The Frontstretch: Tony Stewart Could Also Learn To Shut Up by Jeff Meyer -- Friday June 8, 2012

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Tony Stewart Could Also Learn To Shut Up

Voices from the Cheap Seats · Jeff Meyer · Friday June 8, 2012


Here’s the story as it reads now…

Sporting News reporter, Bob Pockrass asked Kurt Busch if being on probation caused him to race a fellow competitor a bit differently after the two had some minor contact on the track….

“It (the probation) refrains me from beating the (expletive) out of your right now, because you ask me stupid questions. But since I’m on probation, I suppose that that’s improper to say as well. If you could talk about racing things, we could talk about racing things, Bob,” retorted Busch.

“This is racing.”

“It’s not racing. You’re in this just to start stuff. That’s all you’re out here for.”

Due to that tirade by Busch (yet again!), NASCAR has opted to give Kurt the opportunity to watch the upcoming Pocono race from a cozy spot on a friend’s couch…or, as is more likely the case, alone on his own couch.

Not to be outdone, another media darling, Tony Stewart, just had to go spouting off when asked about the situation on a special edition of Tony Stewart Live.

Smoke’s latest battle with NASCAR’s media corps left our own Jeff Meyer wondering why a three-time Cup champion can’t keep his mouth shut.

“I’ll be honest, I liked (Busch’s) answer,” Stewart said. “I kind of thought it was good when it pertains to Bob Pockrass. Bob’s a decent guy. But there’s just so many good things to write about in our sport. There’s a couple of reporters that strictly want to be tabloid journalists. Unfortunately, he’s one of them. Sad but true: Kurt is right, Bob Pockrass is probably the biggest mixer in the whole media center. Everytime he interviews somebody, it is strictly about something controversial.”

OK, now it is MY turn!

First of all, I will say that I’m not here to wave a big banner for Bob Pockrass. I cannot intelligently speak on the writing habits of Bob. I’ve met him at time or two, although he probably doesn’t remember, but that’s about it. I don’t read his stuff and I seriously doubt he reads mine. That said, I will say that the original question involved, about how Kurt raced, WAS a legitimate racing question and not ‘controversial’ in the least. Anyone who can’t see that is either obtuse or dumber than a retarded rock.

It was a question directly about action on the track.

Pockrass didn’t ask Kurt why his wife left him, if he had rage issues or even how it feels to have about the same number of fans (perhaps less) as Osama bin Laden did here in the states. THAT would be ‘tabloid journalism’. No, the question was a good one and trust me, in many a post-race interview, good questions are somewhat rare. I have witnessed many a reporter ask the same tired, stupid questions about “how the car felt”, “what where you thinking when you were upside down” and many more, the answers to which are as obvious as the nose on one’s face.

As for Kurt Busch, his response is just further proof that he is one mentally messed up person and is about to lose what little grasp on reality he has left. Want to here another ‘sad but true’ tidbit about Kurt? No one was/is surprised by this latest outburst. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit that you knew it was not a case of ‘if’ Kurt would break down again but ‘when’.

My final word on Busch…He is a has been that had a few shining moments but managed to piss it all away (respect wise) and no one really wants to be around him anymore. Let’s hope Kyle will learn from his brother’s mistakes and take a better path.

Now for Tony Stewart…

Ironically, the very question about the question in question is what is controversial, but apparently Stewart felt the need to respond. (You may need to re-read that a couple of times…I’ll wait.)

OK, I’ll translate better for you…If Tony Stewart is against ‘tabloid journalism’, why is he spewing his nonsense about it all? Why is he trying to throw gas on the fire? Here’s a better question; Why don’t you just shut up Tony? You ain’t helping anything and you know it. The proper response would be to say it is none of my business. THAT is how you put a reign on tabloid journalism. Simply don’t give them the sound byte they want.

The only real differences between Tony Stewart and Kurt Busch is that MOST of the time, Tony has learned to be a bit more sly when he insults reporters. That and he has three times the Sprint Cups on his mantle!

