The Frontstretch: Best of: Top Ten Ways That Drivers Apologized to Each Other After by Mistie Bibbee -- Tuesday June 7, 2005

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Publication date: August 28, 2002

10. (on a note attached to a rock shot through Dale Jr’s window)
Aren’t you glad that I was only armed with booties this weekend? – Ward PS- NASCAR says I gotta say sorry- so .. sorry…

9. Jeremy, Sorry about hitting you this past weekend. But my wife
was on the radio giving me sports score updates about my kids. No hard feelings… Oh yeah and my daughter won her soccer game 8 to 3. Jarrett.

8. Dear Robby, Sorry I spun you at Bristol. But much like you, I can’t drive. Your friend in the back of the field, Bobby Hamilton.

7. Jimmie- Sorry about that restart there pal. But had you not have missed that shift… Any way, I needed to try to get back on probation. You see, Harvick and I have this bet going…… Robby

6. Wardmeister- Opps… if you drove faster than ya talk… You woulda been fine, not spinning through the field. Here’s a Bud. Chill, Jr.

5. Jeremy, Maybe you should think a little less about your Octane 93 chick and a little more about racin. Sorry, you can’t focus in the car. By the way, that standing ovation- was NOT for your acting skills. Hut

4. To Whom it May Concern at Discover- Sorry I kept wreckin’ the car this weekend. But I figured we’d get more air time this way. Todd.

3. Dear Nemecheck- I’m sorry that I told you to think about what you are doing. I forgot that it is impossible for you. Love, Elliott Sadler

2. To the ambulance- Sorry I hit you, but you hurt me just as much as I hurt you. (And I have the bruises to prove it). Elliott

1. Rusty- Here’s a little something to say I’m sorry about bumping you for the win last Sunday. Sorry it’s a little high maintenance, but I thought you’d like it. Jeff. PS – She likes to be called Brooke.

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