The Frontstretch: Top Ten NASCAR Related Things More Ridiculous Than "Hillary for President" by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday January 30, 2007

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Top Ten NASCAR Related Things More Ridiculous Than "Hillary for President"

Frontstretch Top Ten · Jeff Meyer · Tuesday January 30, 2007


Editor’s Note : He’s baack! Catch Jeff Meyer’s Republican rusings on the Frontstretch Top Ten every other week, with Democrats Kim DeHaven and Amy Henderson keeping things balanced the weeks Jeff takes a breather.

10. A Clinton / France campaign for President in '08.

9. "The Chase has been successful because it has done what it was designed to do," France said. "It has reenergized our sport. And now, a good thing is about to get better. We have done that, and we feel like the sport - and the sport's fans - will benefit."

8. The debut the Car of Tomorrow at Bristol.

7. The Car Of Tomorrow in general.

6. "The adjustments taken today put a greater emphasis on winning races," said NASCAR Chairman and CEO Brian France. "Winning is what this sport is all about. We want our sport - especially during the Chase - to be more about winning."

The adjustment? 5 more points for a win and a “seeding system” for the final ten races. "That wetness you feel down your back is rain! Honest!"

5. NASCAR pretending nothing is wrong with "Buschwhackers."

4. Remember Marty Smith? Bill Weber?

3. The continued insistence that a second date in Fontana will someday sell out. (Or the first one, for that matter.)

2. That the “Busch Series” is suddenly worth twice what Busch was paying to sponsor it. (30 million vs. 15 million)

1. Johnny Sauter in a full-time Cup ride!

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01/31/2007 09:59 AM

Both races in fontana sold out in 2004.
Prior to the Inagural race (1997) and up through 2003 the California speedway sold out at least a month before the race. Some of the idiots in the media can’t remember back that far. I think you need to change #1 to “Dale Jr. might Leave DEI”..because he ain’t gonna do that. When Kevin Harvick’s carrer at Childress was on the line talks of Jr. going to Drive the #3 for childress sparked up, and Jr responded by saying “I don’t want to leave DEI until I win a championship”. Many people in the media can’t remember back two years…idiots. As for CA, this is a new market, saturated with football and soccer fans, but I see it everyday, thousands of cars on our stopped freeways with NASCAR decals in their windows. The California Speedway will be up to snuff someday soon, as NASCAR takes over the top spot for spectator sports in America. Stop ragging on Southern California’s only speedway when ATLANTA doesn’t sell out either of their races.

01/31/2007 01:25 PM

Quit bashing California Speedway. The racing is excellent, and more people to go that race than to Rockingham and Darlington combined!

Ron Schlaeger
01/31/2007 03:27 PM

As a former “Season Ticket” holder of five years, I feel obligated to comment about the MESS that is California Speedway. They ran out of water when the temp was over 100, the parking is a mess, customer service is nonexistent, the train to the track is filled with drunks and the bathrooms don’t work. That’s just the amenities for fans. The racing is BORING! The race invariably turns into a gas mileage contest. The sun is in the driver’s eyes half way through the race during Labor Day. Up to snuff someday? THIS IS THE ELEVENTH YEAR THIS PLACE IS HAVING RACES! For the first few years I had to buy tickets to a CART race to see the Nascar race. They sold out in 2004 but that was five races ago. They made the most of their opportunity to fool twice as many fans when they started having two races a year at this place. One race at California Speedway is enough to suffer through. Adding the second race was just plain stupid. It isn’t going out on much of a limb to predict that neither race will sell out this year. The California Speedway sent me a survey last year and among the questions they asked me was what they could do to get me back to their track. I told them the same thing I’m going to tell you, “I won’t go back to that place if you give me free tickets to every race until the end of time and paid me to be there.” I have been to races in Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Bristol, Martinsville, Richmond, Daytona, Talladega, Charlotte, Rockingham, Darlington and dozens of small tracks but the worst racing experience I’ve ever had, sad to say, was right in my backyard at the California Speedway.

01/31/2007 06:59 PM

“As for CA, this is a new market, saturated with football and soccer fans,” —- Is this why LA can’t keep a NFL Team??? 2003-2007 NASCAR SUCKS!!! Bring back our REAL NASCAR!!!

01/31/2007 08:13 PM

There is nothing more rediculous than ‘Hillary for President’ !!!!

02/04/2007 11:38 AM

California Raceway’s good points;
The parking is free.
And you get what you pay for.

Perhaps the Brian should charge for parking and the race should be free.

And when “parking” is mentioned, they ought to be more specific. Normaly, one would think it would pertain to a lot, ie: “parking lot”, —- if so, California Motor Speedway’s “parking lot” is massive. Now-A-Daze, that term includes Interstate 10, Interstate 15, Highway 60, and every side street, on race day. All ahead full crawl. Pedestrains cover the distance faster than a driven car can.

The best thing that could be done at this point is to set up porta-pottys every 1/4 mile so the “parkers” can releive themselves several times before arriving. Bushes are few and far between.
Don’t worry about the line of cars moving too far. More like a car length or two after a lenghty stay.

Come early —— Stay late.
It’s California!
Land-O’-Fruits and Nutz, they say.

I say, plow up the infield and plant crops. Agriculture.
I hear that industry is growing.


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