The Frontstretch: "Stewart the Stupid" Shows Up at Wrong Time by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday July 19, 2006

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"Stewart the Stupid" Shows Up at Wrong Time

Voices From the Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday July 19, 2006


Say what you want about Tony Stewart, but one thing will never change; he sure keeps you guessing. Guessing which Stewart will show up at any given race, that is.

At Daytona, some will say we saw “Tony the Temper.” After a lengthy dissertation to the media about how rough driving was going to kill someone, Tony proceeded to wheel his car like he was auditioning for an episode of “Cops.” “Tony the Hypocrite” was probably more fitting after that debacle.

At last Sunday's Lenox Industrial Tools 300, though, we saw perhaps the most glaring example of what can only be called “Stewart the Stupid.”

In case you fell asleep during one of TNT's gazillion commercials and missed it, the story goes something like this; on lap 91, Stewart was leading the race. Ryan Newman, who was 2 laps down after making a pit stop under green, found himself coming on hard and fast behind the 20 car on four fresh skins. Enter “Stewart the Stupid.” Instead of letting Newman go by on the inside, as you would expect any smart thinking, two-time champion who is currently sitting in 7th place in points to do, “Stewart the Stupid” shows up, and is suddenly appalled that the No. 12 would even THINK of passing him!

That's right! Tony decides that this guy Newman, who was, may I remind you, 2 laps down at that moment and sitting in 18th place in the Chase standings, must not pass him at all costs! You see, Newman is a selfish, mean spirited man and all he does is take, take, take! Never mind the fact that Newman will still be 1 lap down if Tony lets him by, AND is in no position to be a threat to even get into the “Chase!”

Now before all you Tony fans come materializing out of the cornfield with torches lit and show up on my doorstep, let me say that, personally, I think Tony is a great driver. He has overcome a lot of shortcomings in the past to mature into a hard driving, two-time NASCAR Champion. However, you must admit that that maturity blew right out the window net last Sunday. If Stewart's exchange with Newman had somehow not led to Stewart hitting the wall, NASCAR surely would have called a debris caution just to check the track for Tony's brains.

I don't care if Stewart doesn't like the way he thinks Newman and a few others drive their race cars. Sunday's stupendous stupidity may cost him dearly. As good as a wheelman he is, the competition to get in the Chase is way too close for anyone to risk making bonehead mistakes like that.

After Sunday’s incident, Stewart now finds himself on the outside of the Top 10 looking in, and no matter what he said after the race, he has NO ONE to blame but his alter ego!

Stay off the wall, and don't pull a Tony! (or try and pass one either!)


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07/20/2006 07:19 AM

Newman had the option to let up, NOT run up into Tony….Tony held his line. Sure this pinched Newman down so that he couldn’t get the proper angle into the corner, but he should have realized that, and let up a bit until they got through the corner….

Rajeev Jaswal
07/20/2006 08:56 AM

This shows your ignorance and utter dislike for Tony. Newman is a bone head mule without any personality. All he knows is how to qualify….oh my mistake he has as many poles as Jeff Burton this year. He races every lap like it is the last lap with no regard for anyone. He had the inside line and should have enough talent to judge how deep he should go into the corner. He went too hard and slid into Tony. I admit that Tony could have played safe and let him by but Newman expects a break from everyone else but never gives anyone a break.

Tony will make the chase and would be a strong contender for the championship. He is running strong and if not for bad luck he would have had couple of more wins and handful more Top 5s. Remember he is only 11 points out of Top 10 and that can be easily overcome.

07/20/2006 08:59 AM

I love how when people diss Tony they always bust out “Don’t get me wrong… Tony’s a great driver”. Psh, write something worth reading.

07/20/2006 09:04 AM

Tony The Phony is one hell of a race car driver. But his temper is going to cost him in the long run. If he doesn’t hurt someone first.
Tony’s picture should be in the dictionary next to Road Rage

Sean Decker
07/20/2006 09:05 AM

I watched the event in question unfold and I have to agree that if I saw a guy two laps down catch me as quick as Newman caught Stewart, especially knowing I had a pitstop of my own coming, I think the wise move would have been to let him go.

