The Frontstretch: BSNews! No More Negative NASCAR Stories Allowed by Jeff Meyer -- Friday October 18, 2013

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BSNews! No More Negative NASCAR Stories Allowed

Voices From the Cheap Seats · Jeff Meyer · Friday October 18, 2013


BSNews! has learned that the majority shareholders of, one of the internet’s leading portals into the world of NASCAR, have decided that they will no longer publish articles or commentary that might in some way portray the sport in a negative light.

The popular site, founded back in the ’90s sometime, has grown exponentially over the years and is known for its unabashed reporting, frank commentary and sometimes questionable humor. That, however, is soon to change.

“A lack of storylines is not the problem in NASCAR,” writes Managing Editor, Amy Henderson, in her latest edition of Holding a Pretty Wheel. “Neither is a lack of action on the racetrack. What we had, during the sport’s peak years is still there; it’s just well hidden. Our current problem, instead is that nobody’s telling the tales or sharing the action. And that is, at least in part, because nobody’s listening.”

“There are plenty of stories throughout the NASCAR garage. There’s a champion driver, a future Hall of Famer, whose first Cup race was marred by the death of one of his closest friends. You have two race teams who scrapped and clawed, from the bottom of the sport until someone saw their commitment and realized their value. There’s an owner who pays tribute to his roots every chance he gets. You have a team with just six employees looking for a place — and taking one proudly — amongst the powerhouse teams. These stories and a hundred more are out there, just waiting to be told.”

In that light, stories and commentary that might harm a sport, one that is already on life support compared to peak popularity about ten years ago, will no longer be published following the publishing of this one.

Why did NASCAR give Kansas the Mother’s Day race and move Darlington to April? No one seems to have a good answer…

Specifically targeted will be commentary that may point out such idiotic decisions by NASCAR brass to suddenly change race dates amongst tracks for the 2014 schedule. They’re decisions such as moving the much-hated May race from Darlington to the overwhelming fan favorite, Kansas Speedway.

Kansas Speedway, opened in 2001, has traditionally been one of the hardest tickets for fans to get, especially since construction of a 300 million dollar casino began at the track in 2010. The Hollywood Casino at Kansas Speedway is being developed by Kansas Entertainment, a joint venture of Kansas Speedway Development Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of International Speedway Corporation (ISC), and Penn Hollywood Kansas, Inc., a subsidiary of Penn National Gaming Inc. ISC is owner of over half of the tracks that NASCAR runs at and, like NASCAR, is owned/controlled by the France family.

Anticipating the opening of the casino in 2012, NASCAR/ISC awarded the track a second race date in 2011, specifically to allow more fans the opportunity to attend a race there and experience the thrill of seeing an event at one of NASCAR’s most historic tracks. commentators will no longer be allowed to report or point out the irony of the fact that while tickets for the 2014 May Darlington date have been on sale for months, NASCAR Senior Vice President of Racing Operations Steve O’Donnell held a news conference and stated that, “One thing to keep in mind, though, is with each of the tracks, if we constantly are shifting dates, it becomes more and more of a challenge for each track. Our fans like some of the familiarity. We want to balance that.” That was in response to a question about even more possible date/track changes in 2015.

“I think we do look at that every year,” he said. “We’re certainly aware of it. We’re also very aware of fans at tracks who are happy with the dates they have and have made plans years in advance from a camping standpoint to attend certain dates.”

What a shame. No longer will writers be able to express their outrage or downright contempt for a sport that manipulates the outcome of their races with such predictability, calling so-called “debris” cautions that it makes what MWR did at Richmond look petty.

Nope! All of that is in the past! From now on it’s strictly going to be fun, uplifting, feel-good fluff!

The Marketing and Site Data Tracking departments at have confirmed what Amy Henderson said; that indeed, “Our current problem, instead is that nobody’s telling the tales or sharing the action. And that is, at least in part, because nobody’s listening.”

Nobody may be listening but with’s new direction, they’re gonna keep talking anyway and may even save the sport!

BSNews! Your first thought is our first name!

P.S. — Breaking News!

This just in… a source close to being full of it has reported that BSNews! has just offered a huge contract to famed internet journalist Mike Mulhern of to be the premier reporter at BSNews!

“We’ve read his stuff for many years and have always wished we would someday be in a position to add him to our staff,” said the unnamed source. “We have always felt that his style and content was the perfect fit for us.”

Mike Mulhern, surprisingly, has not commented on the deal.

Stay off the wall,

Jeff Meyer

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Robert Eastman
10/18/2013 10:41 AM

It’s great news that NASCAR was able to Con Fox and NBC into BIG DOLLAR long-term TV contracts!
Promoters no longer have to worry about selling overpriced tickets just to make a buck. Because of smaller crowds, fans will be able to sit anywhere they want without being hassled. Breezing in and out of tracks without traffic jams will be sheer joy. Fewer people showing up for race-weekends means motel vacancies will skyrocket and room-rates will plunge! Everything will be heavenly in the NASCAR-World!
Will someone please let me know when this fantasy becomes reality?

10/18/2013 11:34 AM

Is Pete Pistone gonna start writing a column here now? Good thing Matt retired.

10/18/2013 11:56 AM

Is it April 1st already?

10/18/2013 12:04 PM

Jeff, I certainly hope this is another one of your“tongue in cheek “blogs!! I am too old for all the change that is going on in my NASCAR!!’ I could always count on Frontstretch to tell it like it is!‘mmmm tell me isn’t true? You can’t become like all the other writers !!!!!!!!!(

The Mad Man
10/18/2013 12:37 PM

If you write an article critical on NASCRAP, they’ll take away your birthday and cancel Christmas under the “actions detrimental to Faux King Brian’s ego” clause. You’ll be penalized 100 owner & driver point and fined 10 cases of Dewar’s Scotch.

48 Fan
10/18/2013 12:52 PM

GOOD BYE Frontstretch!!!!! Just one more drinking the brian farce coolaid.

Jeff Meyer-FS STaff
10/18/2013 05:10 PM

LOL Only a JJ fan…..

10/18/2013 05:10 PM

Cough! COUGH!!!
Jeff Meyer for President 2016… with BS like that you’d be a shoe in!

Jerry Smith
10/19/2013 08:58 AM

It’s about damn time y’all got of NASCAR’s back. Now if we could only get to stop bashing apple pies…


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