The Frontstretch: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Is Karma Biting Tony Stewart? by Jeff Meyer -- Friday August 9, 2013

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Ain’t karma a bitch!?

Less than two weeks after’s very own Mike Neff asked Tony Stewart what was deemed to be the ‘Dumbest Question You Can Ask a NASCAR Driver’ by our own staff, Stewart is indeed focusing more on ownership and less on driving. Well, that and healing.

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, Stewart has a badly broken right leg that has already required two surgeries and will not be getting in a race car of any kind for a while, let alone attempting to “…beat your (Mike Neff’s) ass!”

So will Tony Stewart need to get permission from his car owner to race outside of NASCAR in the future and how exactly does that work?

Some sources have reported to BSNews (a subsidiary of, but not necessarily owned by,, that a Tony Stewart action figure, which normal sits defiantly on Neff’s desk at headquarters, is in fact missing a right leg just below the knee.

Emails, phone calls and queries over the top of the cubicle to Neff have gone unanswered but the fact remains that Stewart is indeed “hanging up this silly driving habit” for awhile.

In related news, straight from the “well no sh*t!” file on Jayski

Stewart’s consecutive start streak to end: When #14-Tony Stewart misses this weekend’s race at Watkins Glen, his consecutive race start streak will end at 521. He has never missed a race since making his Cup debut for Joe Gibbs at Daytona in February of 1999. He was third on the current list, behind #24-Jeff Gordon (710) and #31-Jeff Burton (613).


Zipadelli talks about Stewart: Greg Zipadelli, Competition Director, Stewart-Haas Racing discussed #14-Tony Stewart’s condition with the media Wednesday morning. A few notes:
• There currently is no timeline for Stewart’s recovery or return. They will know more after the second surgery is completed;
• The team will “absolutely” need a substitute driver for at least the next 2-3 races;
• They are talking to candidates to fill in, but don’t have a timeline for an announcement; possibly in the next day or so;
• Zipadelli says that as many races as Tony runs the team is lucky that this is the first time they are having to deal with this issue;
• Stewart Haas will evaluate what races Stewart competes in going forward, but there will not necessarily be any changes.
• Stewart’s sponsors: “They’re all disappointed and we understand that.”

Personally, I find the last two quite amusing. It’s not like Stewart has a boss to answer to. I mean, Gene Haas? Seriously? Ask ten NASCAR fans if they even know if Haas is out of prison and I’d bet nine of them wouldn’t have a clue. I know I’m not totally for sure. I think he is but the reality of it is, he’s just a guy that pays to have his name associated with a race team, much like Felix Sabates.

As for the sponsors, what did you think was gonna happen? They’d be overjoyed? I wouldn’t be too worried though. If anyone in the marketing department at Bass Pro Shops has half a brain, I can see some good, if not down-right funny, commercials of Tony fishing coming to fruition in the near future. Maybe even feature Mike Neff in the other end of the boat, asking Tony a stupid question.

That’s what I would do. Just sayin.

Speaking of karma, I started out this years fantasy team with Tony Stewart on my roster. I figured him for a solid pick but his results were quite disappointing. Even so, I left him in the lineup the whole first segment, partly because I know what he is capable of but mostly because, once I set my roster, I’m too damn lazy to go and change it. At the start of the second segment, I dropped Stewart and replaced him with (dang I hate to admit this!) Kurt Busch.

Sure as shootin’, what does Tony do? Starts to actually remember how to drive! For the reasons I’ve already discussed, I never re-added him and have been a bit miffed at his success as of late. Guess I won’t have to worry about that for awhile!

Here’s to hoping Kurt (and Kyle too. Yes that’s right, I have both Busch’ on my team, shocking isn’t it?) can keep drivin’ them wheels off!

Stay off the wall, (good karma usually uses the low line anyway!)

Jeff Meyer

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08/09/2013 07:53 AM

I am not in any way a Stewart fan. Never have been and never will be. Saying that:

Hey Tony! Want to create some real controversy? Since you are going to need someone to fill in for you, after Papis fills in at The Glen, can I make the most controversial suggestion? Put another young lady in your car for Michigan. Yes, I’m talking about the one competing in the Nationwide series, Johanna Long. Just for that race! Given that her (The Girl Next Door) and princess Sparkle Pony will be driving for the same team and have the same quality equipment, we will then see just which female driver is the real talent, and which one is basically a joke! Bet Johanna beats the you-know-what out of her one-race teammate! Heck, for the first time, I would actually cheer for a Chevy driver! (Yes, I would rather push a Ford than drive a Chevy!)

Again, Tony, this is just a suggestion!

08/09/2013 08:35 AM

20 years ago that would have been a GREAT idea. Unfortunately, these days that will NEVER happen because TGND (The Girl Next Door) would not be bringing any $$$$ into the equation – only driving talent, which, as we all know, comes in a distant second these days.

Carl D.
08/09/2013 08:43 AM

No soda cookies for you, Jeff!

I have a Ryan Newman action figure with both legs firmly attached and a James Hinchliffe action figure with three little plastic trophies that I will send to Mike Neff for him to display next to his broken Tony Stewart.

Has anyone already made the joke about Stewart’s season going up in smoke?

08/09/2013 10:03 AM

Man! Guess you went to the “Smoke School of Etiquette”! No cutting him any slack on your end! That said I truly think if the sponsors each want alittle “payback” from Stewart..when he’s back up on his “foot” and able…I think a few fun but new “vintage Stewart” commercials are in order..cast, crutches and all! Stewart is the best at “putting himself out there” in commercials…and his sponsors will get more coverage then even the 48 car!

08/09/2013 11:35 AM

Smoke is not going to kick any ones a##, remember Robbie Gordon a few years ago grabbed him by the shirt collar ?? He’s all mouth !!

08/09/2013 12:11 PM

Im a SMOKEFAN and think some of these coments from suppopesabbly prosports writers are seriously stupid Tony is the best driver alaround than any and could with a brokenleg kick mostanyone of ur a##es

Kevin in SoCal
08/09/2013 12:38 PM

That’s ok Ken, being a ford fan has given you many opportunities to push. :)

Jeff, what karma are you talking about biting Tony Stewart?

08/09/2013 02:40 PM

Nice to see someone keeping it real (I hate that expression). Tony is still a (insert here),regardless of whether his leg is broken. No flowers for him!

Steve K
08/09/2013 05:16 PM

Stewart mouths off to the media about questioning racing in other series. He wrecks in another series. He cannot race because of the injury sustained in that wreck. He will miss the chase because he cant race. That puts Ryan Newman who he just fired in position to make the chase. Karma? Probably. Funny? Definitely.

Jeff Meyer-FS STaff
08/09/2013 05:20 PM

kevin in S Cal., the karma is in the fact that, given his reaction to Mike’s question, Tony is now indeed, not driving!

08/09/2013 05:45 PM

I agree 100 pct. Tonys is not kicking anybodys ass unless its Logano, Kahne, or one of the Busch geeks. Carl Edwards wanted to fight at Pocono and Tony was suddenly a diplomat…great driver just that he is a blowhard


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