Tony is an amazing talent but he seems to think that he never makes a mistake and is hypercritical of anyone else he wrecks. He shares this annoying flaw with Kevin Harvick.

I’m not saying that Newman is blameless in this situation because I really believe one does not go out and wreck the race leader trying get a lap back, it does tend to make you look like a bit of a clueless idiot, but if your the race leader with 200 or so laps left in a 300 lap race and your car is the class of the field I think it’s up to you protect your stuff and be there at the end.

Tony’s decision to race hard with an obviously much faster Newman into turn 3 had a great deal to do with ending his day. All in all not a brilliant move.

07/20/2006 09:13 AM

did you WATCH the race or are you writing from the lame AP report? THE tape CLEARLY shows NEWMAN turning right into Tony I replayed it 20 + times to make sure… now who is STUPID??? Tony as the race leader had every right to race Newman, Newman as the 2 lap down car is the one who had not only the duty to try and hold his position but to race the leader cleanly which he did not do. So yeah you are gonna get banged around for the comments…if you are gonna call someone stupid make sure its legit and you have ALL of the facts… review the replays of the incident…. NEWMAN’S wheels CLEARLY turned into Tony… One thing people should know about Tony if they have any NASCAR expierience at all is that he is ALWAYS HONEST and tells it like it is…if he screws up he says so… remember the spin in the middle of the race( I forget now which) he said simply the driver( himself) ran out of talent… SO before you go bashin on Tony I suggest you come to the fight equipped and prepared otherwise your gonna lose…..

07/20/2006 09:35 AM

It is not necessary or professional to call people stupid. Wrecks happen, that is part of racing. Fault finding is wasted time.

07/20/2006 09:52 AM

This was one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen you write Meyers, and considerng your lame attempts at humor in your top 10’s that’s certainly saying something.

If you would like to point fingers and call someone stupid, look at Newman for Pete’s sake. He WRECKED the leader of the race as a lap car. Not just a lap car, who would have been on the lead lap fighting the leader so hard, but a car that STILL would have been a lap dog, nor would he have put himself in “luck dog” contention. But the leader is the dummy, what the heck kind of alternate universe did you spawn from exactly? Yes he was faster on new tires, but he couldn’t find it in his “smart” self to pass the leader cleanly. He didn’t even TRY not to hit the leader.

So instead of calling Newman out for his consistent rough driving, you call out the leader and call him names. Perhaps if you got a little more oxygen to that brain of yours by occasionally pulling your head out of… well you know. I suppose the entire field should just pull over and let Newman by when he’s fast because if he wrecks them, it makes them a stupid.

Funny I thought it was called racing, I guess all these years I’ve been watching I labored under the delusion that the whole idea was to try to win.

07/20/2006 09:56 AM

I loved reading Tony’s fans say that, Tony races hard every lap. Well that is what caused the wreck. You have to know when to race and when to give an inch. Tony only gives to drivers he likes, otherwise he is “GET OUTTA MY WAY Tony” and he doesn’t like Newman!

07/20/2006 10:05 AM

I was unaware that Tony “doesn’t like Newman”. I see you are now a close personal friend of his and you know who he does or doesn’t like?

Thank you soooooooo much for blessing us with your inside knowledge, we all feel so much more enlightened.

07/20/2006 10:06 AM

Sometimes “Smoke” thinks he is Dale Sr. I can not remember the “3” letting anyone pass.

07/20/2006 10:58 AM

Maybe we should forget this damn Championship thing and just have each race stand alone. These are race car drivers and they want to win. It’s who they are. Expecting them to back down in a side by side battle, whether they’re two laps down and shouldn’t bother the leader, or whether they’re the leader and shouldn’t risk a wreck…well it’s just asinine. Race the damn cars!

07/20/2006 11:38 AM

Stwartizmyman summed it up perfectly.

