The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: If only MY Dad had got me that go-cart I wanted… by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday June 22, 2005

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(Feb. 4, 2002)

Dear Mom and Dad,

Greetings from Mooresville, North Carolina!

Things are really going great. Far beyond my wildest dreams in fact! Today I signed a contract to drive for RYR (Robert Yates Racing) and you’ll never guess how much they want to pay me just to drive a race-car! Below are the details. Please look it over and let me know if I done good.

The contract is for the 2002-04 seasons, with RYR having an option to extend through 2006. For starters, while driving in the Busch series this year, they will pay me $100,000! Next year, I will get a raise to $150,000! By 2004, I will be making $225,000!! Can you believe it!?! But wait, it gets better!

If things go really well this year and next, and Robert decides to move me up to the Cup series in 2004, my pay won’t be $225,000 but $700,000!!! Can you believe that?! Seven hundred thousand dollars (looks way cool spelling it out!) for my ROOKIE season! My second year in Cup, it will increase to $850,000. By the third year, I will be making a cool MILLION a year!!!! These are just my BASE salaries! There is MORE.

I also get to keep 35% of any winnings (minus bonuses for the team). If I finish in the top 3, my cut jumps up to 50%! In addition to that, I get 35% of ‘season ending’ monies, based on the drivers points standings. If I should happen to end up in the top 3 at the end of the year, again, my cut jumps to 50%! I never dreamed I would be making this much money at my age! It is still hard for me to grasp!

The rest of the contract deals with a lot of legal crap, saying basically that I can’t tell anyone what I just told you, but hey, you are my folks and I figure parents are an exception. Just don’t tell anyone else, ‘specially my friends! I want to surprise them.

The only down side to the whole thing is that I will have to drive a Ford, and we all know that I’d rather be driving a Dodge! (Old Uncle Ed is ‘prolly rolling over in his grave at the thought of a Kahne driving a Ford!) Heck, for this kind of money, I’d drive a Hyundai if they wanted me too!

Well, I ‘spose I should go for now. It has been a pretty hectic day and I’m kinda tired. Before I go though, I want to say Thanks Dad! For buying me that go-cart I whined so much about when I was little! Who’d have thought it would ever lead to this!?

All my love, (and I’ll try to stay off the wall like Dad taught me!)

-(Jeff Meyer wishing he was the one signing his name here…)

But NOOOO, loyal reader! I can’t sign my name there cause my Dad never bought me a go-cart! (I still love him though. Come to think of it, I did have a Big Wheel…)

Those were the details of Kasey Kahne’s original contract with Robert Yates Racing before he did get his wish to drive a Dodge (much to the late, fictional Uncle Ed’s relief) for Ray Evernham.

I just found it interesting what these young kids are pulling down these days, and thought you might too. Hard to imagine isn’t it? In the meantime, go out and buy your kid that go-cart he/she wants and at least give them a chance to…

Stay off the wall!


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