The Frontstretch: Top Ten Best Things About NASCAR by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday August 15, 2006

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Top Ten Best Things About NASCAR

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Tuesday August 15, 2006


Author's note: In an effort to appease the hundreds of fans who have written in (OK, I lied! All 3 of them!) to complain that we, as the media, never write any thing positive about NASCAR, this list is for them!

10. Even though the race may start at 3, you can tune in at Noon to see all the glitz and glamour that makes NASCAR so exciting.

9. The secure feeling you get when you realize that NASCAR has only your safety and best interest in mind when they don't allow carry in coolers at ISC tracks.

8. Sunny southern California is now an option for your Labor Day vacation, all without missing a race! (Featuring the best shopping of any racetrack!)

7. Knowing that the little extra you pay when you purchase any product that bears the NASCAR logo is well worth it.

6. The smugness you feel when the Charger, Monte Carlo or Fusion you purchased on Monday is the exact same vehicle that won on Sunday.

5. Even if you cannot attend the race in person, the television coverage is second to none. (And you may even see a new product to buy that bears the NASCAR logo!)

4. Any sport that has a 100 page rule book guarantees that all teams and competitors will be treated fairly and equally.

3. You never have to worry that your favorite driver will be traded to a team you don't like and you have to repurchase your whole wardrobe.

2. Finally, the "red-neck" stereotype has been removed from NASCAR!

1. Under Brian France's brilliant guidance, NASCAR has been transformed from a sport to The Best Damn Entertainment Show, Period!

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08/16/2006 05:03 AM


Jo Ann
08/16/2006 05:49 AM

good laugh with my coffee jeff

M. B. Voelker
08/16/2006 06:02 AM

What’s not funny about this is the number of fans and journalists who can’t stop griping long enought to realize that though, like all things on this imperfect earth, Nascar has its flaws it is still the best there is in sports.

08/16/2006 07:37 AM

that was a great way to start my day. i needed a good laugh. LOL

08/16/2006 08:40 AM

Excellent # 6 is why the new name of the governing body should be: National Association of SLOT cars.

Ricky Bobby
08/16/2006 11:38 AM

And under the guidance of NBC/TNT, Nascar has become the sport in which races are rarely seen by fans not attending the race….because…well, excuse me, we need to slip away for another commercial break.

Mike Daly
08/16/2006 11:48 AM

Here’s one more –
56 lead changes at Talladega – that is by far the best thing about NASCAR.

Sean Berry
08/16/2006 01:25 PM

Why is the redneck stereo type being removed a good thing? You should never forget your roots and who brought you to the dance. I am proud of my southern roots and traditions, you act like I should be ashamed of them.

Dot Jones
08/16/2006 02:03 PM

Hi Jeff:
Regarding #9, LVMS owned by SMI doesn’t allow coolers either.

J. Meyer
08/16/2006 02:43 PM

Good to hear from you again Dot! Thanks for raining on my parade! Can’t you just play along!? (wink, wink)
But seriously folks, all I know is that the day they stop allowing carry in at Bristol, is the last time I go!

08/16/2006 03:25 PM

NASCAR my patootie. In spite of all the changes in the rules according to the Rubber Rule Book, when you compare a cup or busch race to formula one where a miracle has to happen before somebody gets passed or IRL or Indy or whatever they call that brand this month, you realize that in spite of what they have done to the game, it is still the best racing you can watch. Heaven forbid that they eliminate the 5 stud wheels and the carburettors and all the good old fashioned stuff that makes pit stops and racing interesting. The car of the future will hopefully get rid of all this aero crap and then you will see who the real drivers are. I wonder if any of you remember Harry Gant winning in a car that looked like it had run a demolition derby not that many years ago. It took cojones to drive a Cup car and it took nerves of steel because the yellow flag was used sparingly.
I don’t say that I like everything about how the sport is micro managed and how it seems that the rules are bent to suit management, but again this is still the best damn auto racing around and after watching this sport since 1952 I could call myself an authority. See you at Michigan, cause I am putting my money where my mouth is at. And yes I am spending Canadian mini bucks to do this and do it with a smile.

08/16/2006 08:09 PM

In response to the authors response #10.

If you stop going, will you stop writing this crap as well?

It must SUCK being a miserable fan of the greatest sport on earth.

Go [complain] about golf Jeff, thats more your speed…..



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