07/20/2006 11:50 AM

Even the announcers on TNT said it – if you can’t hold your line, you don’t belong on the bottom. Any idiot could see Newman couldn’t hold his line, therefore, he didn’t belong there! Just another excuse to bash Stewart.

07/20/2006 11:56 AM

stewartizmyman, you’ve obviously never heard the term “Turn into a skid”. You do realize when the back end steps out, that’s called a skid, right? If you keep turning the wheel that direction (in this case, left), you make the skid worse and back into the fence. If you turn into the skid, in this case that would be right (which was in Stewarts direction), you have a chance of saving the car.

And for the record, I think they BOTH should have backed off. Louden isn’t known for alot of safe passing zones, and keeping your car intact from everyone is the first step to winning any race.

07/20/2006 12:06 PM

Tony is one of the biggest babys in nascar. He seems to allways have an issue with someone. He is always right and never wrong. Wait that sounds alot like another driver I know. (HARVICK)

J. Meyer
07/20/2006 12:29 PM

Rubbing is racing, on that I stand firm. Everyone has the right to race as if it was the last lap. HOWEVER, racing smarter is sometimes better than racing harder. Explain to me how pushing the issue and ending up in the wall, finishing 37th and dropping 4 spots in the chase was the SMART thing to do.
As some of you seemed to have missed in the article, I DO like Tony Stewart, but even when someone I like even more than Tony, my wife for example, does something stupid, I call a spade a spade and let her know about it! (Of course that’s not widely considered a SMART move either…...!)
AND finally…last I looked, that ‘Write for Us’ link is still up there on the left hand side of the page! I urge you to click on it and put me out of a job!

07/20/2006 12:52 PM

John….Tony is not the God of clean passes either. I recall at Dover when rather than trying to pass the slower car of Jeff Gordon Tony decided to dump him. At least Newman was attempting to make a pass. What goes around comes around.

Tony never takes responsibility when another car is involved. The only time you hear him accept responsibility is when his car is the only one involved. Stewart could have backed out just as easily as Newman could have. As fast as Newman is coming you think he is just supposed to let off because the almighty Tony is up ahead? His spotter told him the #12 was coming fast. He’s been driving long enough to know what to expect. Instead, his hot head started to boil I’m sure when he heard it was Newman coming behind him. Those hot headed folks usually got what they deserve some way or another.

07/20/2006 12:53 PM

Whoops, the first part was a response to Tubgirl, not John.

al demichele
07/20/2006 12:59 PM

You get paid for writing this crap???

J. Meyer
07/20/2006 01:04 PM

Yeah! I get a quarter for each hit the story gets! Life is sweet!

07/20/2006 01:16 PM

Dude….and to the rest of you Tony haters out there…SUCK IT UP, QUIT YOUR WHIMPERING WHINE. Here is the bottom Line. Newman was two laps down and Stewart was the leader. Yes, Stewart could have just let him go, but Newman could not even keep his car in his line. It was a bonehead move and he should know better. I, as well as every NASCAR and Tony fan, are SICK AND TIRED of hearing how Stewart is a jerk. We are not going to stop liking him because you keep saying it. Face the facts folks…Stewart IS the best driver out there. Just listen to the rest of the guys that drive with him. John, one question for you. Did you say the samething about Dale Sr.? Of course you didn’t. Wake up dude!

J. Meyer
07/20/2006 01:43 PM

“We’re racing everybody the way they race us, and most of the guys get it,” Stewart said. “There’s a couple of them that don’t.”

Here comes a guy (Newman) 18th in the standings, and you (Tony)already think that he is a ‘taker’and know he wont give an inch. You are 7th in points, leading the race with a dominant car. You want to race him like he races you? Not thinking of the big picture at all!

Because a couple of guys “don’t get it”, if you’re “racing everybody (them) like they race us (you)” then obviously YOU ain’t “getting it” either. Kind of the “if you can’t beat em, join em” mentality.

Fortunately it seems to afflict Tony only briefly and occasionally. He should be ok to get in the top ten if he doesn’t have a re-lapse.

