogative. I shoot straight and I use common sense. (A trait that is severely lacking in a lot of today’s so called NASCAR fans.)

So no, I’m not going to say a photo finish fixed a race filled with a two-car draft I hate, a system that in my mind isn’t racing. Yeah, strong opinions have defined my tenure as a writer here at; and, as you can imagine, strong opinions mean I have received more hate mail than most of you receive email. I have learned early on to take it with a grain of salt. After all, what I write is commentary. It is, by definition, my opinion. Plus I have always tried, with mostly success I might add, to interject some humor into what I write. I understand that your opinion may be different. But do you really want to know what riles me? People that are downright stupid!

I’m not just talking about fans or lay people, but some journalists as well.

Did you know (‘cuz I sure didn’t) there was some “controversy” over Jimmie Johnson winning the race last Sunday? First I heard about it was during our weekly Mirror Driving meeting with my fellow Frontstretch staffers! When I asked (as did others) just exactly what the controversy was about… turns out some “respected” (i.e. more famous than me) journalists had immediately started “twittering” things about J.J. going under the yellow line.

Are you serious? Did they not see what we all saw, multiple video replays that Johnson was clearly “above” or “on” the yellow line… not under it? Do we really need some “reporter” to put doubts in our mind? I think not!!!!

For the record, I do not twit, tweet or… OK, I’m leaving twat out, but really, do we need contrived controversy, brought on by a few idiots in the “mainstream” media to make a storyline? No, we do not. Just because you need something to talk about doesn’t mean you insinuate someone broke a rule.

And not only are there well named people in the media that act irresponsibly, the fan base is also rife with them. Take, for instance, the following…

It is common knowledge that, every other week, I author a Frontstretch Top Ten List that is published on Wednesdays. Yesterday, the Top Ten list that was published clearly stated that it was written by fans! Yes, I put the topic out there on my Facebook page along with the Frontstretch Writers one, asking the fans to write it for me. Yet, even though my laziness was glaringly apparent to some (such as my girlfriend) AND attached to a disclaimer at the beginning, I still received the following hate mail:

From Marybeth: “Jeff, Junior does a lot more creditable job at his job than you do at yours.”

From WalNutzFan: “PLEASE, Come up with something better – - – or go do something else!!!”

From pepper: “What a waste of time. Is this the only level on which your brain works?”

Hey, you guys… did you not see that I didn’t actually write it? At least you could have been honest like Bette, who said…

“I really don’t care for this type of article no matter who writes it.”

I respect Bette for her opinion. She paid attention and stated it clearly.

As for the rest of you, whether you be fellow journalists or fans, don’t try and sensationalize and try and make a story when there isn’t one. And, as always think before you open your mouth or try and type something that is downright stupid.

As always, I shoot straight from the hip. The general appearance of NASCAR would be better off if you did, too, whether a journalist or a fan.

Stay off the wall, (I do)

Jeff Meyer

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Stephen HOOD
04/21/2011 07:26 AM

I’m glad someone at the Frontstretch thinks the yellow line controversy is contrived. Even Kevin Harvick has come out in Johnson’s defense. Ultimately, NASCAR is king and the king makes the rules and the king has spoken.

04/21/2011 10:49 AM

Sadly, much of what passes for Nascar journalism is brainless. If you took out all the articles about a fellow who hasnt won in 100 races, then those about xwz “May” happen, (the fallacy of course being that anything MAY happen) there would be precious little reporting. No serious issues anymore. Sad.

Pat LaBella
04/21/2011 11:40 AM

NASCAR has changed. Some like it & some don’t. None of the American sports are “for the people”. They are designed to make a profit for the owners. NASCAR is no different. I no longer go to the tracks but I do record the races to watch when I want. I never watch the advertisements and fast forward thru much of the race. I also never watch pre or post race comments.
NASCAR is not going back to the days of Earnhardt, Petty, Wallace and those guys that came before. Make your choice. Watch and participate or don’t. I don’t.

04/21/2011 11:47 AM

It’s obvious a lot of “fans” and “faux” journalists continue to offer up the Faux toxic kool-aid. Keep up the good work, Jeff.

04/21/2011 12:53 PM

Thank you ,Jeff. I can hardly wait til Frontstretch is available
every day.You guys and gals are my favorite read. You all
say what you believe. I read and agree or disagree, which is a right we all have in this country .Aren’t we all blessed?

04/21/2011 02:10 PM

It amazes me how many folks read the columns on The Frontstretch because they 100% disagree with every word that’s written. If they want to be spoon-fed Nascar propaganda, they should read Every opinion Nascar wants them to have is right there.

04/21/2011 04:57 PM

I thought this was a family site. There is a word or two in this article that are right up there with the 5 or 6 words you should not use in public.

Most of the posters on this site (myself included) try not to use swear words in our post (I can swear like a Sailor), trying to respect all readers and then this article includes a word or two 99% of use would not use in front of our Mothers or any other female.

no spin
04/21/2011 06:08 PM

the double yellow line is to represent a barrier if you ask california Highway patrol and most other police services, there for the 48 car was on the wall NOT on the line, Just the facts BAD call NASCAR

04/21/2011 06:45 PM

Jeff, I did not send what I did as ‘hate-mail’. I was merely stating a fact. But of course, you can take it how you want.

04/21/2011 07:02 PM

Jeff…I can’t believe you’d let anything posted by Marybeth bother you. If you have read her delusional posts, containing total fiction, the last 2 years across the internet, you’d clearly see she is more than a few fries short of a Happy Meal.Posting delusional fiction about how HMS is broke, conspiracies about Rick Hendrick not wanting poor Dale Jr. to win (as if Jr. needs help with that!)And the best of all, which Marybeth posted for weeks on end last summer; the #88 crew installed a ring gear in Jr.‘s car backwards. Never mind it’s impossible to install a 9” ford ring gear backwards!Asked her in many posts late last summer and all fall to exlain to the world how that could be done. The crickets are STILL chirpping!

04/21/2011 10:03 PM

The Daytona and now Talladega ‘Dancing with the cars’ duo has taken this former loved pastime to a new all time low. I can only call it an absolute abomination. It is just plain pitiful. As far as the yellow line, since JJ elected to go down there (either to, on or below), he was not forced and he keeps the win. So how come Regan Smith in the 01, who was forced down there by Mr. Tony a few years back doesn’t get the same benefit of the doubt. Ooops, this is NA$CAR and they make the rules up – as they go. I still think Regan and DEI were robbed of that race win. I sit and wonder today how much lower can this sport go? Sadly, it appears much further. This former stalwart fan is heading for the exits. I will not waste an entire afternoon to watch the Florida family’s marketing commercial. Sad state they have taken this thing to…….

04/25/2011 01:04 PM

Is this the same MaryBeth that has a Nascar blog of her own that is posted on Jayski weekly? Or is this another MaryBeth?

I was thinking the same thing about the “controversy”. I’m far from a Jimmie Johnson supporter, but that accusation of him going below the yellow line is ridiculous. I’m sure its all a ploy to get everyone’s panties in a bunch and get hits to their websites. ESPN is great at that tactic. I call it low rent.


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