The Frontstretch: Voices From the Cheap Seats: Writing on the Wall Predicts the End by Jeff Meyer -- Friday November 22, 2013

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As I was perusing the myriad of racing articles on the net this week, in search of something to write about, other than the fact that no one really seems to care that Jimmie Johnson has won yet another fake Cup title, I came upon a few articles from USA Today that highlighted the stupidity and the future of the sport once known as stock car racing.

The first was about how the President of Richmond International Raceway, Dennis Bickmeier, was afraid of how he would be accepted at Homestead, seeing as how it was the first NASCAR event he’d attended since the infamous MWR scandal at RIR in September.

Jeff Meyer has no idea why Richmond track president would feel he bears any responsibility for the actions of Michael Waltrip Racing.

“There are people who say any publicity is good publicity and our name continues to be out there, but then I also get concerned when I see the words associated in print: ‘Richmond’ and ‘scandal,’” he told USA TODAY Sports. “For people who don’t understand the whole story, I guess that could go either way.”

He goes on to say that he received many calls from angry fans, basically blaming the track for the whole scandal how he spent hours calling and reassuring approximately 36 fans that, “there, there, Everything’s gonna be ok!”

“We had a few of those say, ‘Hey, I’m not coming back (next year),’” he said. “But for the most part, people just wanted their voices to be heard. In general, I think they were disappointed and just wanted to hear someone say they understood.”

Ok, first of all, how dense do you gotta be to be a president of a major race track? Why, for the love of Bob, would you be worried about obvious idiots, as illustrated by the fact that they would even have the notion in the first place, that the TRACK had anything to do with what Michael Waltrip Racing orchestrated during the race!?

I mean, the answer is right there in his first statement; ‘”For people who don’t understand the whole story, I guess that could go either way.“’ Supposed ‘race fans’ “who don’t understand the whole story” are not worth the bother of worrying about! If they had any intelligence at all, they would not be blaming the track! Who cares if people that stupid don’t come back!

And why would Bickmeier worry about how he would be accepted by people in the garage? People that DO understand what took place. Please tell me that not all the people who have any kind of status at all in the upper levels of this sport have this kind of inferiority complex, not to mention not being able to tell an idiot from an intelligent fan! Shucks, if I worried about every little ‘obvious idiot’ that wrote to me or commented on my articles, I’d have been curled up in the fetal position and sobbing for years now!

As for the end or, as the people who unfortunately run this sport call it, the future, I strongly suggest you check out two other USA Today articles, the first titled; NASCAR Has Plan to Build an International Presence and the second, even more scary; In Ten years, Brian France has Revamped NASCAR

If those two articles don’t get a true race fan’s blood boiling, you must be one of the ones refusing to return to Richmond!

Until we meet again next year, I wish you all, a very very happy Holiday Season (yes, that includes a Merry CHRISTmas!) and I urge and implore you to…

Stay off the wall!

Jeff Meyer

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phil h
11/22/2013 03:08 AM

why was USA Today even interviewing him?

apparently he felt or feels he is very relevant to the sport of Nascar.

and you know how American people of today are all about their sports anyway! the more scandalous, the better!!

unfortunately, that seems to be the norm of the day!

MWR? what can you say? Buffy put Michael’s ass out on the streets years ago.

must have been spending too many night out in a drunken stupor with boss man B. France?

phil h
11/22/2013 03:22 AM

I checked out the other two articles you eluded to.

The man has totally lost his fricken mind (B. France), unbelievable!

He seeks a IASCAR …International Stock Car Auto Racing.

This man is truely the anti-christ to racing!!

listen people, I think you may as well just go out and support your local speedways, because France has completely gone nutso!!!

France Sr and Jr have probably rolled at least 100 Daytona 500’s in their graves.

11/22/2013 10:04 AM

Right now everybody in Nascar is making incredible money and until that stops nobody will rock the boat. The same thing is going on in Golf, with everybody kissing Tiger’s fanny because he brings everyone so much money.

Once the money starts drying up a little, especially if there aren’t enough teams to make a complete field, then there may be some chatter.

Like all sports, Nascar is entertainment. This is why Dillon is on his way up to the bigs and why Danica is in. Keep the people spending their money on Nascar in whatever way you can. Keep the sponsors happy.

11/22/2013 01:32 PM

BZF hasn’t gone nuts, he’s been that way from the get go. He’s great at bringing in money but doesn’t seem to care at all about keeping the fans interested & happy or about the actual racing. So long as they keep getting big money from TV contracts & the official “whatever” of NASCAR sponsors, he doesn’t need to care.

I agree that NASCAR is entertainment, but it used to be entertaining racing. BZF revamped it all right – Now we have what Tony always called the WWE on wheels and he isn’t wrong. Now there are more casual fans including a lot of people who used to be diehard. Fans are blaming the track? Wow, well that is certainly strange but then again, who knows these days. IMO it was all MWR.

11/22/2013 01:48 PM

Blaming the owner of the racetrack is nuts, and why should that man care? Anybody calling him and complaining is stupid and bat sheet crazy. They have no idea what racing is, what has been going on every Sunday since the beginning. Nascar by their insipid actions have made the situation insanely worse. Brian and company are idiots. The whole thing was a joke and I don’t mean what happened with MWR.


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