The Frontstretch: Top Ten "Beverages" Vying For Sponsorship of Dale Earnhardt, Jr. by Jeff Meyer -- Tuesday June 19, 2007

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10. Boogity, Boogity, Boogity! The new energy drink being released by Darrell Waltrip early next year.

9. Busch Beer Executives. Laughing at Brian France's extortion efforts to get them to continue to sponsor a struggling “farm” series, they figure for the same monies they can get twice the exposure for NASCAR’s former Budweiser man.

8. Pepto Bismol, for that ill feeling you get when Kyle Busch or Juan Pablo Montoya is anywhere near you on the track.

7. Coca-Cola. "Just because it says "Coke" on the car, doesn't mean I have "Coke" in the car. Crazy, profiling Police guys."

6. Vault (energy drink). Exactly what Junior's going to need to keep all the cash that he's going to make from this deal.

5. Pepsi dumps Gordon to appeal to a "younger" crowd. (And still gets to make the checks out to HMS so as not to upset the accounts payable department.)

4. Ensure. Also vying for the younger crowd so they don't run out of customers in the future.

3. Colt 45, but only if they can convince Kyle Petty of a car number swap.

2. V-8; "Just because it says V-8 on the car, doesn't mean I have….errr…never mind!"

1. Officials at Miller Lite decide their current spokesman is a "Great Waste" and "Less Fulfilling" and try to pull off the marketing coup of the century.

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06/19/2007 09:09 PM

Your Busch hatred is in every article, huh? I’m sure Miller wants to jump off a Cup Champs car and onto that coat-tail riding driver 8 huh?

J. Meyer
06/19/2007 09:17 PM

Dude, lighten up! first of all, I don’t “hate” anyone. Neither one of the “Buschs” mean anything to me. I am not about to waste a good hatred on someone that means nothing to me.
And, before MB writes in to rag on me too, number one would have been the same even if Rusty had still been driving it!

06/20/2007 03:38 AM

# 8 is hilarious!!!! You might want to throw Robby Gordon in that mix also!!!

06/20/2007 06:53 AM

Junior is leaving Budweiser because he cannot compete against Kurt Busch in the Miller Lite Dodge. Duh!

M. B. Voelker
06/20/2007 07:30 AM

Hank, the man is so blinded by his animosity that he can’t even recognize how irrational he sounds as he goes on, week after week, with the same, tired bashing — as though the Busch brothers were not individual people or even human beings but rather mere cartoon toys for his amusement.

06/20/2007 07:42 AM

Colt 45 – It would work everytime!

William T.
06/20/2007 08:43 AM

Jeff — I think you are hilarious.

M.B. — why do you even care if he bashes the Busch brothers? And, it’s not just for Jeff’s amusement…I am amused by it as well… And I happen to like the Busch Brothers, but I can laugh at them too. I think you are the one who needs to lighten up. It sounds like you are the one with the animosity

06/20/2007 09:54 AM

Jeff you do a great job so people have NO sense of humor and need to pull the stick out of there butt.

Lynnsy you are so right!

06/20/2007 10:00 AM

Sunsweet Prune Juice…to help Dale Jr really get moving.

Interesting how the same people always rag on Jeff when he does these funny Top 10’s. It’s humor people, lighten up.

06/20/2007 10:56 AM

Mildly funny…Number 4 is so lame I think My 6 year old daughter wrote it..

06/20/2007 02:46 PM

I love reading this every week!! And what is wrong with bashing the Busch brothers? They both have an attitude NASCAR could do without. I’m far from a Stewart fan but what Kurt did a couple weeks ago in a fit of anger was inexcusable. As mad as he was I’m suprised his ears didn’t pop back out!!!!!!!!

06/20/2007 04:51 PM

i have to say 8 or 7 for the win

and for those who care: Kurt and Kyle Busch suck

06/20/2007 06:45 PM

Just because I have Mountain Dew on the car doesn’t mean I have Mountain Dew in the car. Hint, hint.

M. B. Voelker
06/20/2007 06:53 PM

Despite the opinions of most Jr. High students and those who have never matured emotionally past that stage, insults are not humor.

Poking gentle fun at people and laughing with them is humor.

Insulting and laughing at people is not.

06/21/2007 06:02 AM

Jeff you doing a Great Job…keep it up ! Mr Voelker take the Websters Dictionary out of your Butt , an smell the Coffee ! lol


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