The Frontstretch: BSNews! NASCAR Defrocks Hall of Famer Wallace by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday May 31, 2012

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BSNews! NASCAR Defrocks Hall of Famer Wallace

BSNews! · Jeff Meyer · Thursday May 31, 2012


“I think it’s OK for me to give my opinion. I don’t think NASCAR would get upset about that,” said Rusty Wallace.

So much for THAT line of thinking!

After a recent interview in which Wallace said that NASCAR should shorten their nearly 11-month schedule, the recent NASCAR Hall of Fame inductee soon found out that he was in fact, wrong. NASCAR does get upset when someone voices a different opinion.

Both Rusty and son were shocked to see the news that the Hall of Fame honor bestowed by NASCAR was revoked from such an ESPN loyalist.

“It’s the classic case of supply and demand,” Wallace said Sunday at Charlotte Motor Speedway. “Too much supply and not enough demand. Personally, I wish the schedule were 32 (races) again.”

Although Wallace said he felt that the ‘product’ has become too ‘watered down’, he was quick to add the disclaimer that “…I love NASCAR. It’s been good to me, it’s made me a lot of money.”

Usually, when NASCAR doesn’t like what a driver says outside of the ‘company line’, they sock them with a stiff and usually secret, monetary fine. In this case, since Wallace is not technically a driver anymore, they could not reach out and touch him in their usual way, so they did the next best thing.

In the most unprecedented move in its long and storied history of three years, the NASCAR Hall of Fame announced that it would “un-induct” Rusty until such time as he “comes ‘round to his senses and buys me a drink as a sign of atonement,” as NASCAR CEO Brian France, put it when asked about the situation.

“This type of insubird…unsiburdon…uh, behavior will simply not be tolerated,” added France.

Replacing Rusty as an ‘alternate’ inductee for the class of 2013 will be “Fireball” Roberts. Roberts was the next highest vote getter during the original voting session.

“You can bet ‘Fireball’ will be a bit more appreciative,” said France. “I don’t expect to hear any bad-mouthing from him!”

And now for some ‘not so BS observations’ (or is it?)

First it was 5 Hour Energy shots, but apparently that just isn’t enough! Check out this bit from a Front Row Motorsports press release;

David Ragan will bring the colors of MHP to the one-mile Dover International Speedway for this weekend’s 400-mile Sprint Cup Series event. Ragan will debut the company’s 8-Hour Alert product on the No. 34 Ford. Fans are aware of their X-Fit and Power Pak Pudding brands, used weekly by the Front Row Motorsports pit crew, and now will have an opportunity to learn more about 8-Hour Alert. The featured brand on Ragan’s Ford this weekend is a dietary supplement available in tablet form. It is used to support feelings of energy, alertness and awareness for up to 8 hours. (Front Row Motorsports / Breaking Limits),

Really? Hey America, here’s a freakin’ novel idea…why not try “a good night’s sleep” every night! Do we really need to become a nation of whacked out, wide eyed, sheep dependent on shots and pills to keep us alert? Just what we need for a populace that is more and more popularly diagnosed as ADD! I wonder what happens if I wash down an 8 Hour Alert pill with a 5 Hour Energy shot?

I never thought I’d say this but, Oh how I pine for the ‘old days’ of a Viagra sponsorship!

Stay off the wall (oh, and ‘BSNews, your first thought is our first name!)

Jeff Meyer

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06/01/2012 06:45 AM

Is this a joke about Rusty?If not na$car will looooose more fans!!!!!!

06/01/2012 08:31 AM

I always thought Rusty was a bit of jerk. My thoughts were verified the day my wife asked him for a pic and an autograph at Michigan. He was in such a rush to get in his golf cart and leave he wouldn’t even speak to her.
All that said, if NASCAR does this now, think of the credibility (is there any in racing anyway?) they would lose! This is another step in the move toward total censorship by the powers that be. Secret fines will only be a small blip when all is said and done. Herr France is playing a dangerous game here…

06/01/2012 10:19 AM

Are the look alike leaders of nascar and North Korea really the same man?

Rob Bolling
06/01/2012 12:21 PM

Please, please tell me the first two talk back responses to this post are serious.

I love hearing the sound that missed sarcasm and hyperbole makes at it whizzes past people’s heads.

06/01/2012 12:55 PM

ha ha ha ha! That was great! Hey even drunk BZF can’t tick me off today because there is ONLY 1 MORE PATHETIC FOX TV BROADCAST FOR THE YEAR!


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