The Frontstretch: BSNews : Brian France Expands Chase by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday August 9, 2006

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BSNews : Brian France Expands Chase

Voices From The Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday August 9, 2006


(BSNews, 8/9/06 – Daytona, FL) NASCAR CEO Brian France announced today that previously proposed changes to “The Chase,” the way in which the Cup series champion is determined, have been finalized.

In its current form, the Top 10 drivers in points and any drivers within 400 points of the leader after the first 26 races of the season are eligible to compete for the championship over the remaining ten races. Beginning with the 27th race, those 10(+) drivers have their points reset to within 5 points from each other, effectively making the 10th place man 45 points behind the leader.

“We said all along when we instituted the current format that we may tweak it a bit down the road,” said France at a news conference held on the lawn of his double-wide mansion. “I am here today to announce that those plans are now finalized, and will be implemented at the start of the 2007 season.”

A handout to the media at the beginning of the event explained the changes:

After 26 regular season races, the Top 42 teams in the points standings will be deemed eligible to compete for the Championship. In addition to those Top 42, any teams that are within 5000 points of the current leader after 26 races are also eligible.

At the start of the 27th race, all eligible teams will have their points reset to zero, with the exception of teams whose rosters, after being surveyed, are found to vote primarily Democratic. Those teams will be given 5 extra points for every two Democrats currently on their roster.

"This new format will best meet our sponsors and our fans needs and will insure the continued growth of the profits that drive NASCAR," said France. "The format will make sure that any company that can afford to sponsor one of my, excuse me, OUR teams will be given the maximum exposure throughout the year, right to the final show at Homestead."

“It will also give the fans the opportunity to see more of the products that officially sponsor the sanctioning body of their favorite sport, through more trendy advertisement and infomercials that will be incorporated into the entertainment broadcasts. I…WE here at NASCAR truly believe that this will best suit both our advertisers and our fans. The sponsors will have their car in the hunt at the end, and the fans will be able to see so many more products that those sponsors have to offer."

Analysts along New York City's Madison Avenue, the Wall Street of advertising, have said that it now costs more for a company to attempt to contact NASCAR to even inquire about a possible sponsorship than it does to buy a whole minute of advertisement time during the NFL's Super Bowl.

When asked about those reports, France said, “Our goal all along has been to beat the NFL in network ratings and popularity. If that isn't proof we’ve done it, I don't know what is!”

In an unrelated story, it is reported that Brian France recently closed a secret deal to buy the Nielsen Ratings outright. Word in the industry says that a grand show the likes of which viewers have never seen will accompany the public announcement of the deal. Industry experts are predicting record ratings.

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Marion Shaw
08/10/2006 05:14 AM


08/10/2006 06:10 AM

Very nice Jeff. Very nice.

That was a great way to start off the day.

5 bonus points per Democrat. Funny stuff.

08/10/2006 08:29 AM

good grief, you would almost think that somebody has it in for poor old Brian France.

I mean just because he took a sport that most of us have followed since the 50’s and made it into a stage managed, clean sterile ad for whomsoever gives them more money should be no reason to be upset.
Curtis Turner and Smokey Yunik are most likely turning 10,000 rpm in their graves.

08/10/2006 01:02 PM

You’re killin’ me.

08/10/2006 02:25 PM

Love it Jeff..Good stuff. I’m surpised that Brian and the NASCAR gang haven’t added one lottery position for any of the other teams to get into the chase. “And the Lucky-Dog Lottery, 11th position for the Chase goes to Morgan Sheperd’s team!” Even though I joke about it I_really could see them adding something this absurd…(If they do I really want Morgan to get it..and let Dick Trickle drive..;-))

08/10/2006 02:27 PM

Great shot Jeff, you got him daid center. Nate AMEN!!!

08/12/2006 08:56 AM

Gee, yet another “I hate Nascar” article. what a shock! Or another “Nascar is out to kill the sport” article. Havent read any of these before!

People are making a bigger deal about the Chase than really needs be. Lookie here, last year if 43 cars did make the Chase and the cutoff was 5,000 points, guess what? The Champion would still have been Tony Stewart.

Funny how that works, isnt it?

I have a simpliar solution for all of you who apparently cant stomach Nascar anymore because of the Chase. Dont watch!

If any other sport had an “Old Point System” like Nascar did, the Yankees would be World Champions ever year & Peyton Manning and the Colts would be 5 time Champs by now because isnt that what the old point system rewarded? Consistency?

Give it a rest guys. Some of you who continually whine about Nascar are starting to wear thin on the rest of us. Isnt there anything positive you can write about without taking these silly jabs at Nascar every chance you get?

Now the Champion in nascar has to earn it down the stretch. I embrace the idea. You can have your old “Big Picture” points system, this fan likes the post season that Nascar has created. Its about time actually.



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