The Frontstretch: Top Ten Ways to Improve the Car Of Tomorrow To Make Both Fans AND Drivers Happy by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday March 27, 2007

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10. Put Hoosiers on it.

9. Let Motorola and AT&T sponsor one.

8. If you're gonna have a wing, put one on it like the old “SuperBird.”

7. Just to SEE one with a 55 on it in a race would make ONE driver happy…eh, no use living in a fantasy world.

6. Call it what it is: a lead sled with rounded skis.

5. Use them for crash tests at NASCAR's new R&D center.

4. Remove the splitter, replace the wing with a spoiler, put the current bodies back on, and call it a “stock car!”

3. Let Gunny from “Mail Call” or Adam and Jamie from “Myth Busters” play with them.

2. Hold all the races at Bristol until they finally run out of the darn things.

1. Put Brian France in the cockpit, blindfolded, and send him out for a long test session on a short pier.

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03/28/2007 08:14 AM


03/28/2007 09:58 AM

The COT:

Why would you let a “Former Owner/Driver” and a “Former CrewChief” design the next big thing in Stock Car Racing. It was supposed to be NA$CARs flagship vehicle, why not let the people that race them and build them design it. The fact is the folks that mandate them do not have to build, finance, or drive them so we have what we have.

If NA$CAR wanted parity IROC has some inventory to spare. The safety issue is more lip service then anything. 4 drivers(Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Jr., Tony Roper, and Dale Earnhardt Sr.) had to die from the same injury within a years time before NA$CAR stepped up with a mandate for a Head and Neck Restraint and only after Earnhardt died did it happen. Was it the loss of Dale or Dollars from fans that made them react.(Sorry for my coarse comment but it needs to be considered)

If they provided the cars they could fix every race, completely dictate sponsorship issues, and save the teams enormous amounts of money.

Do you think we would have the COT, the Chase, or much of this other BS if we had more Drivers and Team owners speaking out against it. Notice this all came about after Big “E“s demise (While not a Fan, the guy had a following and pull that kept Daytona on it’s toes!)and continues to make long term fans look and long for a glimmer of the old days.

Bud Lindeman’s Spirit must be shaking his head and crying!

03/28/2007 02:53 PM

If you call it a watermelon, I’m sure the Gunny would fill it so full of lead it wouldn’t move LOL

I think the Can of Tuna would be a much better name for it because after all, there is something fishy about the timing of the introduction and Toyota showing up in Cup.

All of the improvements could’ve been done on the “common template cars”. But as TheDrunkenEskimo said, it takes the loss of drivers before NA$CAR will get off their backsides and do something about safety.

Let’s face it, this ain’t your daddy’s NASCAR, it’s not even our NASCAR, it’s Brian France’s CA$HCAR brand of sports entertainment.

The best thing that could happen is for somebody to come along and start a new stock car series with actual stock cars racing with the necessary safety modifications done to the cars. Then run what ya brung and the fastest 43 race on Sunday. I know, nice dream.

03/28/2007 03:34 PM

i am tired of hearing about how the COT is bad. you know what, the drivers need to shut up and drive and the fans need to realize that it is still racing not matter what and one race IS NOT enough for an idea of what this car has in store for us.

03/29/2007 05:34 PM

The current car is not exactly like the car on the street either; blame Junior Johnson and his bananna Ford and Smokey Yunick and his 3/4’s Chevelle from the mid-1960s. That let the cat out of the box as far as massaging cars were concerned. The COT is no different then the car being phased out; a cookie cutter profile car that bears no resemblance to the car on the street. Everyone complained a few years ago when all the cars moved to a common profile and now those are suddenly “stock” cars. They haven’t been stock since the 1960s – 1950s even, so call them what they have been the last 40 years: a race car, a moving billboard for advertising and NOT your Monte Carlo or Impala or Charger or Fusion in your driveway.


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