J. Meyer
07/20/2006 01:46 PM

And before you all start freaking out about the “quarter a hit”, I was JOKING!

07/20/2006 02:04 PM

I agree with the first few paragraphs here. Stewart is an idiot. “Preach one thing do another.” Defines his whole career. However, I do slightly disagree with Stewart backing off. He is the leader of the race. Newman needs to be more careful being 2 laps down. He did have a faster car so why didn’t he have patience and position himself to easily make the pass? Wow I’m kind of having Gordon-Kenseth flash backs. A way faster car gets into the back of a slower car that he could have easily past the next lap. Hmm…a growing wreckin’ is racin’ trend rather than rubbin’...

Steve Grumbine
07/20/2006 02:13 PM

Tony will be ok… Tony in all his forms including “Tony the Stupid” is still “Tony the Champ”.

07/20/2006 02:20 PM

to those who claim that newman turned right , they saw his wheels turn,,,,,,did it remind you of daytona when stewart turned way down into kenseth? karma is biting tony on the (butt) and i like it. not one time ever have i heard him say that was my fault. great article…

Steve Grumbine
07/20/2006 02:26 PM

Karma,,,,, Sounds to me like somebody did not enjoy NASCAR in 2005… Tony will repeat… even at his worst he is only 11th in the points… can’t wait to watch it when 5 points separate everyone… Jimmy is doing what he does every year… just like the Buffalo Bills, he will choke… Tony is so good his worst is still significantly better than 98% of the rest. Hope your disdain for Nascar “A Whiner” @ is complete 2 years in a row… Go T-Stew !

07/20/2006 02:34 PM

I hope that Tony doesn’t make the Chase this year. Between his hypocrisy, temper tantrums, and arrogance, he deserves to be out of the top 10. I knew he didn’t change last year. He’s always been a big-mouthed bully. It’s never his fault…always blames it on the other drivers. He doesn’t give an inch but expects other drivers to just move out of his way. Every time he opens his gigantic mouth, something stupid comes out. His lack of good judgment leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t think Tony will ever mature or show any class.

07/20/2006 02:46 PM

Melissa, guess you didn’t hear\read what Tony did last Friday to the Petty Family. He has shown class many times but it is people like you who are blinded by your hate for Tony who fail to see it.

P.S. I added a 20 after my name to not get confused with this other Melissa.

07/20/2006 03:20 PM

I think Tony is a great driver, his biggest problem is his ego and temper. Tie all that in with his desire to win and the result you have is exactly what happened between stewart and newman. Now I dont have any problems with that incident it was just hard racing, both drivers on different agendas. Tony will continue to win races but as far as championships our buddy stewart needs to seriously exercise patience. Speaking of exercise equipment, did he retire it or maybe he sold it on ebay. Go Kurt!!!

07/20/2006 03:26 PM

Tony the bottom feeder, lol too bad the bottom feeder tires went out maybe he could have stayed on the bottom. He should have pitted 1 lap earlier haha

Joe Dirt
07/20/2006 04:45 PM

Wow, Ronnie I never thought i’d see the day a real honest to god Rubberhead fan would show his face, and on top of that lecture another driver of not exercising patience??? You do know your buddy is one of the most hated drivers in nascar right behind his brother “shrub” right?

Sean Decker
07/20/2006 04:46 PM

You know, all I said was they both made boneheaded decisions in turn three at Loudon, New Hampshire on Sunday, July 16, 2006, and I stand by that.

I am tired of fans that can’t accept that their driver is just like the rest of us, a human being, filled with all the same emotions that cause all of us to do stupid things from time to time.

Stewartismyman, grow up, read what I originally posted and accept the fact that if your driver doesn’t race Newman into the corner so hard and lets him go, then Tony probably wins the race instead of finishing 37th.

What I said was Stewart seldom admits any fault for an accident involving another driver, you’ve got to accept the blame in a solo shot. By the way who said I was bashing Tony. I might call what I wrote bashing them both but Stewart was the one with most to lose on Sunday.

