The Frontstretch: Top Ten Reasons Tony Stewart Did Not Make The Chase by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday September 12, 2006

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Top Ten Reasons Tony Stewart Did Not Make The Chase

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Tuesday September 12, 2006


10. A slight miscalculation by team staff on the “driver weight vs. horsepower” ratio for the back-up car.

9. Been there, done that; didn't want to relive the demanding schedule that being the reigning Champion entails.

8. Put off redecorating his master bedroom one too many weeks.

7. Poor scheduling of the annual “Joe Gibbs Racing Prank Race,” when the No. 18 team has been known to secretly switch cars with the No. 20.

6. Wanted to make sure someone else got their turn at beating Jimmie Johnson for the championship.

5. Found out the Top Ten guys were going to be on the Late Show with David Letterman, and wanted to be on the Tonight Show with Leno instead.

4. Team orders: Back off so Denny has a chance.

3. Thought the "Past Champion’s Provisional" meant he was already in.

2. After having so much fun last year trash talking with Biffle and Edwards, the three decided to do it again, but this time for 11th.

1. No one fully explained to Tony that “back-up car” was just an expression.

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Raoul Duke
09/13/2006 02:55 AM

Dang shame Tony missed the Chase this year. Oh well, Eldora is going to get a lot of attention this off season.

Smoke will be back after championship #3 next year. Even with those ridiculous new cars.

09/13/2006 08:46 AM

Maybe missing the chase was instant karma for purposly wrecking Sterling just so he could stay on the lead lap.

Ron Schlaeger
09/13/2006 10:50 AM

Stewart missed the Chase by sixteen points and he could have had those sixteen points easily if he would have stuck to racing instead of paybacks. What happened to Stewart? Karma is right. Didn’t he say that if he doesn’t make the chase this year he deserves to be fired? More hypocrisy from the Chubby Little Guy.

09/13/2006 11:40 AM

I guess those young drivers who he says need to learn how to race heard him.
Maybe he will learn he’s there to race, not hit everything that upsets him

Cobra Girl
09/13/2006 02:17 PM

Hey Tony, ever watch “My Name is Earl”????

09/13/2006 02:18 PM

Please explain how Tony hitting other drivers caused him to miss the Chase? Because when he hit matt he finished 5th then when he hit Clint he finished 7th. Tony losing his temper was not the reason he missed the Chase.

Just a fan
09/13/2006 04:12 PM

Well how many points would could he have made up in just daytona or Pocono alone if he would have say, won?

So Tony, how does it feel to have Karma come back and bite you in the ***???

I am glad he didn’t get in…maybe that popped the bubble in his head, but then again i doubt it.

09/13/2006 09:19 PM

LOL…...Jeff ! !

I luv # 8…..wonder if he’ll do my room when he’s done…...I’m thinking Purple/Green w/Gold racing stripes…....

09/13/2006 10:40 PM

Best part of Tony mising the chase, JG got in. No the best part is Tony didn’t get in, what a butthead. A great driver, but one who doesn’t practice what he preaches. Talks about someone going to get killed and goes out and trys to wreck everyone else, and it’s never his fault.

09/14/2006 07:11 PM

All this drivel about “karma” is ridiculous. Circumstances just didn’t go Tony’s way this season, so he’s out just like Jeff and Jr. were last year. They didn’t end up that way because of karma. Mark Martin didn’t come up short in all of his close championship runs because of karma. Believe it or not, fans, the universe—and the force of “karma”—doesn’t revolve around the sport of Nascar.

judy kay albright
09/18/2006 07:10 AM

Gee-whizzz, you all think one driver is better then next one. i’m a tony fan, but i don’t go around calling the other drivers names or putting them down when they make a misstake. I didn’t like what happen last year have the chase without Jr and Jeff. I don’t like it this year without Tony. I don’t like this whole new set up. I feel it should of stayed the other way. Drivers work so hard in the first 26 races to get to the top and then they just take all their points away. some drivers are good in the beginning and some at the ending. I feel the ones whit a slow beginning, they don’t really have a chance to be in the chase. just my two cents worts, which some might think it’s not wort anything.

09/19/2006 07:28 PM

Tony didn’t get in because Tony didn’t race well enough to get in, period. It was just not that great a year for Tony.

Tony has 2 championships and nothing to hang his head about. He is a great racer.

I go out on a limb and make a prediction, 15 years from now, we look back, and Tony Stewart is the heir apparent to the NASCAR “throne” that was vacated in the death of Dale Earnhardt. He runs great, got a Championship early in his career, went through some rough years, and then will be a powerhouse every year. Just a thought and only time will tell.


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