The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: Whose bright iDEI was this? by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday February 16, 2005

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Voices From the Heartland: Whose bright iDEI was this?

Jeff Meyer · Wednesday February 16, 2005


I have a theory. Only time will tell if it has any merit or if I’ve just been hitting the beverages a little too hard lately.

My theory is this; Dale Earnhardt Jr. isn’t nearly as good a racer as he thinks he is.

Now before all you Jr. fans get you thongs in a knot and start sending me hate mail, I don’t particularly dislike Jr., he is ok. He’s just not my favorite. However, with the recent big shakeup at DEI, I think I may see some writing on the wall.

Things are not well in the DEI camp. All your double-speaking press releases say DEI opted to switch the teams around. Never do they mention who decided this. They make it sound like it was a corporate decision, which would lead you to believe it was mother Teresa. In reality, according to Jr., nobody really is responsible.

“This was not sparked by one person, myself or anybody,” Earnhardt said. “It opens the door for the company to grow and gives a lot of people the opportunity to show what they have.” Yeah right!

It has been reported that little Jr. felt that DEI was “on the wrong course” and wanted to make the change. Apparently, he was no longer getting along with the Eurys’ (Tony and Tony Jr.) when things didn’t go his way. Jr.’s solution? Promote Eury Sr. to a position he didn’t really want and switch around the crews.

Ok, let me clarify, because there is some lucky office person at DEI that is getting tons of overtime just doing the paperwork surrounding this snafu.

You would think that DEI could just tell ‘this’ employee to ‘go work over there’. Not in the world of big business! What actually happened is, Waltrip and NAPA moved to the 8 team (making it the 15 team) and Jr. and Budweiser moved to the 15 team, effectively making it the 8 team. And one wonders why the cost to run a team is so high.

Mother Teresa of course, ultimately approves everything because she is just a figure head anyway. She’s not about to go against her ‘golden boy’.

Personally, I think Jr. is upset because he expected to be a champion already. I mean c’mon! Kurt Busch a champion before Jr.? That’s gotta hurt one’s ego a bit!

The winner in all this (besides the paperwork person) is gonna be Mikey Waltrip. The crew that Jr. dissed is going to work twice as hard to put the #15 well above the #8 by the end of the year. Not only that, they got all of Jr.s cars! Ya don’t hear Mikey complaining about his Daytona ride now do you?

The loser is going to be Jr. and new crew chief Pete Rondeau. Earnhardt will lose races and Rondeau will get the blame. It could never be lack of talent, so it’s gotta be bad equipment and incompetent crew, right?

I see a lot more changes in the future at DEI, and it’s not going to be nice. Earnhardt needs to remember that he’s no Dale Earnhardt. (Well, he is, but you know what I mean!)

Stay off the wall.


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02/17/2005 06:21 AM
Replying about Jeff’s comments in his
“Voices From the Heartland: Whose bright iDEI was this?” article. Catchy headline… but, that’s it.

Jeff is certainly not an insider, and his portrayal of Jr. as a spoiled brat is totally off base. I will no longer hit your web site, because of the weak and uninformed opinions from many writers on your staff recently. I used to enjoy Tammy’s articles and a few of the other writers, but most of your writers are not very well informed, and are trying to portray NASCAR as a WWF (WWE) type sport. Weak opinions are on We will not seek advertisement with your site. Thanks, Daniel
02/17/2005 10:53 AM
Don’t worry about that comment. No one claims here to have the inside info on every single things. These are opinion articles… not supposed to be used for entire facts. Don’t worry about advertisement either… I will give ya money. :)

Jr. portrayed as a spoiled brat? Jr. gets what he wants at DEI, no doubt about it. He is effectively the owner of DEI, it isn’t like Teresa knows every single aspect of racing. More on Article Feedback…


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