The Frontstretch: Voices From the Heartland: Did I REALLY say that? by Jeff Meyer -- Thursday September 8, 2005

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Voices From the Heartland: Did I REALLY say that?

Jeff Meyer · Thursday September 8, 2005


The following is a review of how my writing season is shaping up. What you are about to read appeared earlier in the year. The parts in italics (such as this) are a follow up to see if I hit my mark or not. (Names have been changed and details will be vague to protect the innocent and to keep me from sleeping on the couch!)

With the start of 2005 Nextel Cup season so close I can taste it, (or is that the salami I had last night?) I figured I’d get a head start on a few of this years future ‘Voices’ columns.

From past experience, I just know in my heart that there are a few predictable things the voices in my head are going to make me write and or say in the coming year. So, instead of trying to fight it, I’m just gonna roll with it!

The following “Top Ten” list is by no means is intended to replace the great list my fellow colleague Mistie produces each week, so I hope she grants me this special dispensation. I promise I won’t do it but this one time! (Ok, so I lied, but I SWEAR, this is the last time!)

Top Ten things I know I’m gonna say or write this year:

10. “I told ya Dale Jarrett was gonna win Daytona!” (I meant "start on the pole at Daytona"! Give me a break, he did finish 15th)

9. “Tony Stewart is whining again? Who’d have thunk it!?” (I must have hit the 'h' key by mistake. I meant, winning again!)

8. “I proved NAMRF was a farce last year. C’mon, give me a challenge!” (These guys showed up towards the end of the year. Who knows what bugs will crawl from the woodwork! We still have 10 races left)

7. Ahem! Editors, I’m still waiting for confirmation of those Bristol credentials… (Yeah, wrote and said this one alot, but guess what? STILL NO CREDENTIALS! Next year I'd just settle for an unlimited gas card!)

6. “Nanner! Nanner! Nanner!” (After I win the weekly race pool at my local tavern) (Have yet to win. That really sucks!)

5. “I sure do miss Jimmy Spencer.” (Actually, it has been my pleasure to see Jimmy run a few races this year!)

4. “Robby was driving like he’d been using too much of his sponsor!” (That could be said on any given week, but you'd prolly get tired of hearing me say it!)

3. “Help! I’ve lost my camper, my koozie is empty and I can’t get up!” (This is where the details are intentionally vague, but rest assured I DID have a good time in Bristol!)

2. “NASCAR is running things perfectly this year!” (can you say sar’casm?) (NASCAR is running things perfectly this year! There, you get a double dose of sarcasm!)

1. “Ok, I’ll have ONE more, but then I gotta go!” (This one I hit squarely on the head as numerous witnesses will attest. If I don't say it at least once a week, people think I'm sick!)

So there ya have it! Oh yeah, there is one more…

Stay off the wall, (well duh!)


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09/10/2005 05:43 PM
Can we start a movement to get Alan Bestwick back in the booth and back on INC? please!!!!!!


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