The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: How Come…? (FS.coms answer to "We Wonder") by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday May 18, 2005

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If can have their “We Wonder…” column each week, I figured I could start a better one! How come? Because us here at do it for LOVE, not money. (That would be a great bumper sticker!)

So, without further procrastination, I want to know…

How Come…

… has to wonder about anything?

Aren’t they the ‘official’ mouthpieces of the France kingdom? Not only that, they employ Marty Smith. I was under the impression that Marty knows EVERYTHING!

…I haven’t started marketing “I Agree With Jeff” t-shirts yet?

The first time I saw that you could actually buy a tee that said “I agree with Marty”, I rolled my eyes so hard I was cross-eyed for a week!

Have people actually bought any? I’ve never seen one (on a person). If anyone out there has actually seen (or, heaven forbid), bought one, let me know. I guarantee mine will be ‘not officially licensed’, cheaper, and on the back say… “Marty is a twit”. Let’s set the price at 10.99. If 5 bucks is enough of a bribe to agree with me, then go ahead and agree with Marty. We’ll see who sells more.

…Elliott Sadler was as bent out of shape as he was about being beaten in last Friday’s Busch race?

Elliott’s not a bad guy, and I understand that he wanted to win real bad on his ‘home track’, but gimme a break!

I finally got a chance to see the pass in question and I must say, despite all the media hype, it wasn’t even your ‘classic’ bump and run. Carl had already gotten his nose down under and had every right to be where he was. That was pure racing. If, as Elliott says, he wouldn’t have raced that way, there can only be a couple of reasons why. Either Sadler is lying, or he has lost that burning desire to win. Carl Edwards is about as classy as they come. In the future, after Dale Jarrett has long retired, it will be Edwards that will be called ‘the classiest guy in NASCAR’ by his peers. Mark my words.

Another point about this whole ‘molehill’ that I haven’t heard anyone else mention this past week is…Sadler is a ‘Buschwhacker’ anyway! Carl is racing for the Busch Series title! A Series regular. So…if you still insist on thinking that Edwards played dirty, all I can say then is, I guess a bit of poetic justice was served. The ‘Buschwhacker’ got buschwhacked! (Send your money now for those shirts…)

…there is no big ‘to do’, or mention in the press about the way Robby Gordon spun Dale Jarrett on Saturday night?

If you think Edwards blatantly ruffed up Sadler on Friday, then what Gordon did Saturday to DJ was down right criminal! Gordon was clear down on the apron for gosh sakes!

Robby Gordon did something stupid? Who’d have thunk it! That’s why there’s no mention of THAT incident. Ranting about Robby doing something stupid in any given race is like trying to teach a pig to sing. It’s a waste of time, and it annoys the pig!

Too many desert rally races in the hot sun I guess.

…the end of this article hasn’t come yet?

Ahhh! There it is! The Finish(ing) Line…

Stay off the wall,


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05/20/2005 05:43 AM
love it…keep it coming!!!!


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