As far as watching it 20 times, so what, all you saw was two cars racing hard into turn 3, the guy on the outside pinching down on the guy inside, getting the guy on the inside loose, causing the guy on the inside to correct to his right, getting the guy on the inside into the guy on the outside and wrecking him. There you go, a textbook description of the accident at hand. Both were at fault, deal with it.

I believe Tony will still make the Chase, Newman obviously won’t, but I also believe Tony could have made things a lot easier on himself and his team if he would remembered that “In order to finish first, first you must finish.”.

07/20/2006 06:54 PM

You must be retarded apparantly you didn’t watch the race… as the [12] slid up into the 20. like him or not Stewart is the best DRIVER in crapkcar

*Edited by The Frontstretch
07/20/2006 07:16 PM

Y’know, they’re both at fault there.

If the 12 backs off just a bit, he probably makes the pass on the straightaway and all is well.

But the 20 screwed up, too… if he lets the 12 go, 20 wins the race, moves to (probably) 3rd in points after having led the most laps (and considering the 8 finished 43rd with the blown engine).

When Tony was leading, he was being shown as 4th in points, not far back of Jr.

After the past two months of problems for the 20 that they couldn’t help (mostly), this one was one that could have been avoided… just one time, let someone go even if you don’t think they deserve it, and you’re back to 3rd in points instead of outside looking in and no longer able to afford even a flat tire.

And just for the record, the wife and I are huge Tony fans. But we agree, if he’d considered the big picture, the 48 and 17 teams would be in serious trouble.

07/20/2006 07:51 PM

Tony would have let anyone else go by. Newman wouldn’t have drove it in THAT hard if Tony weren’t there.
The two have a similar driving style as much as I hate to admit it being the Stewart fan that I am. Both should have backed off and probably would have if it would have been anyone else.

jim cunningham
07/20/2006 09:59 PM

being tony stewart does not make him smart. if he knew anything but racing he might know that.

T. Bowles (Editor)
07/20/2006 10:01 PM

Hey everyone,

First off, while this is a controversial topic let me remind you of the rules of FS comments – no swearing, and no bashing of other commenters!! Let’s keep it PG around here please…as you may have noticed, we removed several comments today and will continue to do so if the post merits deletion. Consider yourselves warned…this is a professional website with a unique privilege we offer of giving you the ability to comment immediately on our articles. Please don’t do things to make us reconsider!

Also, a word on the title...Jeff's choice of "Stewart the Stupid" was not changed by the editors because that's the way he feels. We're not a website that censors our writers' opinions, or makes it P.C. so that everybody that reads it can get some bland summary of a topic and read something that glosses over the real story without someone taking a it or hate it, this is an uncensored view of a controversial story, and that's what defines The Frontstretch.

Mark Anthony
07/20/2006 10:04 PM

Kinda funny how Tony brings up Mark Martin a lot and says a lot of young drivers can learn from Mark. Who is well known to let faster cars go by him and then race them later in the race when it really matters..People should face facts in their opinions Tony is very hot tempered and is lucky a lot of times to never get someone hurt.Like the thing he did to Matt at the 500..Now that should have sat him down a few races to learn.Or the time he spin Jeff G on pit road.. A lot of innocent people could have been hurt then too..He is a good driver and no matter how much he gives to little kids money cannot take away what you do on a race track…

T. Bowles (Editor)
07/20/2006 10:09 PM

As for my personal opinion on the issue, while Stewart could have raced smarter in my view it was pretty clear that Newman was the one who hit Stewart to start the whole thing. The two cars may have had contact previous to that, but that early in the race, Newman should have known better to be that aggressive. Bottom line, if he doesn’t drift up the track, there’s no spin. That’s why I hold Newman responsible…Tony, unfortunately, is suffering from a spurt of horrible luck that he needs to break free from by Indy…or else he’s in real trouble.

Mark Anthony
07/20/2006 10:14 PM

By the way this is America and it is the freedom of speech that makes it great..So why bash Jeff for giving his opinion or the story he wrote..After all don’t we all want our opinion to matter..and how grade school is it to call people we really don’t know names..Its time we all grow up…

07/20/2006 10:49 PM

“So why bash Jeff for giving his opinion or the story he wrote”
Hey if it’s truly a freedom of speech thing then why can’t I give my opinion that his opinion is dumb? Geez it does go both ways.