Here is one more thing I find comically ironic; Years ago, Busch left the team that made him a champion, Roush Fenway Racing (then Roush Racing). One of main reasons he stated then was that he wanted to re-brand himself. Look where he’s at now. When it comes to business acumen, he’s right up there with Theresa Earnhardt.

Stay off the wall,

Jeff Meyer

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06/08/2012 09:55 AM

My my Mr. Myers…sounds like you have a bit of anger issues yourself! As for Stewart chiming in on the Busch issue..why not? If you think
he had no right to…why do you feel YOU had a right to
put your two cents in? Not much difference..both of you
commenting on an issue you had no part in. So I’m not
quite sure why you felt the need to go after Stewart’s remarks unless it’s gotten to
be a “turf” war…media VS drivers? It’s getting alittle
deep in the media center and I
think BOTH sides are trying to
get the fans on “their”
sides…and guys..there’s not
going to be a winner in this
war..just more disenchanted
fans. As for your comment
that of now there’s “PROOF” Kurt is one “mentally messed
up person” … That’s a pretty
strong statement considering
none of us really know what’s
going on with Kurt …and I
don’t think that
statement..among others in this column are going to earn you many candid interviews with the drivers! This entire issue of media VS drivers has gotten ugly and out of hand..and both sides need to realize there’s NOT going to be a winner….its getting old guys…really old!

06/08/2012 10:11 AM

Busch and Stewart are both right. Just keep stirring the pot, keep jabbing the angry dog until he snaps. Kurt Busch’s career spiral is bad enough with his teams and sponsors having issues with his temper, he doesn’t need reporters goading him into making things worse. S%$@ disturbers.

06/08/2012 10:29 AM

kurt should be racing. nascar should ban him from talking to the press. go kurt

Michael in SoCal
06/08/2012 10:42 AM

Shouldn’t Kurt just ban himself from talking to the press then? Oh wait, that would require some self control.

06/08/2012 11:01 AM

Your attitude is precisely why fans are no longer able to hear candid replies to insightful questions — lame-butt, rabble-rousing poop stirrers like Pockrass defended by their peers resulting in drivers either responding to ALL questions with canned PR drivel or “no comment”. Make sure there are plenty of cameras around if you decide to confront Tony regarding his comments — I haven’t seen a pseudo-journalist verbally shredded in quite some time!

06/08/2012 11:06 AM

Thank you kurt and tony. Media members need to get over themselves, you are not the show.

06/08/2012 11:42 AM

Maybe a better story would have been finding the back story on why this guy provokes this response from people that have 4 cups on their mantle. Maybe Mr. Pockrass does need to rethink his approach to reporting, but you wouldn’t know that as you don’t read his stuff. You may need some help with your anger issues also.

06/08/2012 11:46 AM

Joe and Pcarp….right on. Pcarp, I agree reporters, all those in the media seem to think they are the show. Fox with DW; cannot see the race for his mouth all him and his brother’s show, not the racing. Reporters get blown off when asking these stupid questions in other sport venues, what is the difference with racing. Good to see some racers that are more interested in racing than answering stupid dumb questions from the media. The drivers are white washed enough, leave it alone. Or go and report on the opera and ask the tenor why he missed a note in the third act.

06/08/2012 11:59 AM

To suspend a driver for a race simply for something he said to a reporter. Stupid. You pansy reporters all go out there looking for trouble and when someone finally gives you some you cry foul. Pay attention NASCAR! My TV will be OFF this weekend.

Don Mei
06/08/2012 12:19 PM

What would you guess boys and girls? 50to1, 100to1 in favor of the drivers ? Tell you anything about how we feel out here in fanland??

Chuck Ellison
06/08/2012 12:41 PM

Media always puts it’s hand in the beehive and acts shocked when it gets stung! seems everyone who covers NASCAR is using the ole’ Jenna Fryer method these days… Get real guys! pockrass got what he had coming to him….

