The Frontstretch: Harvick Aces Crucial Test by Jeff Meyer -- Wednesday November 8, 2006

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Harvick Aces Crucial Test

Voices From The Heartland · Jeff Meyer · Wednesday November 8, 2006


People have been waiting for it all year. The non-Harvick fans, the media, even the Childress camp wondered if and when it would happen. When would “Happy Harvick” suddenly snap and become “Hothead Harvick?”

Well, folks, I must say, if there wasn't a meltdown last Sunday… don't hold your breath for the rest of the year. Kevin Harvick is as sensible as they come.

Of course, as always, there are two ways to look at Kevin's response to the antics after last Sunday's race that resulted in Kevin and his wife being knocked to the ground by a member of the No. 10 team. (Ok, now that I think about it, make that three ways to look at it…) First, there's the prideful Kevin Harvick way. Second is the No. 29, we're in the Chase way, and third is the DeLana Harvick, "They knocked your wife to the ground, ain't you going to do something about it?" way.

Before I proceed, I must confess that while I have not always thought of Kevin as someone I would always root for, even though he and I are very similar personality wise. While I often do things that I know I shouldn't do in the heat of the moment, I am apt to do them anyway. Luckily, I am also a very forgiving person, and I usually have forgiven myself by the next day. Sometimes, I even amaze myself by displaying remarkable amounts of self-restraint, which is a good thing if you want to stay out of jail, considering the sheer numbers of just plain stupid people that are running amok nowadays.

If I were in Harvick's shoes last Sunday, the first thing that would have crossed my mind would have been that someone is going to get their ass kicked! It doesn't matter their size or the numbers… we are going to fight! You cannot convince me that Kevin didn't feel the same way. That's way #1 to look at this : the “prideful” Kevin.

Sometimes, as probably was the case in this particular incident, there are lots of people around to break up a situation before such a “prideful” being can get his/her can opener out of whichever pocket it is kept in. When this happens, the offended usually switches to the “big picture” mode, noting the fact that he/she is being held back by 3 or 4 sets of arms, and informs the “offendee” that they are in fact one lucky SOB that these people holding him won't let go long enough for him to fully make use of such a can opener. In this case, that would be the men who make up No. 29… Team “Harvick.”

“Kevin is a hothead, but he actually did good…he went in there and talked and didn’t even confront the individual,” said Mike Dillon, RCR's director of Operations.

Well, Dillon was near the Harvicks when the incident took place, and was one of those multiple sets of “arms” that restrained Kevin from confronting the No. 10 team further, convincing him to head to the NASCAR hauler instead.

The third, and what I will call the DeLana way to look at it, is pretty simple. And I quote… “You knocked my wife down, now I HAVE to kick your ass or she will never let me live it down, blah blah blah…If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy…my wife's honor…” and so on and so forth.

Now if Kevin is like me and I think he is, the DeLana outlook is a happy byproduct of the first two ways to take this incident. First and foremost, I want to fight! Second… “Man, you are lucky these guys are here to save your sorry butt cause if they let me go, you are toast!” As an afterthought… “Honey, I was going to whoop all of em but they were holding me back! You seen me! Push MY wife to the ground…you're dead meat! Why, there must've been eight guys holding me off ‘em!”

At any rate, whatever happened, Kevin Harvick has come out of it smelling like a rose. Even if it is a rose that smells like it just spent 500 miles in a race car, it is not what most people expected out of Kevin Harvick.

My hat is off to you, Mr. Harvick. Job well done.

Stay off the wall,


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11/09/2006 04:07 AM

I see “way” number four Jeff.

DeLana tells hubby Kevin, “Don’t even THINK about taking that dude’s head off,........he’s MINE! I’ll deal with him…......later”.

If I had the choice of dealing with Kevin or his lovely wife, DeLana,.......I’m thinking Kevin would be my choice.

11/09/2006 04:20 AM

Harvick has grown up, as did Stewart a few years ago. Hopefully Valvoline Riggs crew is next. Vroom!

peter zucco
11/09/2006 07:00 AM

Sure the Riggs crew was very wrong in what they did. The person should pay a huge fine and go to anger management class. What is forgotten here though is what Harvick did on the track. That was a huge wreck the Scott Riggs was in and if you really look at it it was intentional by Harvick. He could have back off of him and just pass him shortly. But instead he looked like Gordon when he hit Kenseth. Harvick should be penelized for rough driving

11/09/2006 06:43 PM

Harvick is a darned good driver, and what does a darned good driver do at crunch time. He tightens the belts and lets it rip. Riggs had already wrecked about 6 times, he just didn’t hit anything. He had an aero loose car, Harvick never touched him. If Riggs couldn’t handle the car, maybe he should have gotten out of the way instead of Harvick backing off, instead of making Kevin an outlaw, look at the other side also

11/09/2006 07:37 PM

why didn’t someone check the front of harvicks car for dents or paint?? no proof? shut up!!!!!

11/09/2006 07:59 PM

It was the end of the race, you know go time, and the 29 was better at that point. He would not have been able to get close enough to get the 10 loose if his car did not handle better.

11/10/2006 05:47 PM

In answer to Zucco, you don’t back off and expect to gain any positions.


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