(Note From the Editor: Tubgirl had an inappropriate URL, which caused her earlier comments to be removed).
Sean Decker
07/21/2006 08:49 AM

I will say it one more time. Did Newman wreck Stewart? Why yes, he did. Was it a particularly smart move on his part? No, it was boneheaded in the extreme. Got that?

As for Stewart’s part in this disaster. Was it a smart move to drive into turn three on old tires and challenge Newman? No, risking a potentially race winning car with more than 2/3 of the race remaining to a guy that’s just a little bit desperate to jumpstart his season ain’t the brainiest move by longshot either.

It is a driver’s resposiblity to protect his equipment on the track. Hell I learned that racing go-karts. It doesn’t matter if the race is 10 laps or 300, in order to have a good finish, you have run them all. Get it?

You Stewart haters need to check it too. Stewart is a very talented driver, give him that. He is a stand up guy away from racing. His gifts of time and money to charity are things we should all strive to do.

Tony Stewart wears his heart on sleeve, it’s what makes him so likeable, you know where he stands. It’s also the thing that gets him into trouble as he sometimes acts before he thinks.

*Some content edited by The Frontstretch
Rajeev Jaswal
07/21/2006 09:35 AM

Sean, You summarized it very good. It was little too harsh on Jeff’s part to call Tony “Stupid” and that is what evoked this massive response. Smoke is one of the most talented driver out there and definitely one with the biggest heart when it comes to charity.

He could have used a little better judgment by letting the bonehead go. Newman is desperate and is already feeling the pressure of likelihood of missing the chase. Tony needs to keep his emotions in check and get some good finishes in the coming weeks. He is very capable of getting few wins but at this time he should mostly focus on getting top 5s and staying out of trouble. Few more bad finishes can seriously jeopardize his situation. “Good Luck Smoke!!!”

07/21/2006 10:05 AM

First, before anyone jumps down my throat, let me start by saying I am not downing what Tony did by donating $1 million. I think it’s great and I love the way MANY Nascar drivers donate from their foundations. I wish the word would be spread more so that others could see the great things Nascar drivers are doing. But, if we are going to say that this donation makes Tony classy then don’t forget to call Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, RYAN NEWMAN, Ward Burton….and many more classy because they all have foundations that donate to help people and animals. Also, don’t forget that much of the money the drivers donate comes from people like you and I that contribute to their foundations.

07/21/2006 10:21 AM

Very good point, Kim!

07/22/2006 05:56 AM

Jeff’s analysis of Tony Stewart’s racing with Newman are insightful. As another commentator I read put it, “Stewart’s heart keeps growing while his brain keeps shrinking.”

07/22/2006 07:13 AM

I believe the incident between Newman and Tony was entirely Newman’s fault. Jeff, I agree with you on your first paragraph regarding not knowing which Tony will show up. Doesn’t mean I don’t like him, I think he’s really trying hard to control his emotions and doing pretty well at it, he hasn’t punched out any photographers lately. I love to see him interviewed because he’s one of the few left that will speak his mind, however, I did think his remarks at Daytona came back to bite him. As for the subject line, Tony fans need to grow some thicker skin, being an Earnhardt fan I speak from experience. I think it’s all good isn’t it, to have these discussions and reading the varying opinions :)