06/08/2012 01:00 PM

First off Kurt has plenty of fans and if you compare the millions of Muslims in this country who liked Bin Laden you might get a very surprising answer. More fans than say Jeff Meyers.

Bob P already knew the answer to his stupid question, just like everyone else. Yes you will race differently but Bob P asked the stupid question anyways.
If Kurt would of politely said “yes Bob I must mind my P’s and Q’s” that would of been it and Bob couldn’t have written that down – because its stupid.

I want to see both Busch’s race each week, and I am not happy that I don’t get to see him this week cause I am pulling for this little team of his to beat the big money boys.

Shayne Flaherty
06/08/2012 01:28 PM

Kurt Busch is a grown man. Stop making excuses for Kurt’s behavior.

Tony Stewart also called out David Newton(ESPN) to join Bob Pockrass as a trouble maker.

If the action on the track was worth talking about, we wouldn’t be talking about this mess. Now, fans are blaming the media for NASCAR’s woes…Wow.

Carl D.
06/08/2012 01:52 PM

I wouldn’t say Kurt is a has-been. He’s still more talented than most drivers and it’s fun to watch him race when he’s in a decent ride. Still, a the guy ought to know when he’s being baited and when to shut the hell up. That’s not just part of his job, it’s a life lesson we all have to learn. I don’t like Kurt but that’s no reason to want him out of the sport. I want him to get help, get right, and get back in a racecar.

If Bob Pockrass is a troublemaker, then he won’t be around the garage long. He’ll find himself an outsider in a profession where being an insider is crucial.

As for Tony Stewart, I stopped paying attention him when he became the pompous toad he is today.

06/08/2012 02:48 PM

I have read this site quite frequently for the last several years and occasionly commented on articles.

This will be the last article I read on frontstretch.

Suspending Kurt Busch for a sarcastic answer to a question is ridiculous, however writing a column not only defending that suspension but also adding that Tony Stewart shouldn’t speak his mind on the sport is well beyond that.

06/08/2012 02:54 PM

Mr. Myers..I must ask the same question you posed about Stewart? Why can’t you just “shut up”? ( geez that sounds your mommas proud!). This “war of the roses” has gotten out of hand! I totally get it the media is a service that “should be good” for most parties concerned. BUT Mr. Myers…I watch racing, I pay close attention to my driver on the track, and keep up with the other 42 guys on their position..on a weeky basis during the season. I don’t read all your columns..just one or two here and there if I have the time. I DON’T need you or alot of the other writers listed in Jayskis who have hopped on the NASCAR gravy traiin! I do however NEED 43 drivers of all levels and personalities to make the races I watch interesting. The bottom line is you, and alot of other media dudes out there are becoming useless baggage. It seems alot of you have decided you are more important then the sport itself…say it isn’t so…cause guess isn’t. So quit YOUR whining..write about things you actually know about…and remember you cover a sport…not hard news. If you insist on writing sensationalism maybe you would do better with a column in National Enquirer or People magazine. Get over yourself man..get a grip.

Don Mei
06/08/2012 02:59 PM

So far looks to be about twelve for Busch and Stewart, two for Meyer and Pockrass. Better pay attention; you might learn something.

06/08/2012 03:39 PM

The title of Jeff’s next article: WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY VANILLA DRIVERS?

You want drivers to show emotion, but when they do, you tell them to shut up, stop whining, whatever. (Tony is one of the few who is not afraid to speak his mind.) You can’t have it both ways, and you wonder why these guys give the same lame interviews over and over.

Maybe what its going to take is a driver pummeling a media member in order for the media to tone it down. They don’t report about the racing anymore. They are more concerned with finding the next TMZ moment.

Jeff Meyer FS staff
06/08/2012 05:34 PM

Dear Readers, one and all.
My job here at is to write commentary pieces. I do not ‘cover’ the races in the sense of a ‘reporter’, who’s job is to just present the facts and (hopefully) show no bias.

