The Frontstretch: Top Ten Ways To Save Gas In A NASCAR Race by Kurt Smith -- Wednesday November 11, 2009

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Top Ten Ways To Save Gas In A NASCAR Race

Kurt Smith · Wednesday November 11, 2009


Since quite a few races have come down to fuel mileage this season, many fans have been asking how drivers manage to squeeze every drop out of their fuel cells to cruise to victory. So Frontstretch’s Kurt Smith did some research and lists his top ten suggestions for drivers to save gas out there…

10. Make sure tires are properly inflated — the president says proper tire inflation could even diminish our dependence on foreign oil.

You bet I’m smiling. They totally bought that I ran out of gas crossing the finish line… now they won’t come looking for our Shell Solutions manual.

9. Let other cars pass you on the pace laps if need be, provided your T-Shirt sales are above a certain level.

8. Replace the air filter every 10,000 miles or so, but not during a green flag stop.

7. Switch over to “Prius Motor” (Toyota only).

6. Get out of the gas sooner, don’t punch the throttle too much, shift into higher gear, and get back into the gas later. In other words, completely forget everything you know about how to race.

5. Race in a friggin’ car that doesn’t have so much friggin’ drag!

4. Keep throwing debris from the car onto the track in hopes that the caution stays out until nightfall.

3. Sneak a copy of “The Better Gas Mileage Book” from the Shell Answer Series into the pits when the Sunoco people aren’t looking.

2. Suggest to NASCAR that maybe a bigger fuel cell might reduce the number of fuel mileage races, and be ready to play the “restrictor plate card” if they start mumbling about safety concerns.

1. Fart in a jar!

Editor’s Note: If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this week’s Frontstretch Foto Funnies – Texas Edition, as Kurt Smith tells the story behind the pictures of your favorite drivers this weekend! It won’t take long, and hopefully you can have a good laugh — especially if Sunday’s race put you to sleep!

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Bad Wolf
11/11/2009 01:17 AM

Eat lots of Tacos to make #1 more effective, right Juan?

The Turnip!
11/11/2009 08:44 AM

11. Change from SUNOCO to another fuel supplier!

So, funny, on my trip here to Florida from Michigan, lots of time to listen to the radio, heard once again Jimmie johnson advertising SUNOCO GASOLINE and how great it is on FUEL MILEAGE!

Now just how funny is that, wasn’t it JJ that ran out of fuel at MIS this year and it cost him a win? SUNOCO FUEL YET!

And just how many races, of course including the most recent fuel economy run at TEXAS, are decided on FUEL ECONOMY?

It’s laughable that SUNOCO would advertise GREAT FUEL ECONOMY when all you have to do is watch race car after race car run out of SUNOCO fuel on the race track!

11/11/2009 12:30 PM

Start ‘n park it!

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