07/22/2006 11:19 AM

First of all, if you read the article about this reck on it will say that Stewert said that Newman is a good friend. So where does this Stewert don’t like Newman thing come from. Another thing is that Tony said that he didn’t want to let Newman go by because he didn’t want to try to pass him again when his tires had a couple more laps on them because earlier in the race when Stewert was alot faster than Newman, Newman gave Tony a real hard time getting by. So Tony was not going to give it up easy to him, but he was going to make him work for it. I thank that is fair. I mean these people get paid alot of money just for showing up at the track sometimes and they are professionals and they should know better than to go that fast into a turn with someone on the outside of them. I also thank that Tony has changed alot since 2002 and seems alot calmer. Thank about what he used to do when he would get wrecked by someone in a race and for him know to talk all calm and not really saying really mean things about Ryan. He has changed but everyone in Nascar still has there moments, Every driver gets angery and does something they may regret later. Even so, it is not right to call anyone stupid and with the daytona thing, it is easier to turn to deep into a turn than to accidentally to turn right in an all left turn race. I thank they both should have gave a little, but a car two laps down should not have raced the race leader that hard going into and in a turn. I guess Newman needs some more racing experiance and maybe he will learn a little more, I hope. I know if your not a Tony fan and you are a big other driver fan, than you don’t like Tony, but please don’t call him names and put him down because of it.

07/23/2006 10:12 AM

I think I know what the root of the problem is with Tony the Temper—it’s his sponsor.

Here in overly sunny So. Cal. the mercury has been up around 107 degrees for the past three weeks, and Homie Depot doesn’t turn on the air conditioning for comfort. Employees compalin, customers complain—all fall on deaf ears.

Contrast that with Lowe’s comfortable shopping atmosphere and it’s easy to understand why the parking lot at Homie Depot is nearly empty with plenty of up front parking places.

We have two Homie Depots within two miles of each other that resemble ghost towns while our one Lowe’s is overflowing with customers.

Perhaps Homie Depot has a “Take what we give you and like it” attitude and it’s rubbing off on Tony?

Customers, employees, fans, fellow racers—all the same?

Personally, I prefer employees who aren’t drenched in sweat—and a store that considers my shopping comfort, ergo, I shop elsewhere.
Where have all the profits gone—long time passing?

I wonder if Homie Depot mandates Joe Gibbs Racing work without air conditioning also?

I reckon y’all can show support for Tony by turning your air conditioning off. Just be sure to keep the beer ice cold. Warm beer? Yuck!

Uhhh, would someone help me get off the wall?

There! Another guarter in Jeff’s jar.
Actually, IOU fifty cents Jeff. I read your article twice.

07/23/2006 12:59 PM

WOw! Just watching the race and I couldn’t help but comment here after what I just saw on the race. Looks like “Stewart the Stupid” returns again. I’m glad after so many consecutive incidents that he FINALLY gets black flagged for this!!! It’s a shame it took so long.

07/23/2006 02:30 PM

I agree Kim!
When the Pocono race is over, I want the Tony fans to remind me what a swell driver he is.

Although I expect I’ll hear what a bum Carl Edwards is.

But, MaN!
The boy sure can drive!
No denyin’ that.


Sean Decker
07/24/2006 01:05 PM

Well, lets see here, I’d say Tony just made his chances for the chase a bit more difficult with both Carl Edwards and Clint Boyer going hunting for the Home Depot 20 for next six weeks. If I were either of them and I was presented a chance to mount and stuff Mr. Stewart into a wall and make it look like “just a racin’ deal” I’d be obliged to take him out of the chase just as he did for me.

Oh, and his comment about the 3? Yeah, Earnhardt would have stuffed Stewart into so many walls by now there’d be a shortage of concrete at Home Depot for the rest of season.

If any Stewart fan dares to call Edwards a bum for his statements or actions on Sunday they’ll just prove how low class they really are. I personally feel that if Stewart had to watch a fight from in between Boyer and Edwards, the punishment would have been about right.

Remember that statement I made about Stewart not taking responsiblity for his actions? Well, it’s worse than that. Now, he’s even proud when his stupidity wipes out others and tells us all about how they need to learn to give and take. Where was his patience on Sunday? God, between the ego and the arrogance lies an idiot.

I want to like Tony but everytime I start to feel he’s OK, He turns around and does and says things that are indefensible. I’m left feeling that someone needs to put the 20 car in the wall hard and keep doing it until Tony grows up.

07/26/2006 09:05 PM

Tony’s just warming up for a run for ANOTHER title…go smoke!


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