The Frontstretch: BSNews! New Red Neck restraint to be approved by NASCAR by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday May 24, 2006

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BSNews! New Red Neck restraint to be approved by NASCAR

Voices From the Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday May 24, 2006


(BSNews "" Mooresville, NC) Safety Solutions, Inc. located in Mooresville, North Carolina, announced today the debut of the new "˜Hutchens Hybrid’ red neck restraint system for the racing industry.

The Hybrid, already SFI (Stupid Fan Institute) 38.1 certified, was officially submitted to NASCAR last week for evaluation. NASCAR Red Neck Restraint Committee member John Melvin witnessed the testing. "It done real good in testin’," said Melvin. "I be liken it a lot!"

The new device features a low slung back support (so as not to pull back hair) and a wide chest strap with two buckle attachments that allow tethers to be securely hooked onto any existing seat or bleacher design currently in use at all ISC owned racetracks.

"With the competitive nature of racing enthusiasts, fans cannot afford to risk injury," said Safety Solutions President, Trevor Ashline. "With over two hundred sled tests, we learned what it really takes to keep a fan safe in a single or multiple row fall from anywhere in the stands. We were able to apply what we had learned from thousands of races and developed a comfortable device that will protect the fan. All of our Red Neck Safety Devices are SFI 38.1 rated and tested at 70 B’s, B’s being a unit of measure known as a "˜Bud’. As I said, this new unit is rated at 70 Buds."

DemiGod and NASCAR CEO Brian France said that the new device should be available at all ISC tracks by mid-June. "With the way Red Necks like to show their, how shall I say"¦enthusiasm at race events, we feel this device may be the best way to keep some of that "˜enthusiasm’ in check," said France. "Attendants in the stands will issue the devices to any fan that they deem is showing a bit too much "˜enthusiasm,’ at which time the fan will be required to wear the device or face ejection from the premises."

The "˜Hybrid’ is an improved version of the original Hutchens device which was created after the tragic death of NASCAR enthusiast Bubba Hutchens. Hutchens was killed when he attempted to throw a beverage can onto the race track at Talladega during the closing laps of the Aaron’s 499 which ended under caution a few years ago. Hutchens was so inebriated when he threw the can, he actually pitched forward and tumbled down some 42 rows of seats, where he was unfortunately sat upon by a very obese Kurt Busch fan, who, because of her size, could not see over her shoulder to know Bubba was actually there. Hutchens, while not actually sustaining any life threatening injuries during the fall, is said to have died of surprise, as near as authorities could tell.

Hutchens’ longtime friend and semi-cousin, Beau Holland, who witnessed the incident, said his friend would still be alive today had such a device been available back then. "It’s a turrable shame really," said Holland. "He throwed that can clean down to the apron! He’d of like ta seen dat. We shore is gonna miss him down at the mill."

"BSNews! Your first thought, is our first name!"

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Jackie Johnson
05/25/2006 06:33 AM

You guys should sponsor a driver in the All Star Challange next year.

06/07/2006 03:28 PM

Thanks for the laugh!! OMG. THANK YOU…


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