I write my opinion. You may or may not like it, that is your choice. As I said in the article, I’m not really defending Pockrass, I know next to nothing about him. I am defending the question he asked. But again, that is my opinion.

And to you, The Good Doctor: Leaving this site simply because you disagree with an OPINION article is….well, kind of ironic really.
You must agree with everything you see on tv or else you’d have gotten rid of it long ago. I can’t persuade you to stay, nor am I trying really trying to, Im just pointing out the failed logic of your reasoning. There are plenty of other good writers on this site.
“Doc, I get so mad when I read Meyer’s stuff”

“Well, Dont read his stuff!”

This ain’t rocket science

sylvia richardson
06/08/2012 06:48 PM

WHAT HAPPEN TO MY MESSAGE? could you not handel what i posted about nascar being the old poops and you reporters need to leave drivers alone. at less give them a second or 2.

06/08/2012 07:14 PM

Ha! Too funny of a response Mr. Myers! Seems you don’t handle “stupid people” much better then Kurt or Tony! We’re kinda getting on your nerves! Not as easy handling “stupid” as you thought..but you think a driver with a penchance for a short temper climbing out of a hot race should do better? Not going to happen!!

Jeff Meyer FS staff
06/08/2012 08:06 PM

Josie, where in my response do you get the notion that I cannot tolerate ‘stupid’?

I was simply responding to the readers and pointing out a few observations.

Check the archives. If I could not tolerate stupid people or ranting hate mail everytime someone disagreed with my opinion, I would have quit this gig long ago!I in fact, find ‘stupid’ to be quit amusing. In todays world, if you don’t, you will have extremely high blood pressure and ultimately not enjoy or even possibly shorten your life!

The MAIN point of my response was to point out the difference between a commentary piece and a news piece as some people seem to fail to grasp the difference.

And Sylvia, perhaps you failed to hit the ‘submit’ button after the ‘preview’. I can assure you that, unless you were using vulgar language or attacking another poster personally, you comment was NOT edited out. You have my word on that!

06/09/2012 01:15 AM

Can’t understand all this. Pockrass and Newton are usually very very busy PROMOTING Danica. Journalists, yeah.

06/09/2012 08:25 AM

My, my aren’t we the smug one! Golly Jeff, as a college prof with a couple of advanced degrees, I feel somewhat capable of differentiating between news and commentary: I guess my comments to you are, first, obviously there aren’t very many of us out here in fanland who agree with your conclusions and secondly, you seem to be displaying a rather thin skin at the “commentary” being directed at you. As Harry Truman said, “ if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.

Jeff Meyer FS staff
06/09/2012 11:14 AM


“… the difference between a commentary piece and a news piece as some people seem to fail to grasp the difference.”

Kudos to you! You are not part of the ‘some people’!

“As Harry Truman said, “ if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen”.

Again, check the archives. I’ve been in the ‘kitchen’ nearly ten years now. Can’t seem to find my way out so I guess I’ll stick around and welcome all the ‘commentary’ directed at me. After all, this kind of friendly banter is what this site is founded on and sets us apart from others.

Shayne Flaherty
06/09/2012 12:10 PM

Jeff, your assessment of Kurt Busch is spot on. We know Tony’s past (and present) history with the media. Rolling Stone magazine comes to mind.

Professional athletes and Hollyweird types are constantly under attack from the tabloids. No rumor, dirty secret, or tryst goes unreported.

NASCAR does a good job keeping the media in-line.

I thinks it’s hilarious that folks are blaming Bob Pockrass over Kurt’s suspension.

Crying towels should be a hot item at the track this season.

06/09/2012 12:27 PM

Actually Shayne, I blame NASCAR for trying to force all the drivers into a particular box. Can’t upset all those corporate sponsors now, can we? I mean we might lose the $50k to be the Official Suppository of NASCAR.

As for you Jeff, ever admitted to being wrong in those ten years or are you still on the mountaintop contemplating the tablets?

Driver [\] Down
06/09/2012 09:27 PM

Lets all tweet while Nascar burns {dies}.


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