The Frontstretch: Questions Again Follow Mayfield as Series Returns to Daytona by Mike Lovecchio -- Friday July 3, 2009

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Note: As the Sprint Cup Series returns to Daytona this week the hottest story in the garage area undoubtedly surrounds Jeremy Mayfield after his indefinite suspension for a failed drug test was lifted by a federal judge Wednesday. Ironically, the last time the series was at the famed 2.5-mile speedway Mayfield was the subject of another story as he attempted to qualify for the Daytona 500 with his upstart team, Mayfield Motorsports. At the annual NASCAR Media Day on Feb. 5, Mayfield spoke to a table of journalists and opened up about everything from his problems with the politics of high profile teams to the personal fallout from his father’s untimely passing.

Here are some of the excerpts:

Mayfield on forming Mayfield Motorsports

It was a huge undertaking to do this, but I’ll tell you what I did. We about had it all put together and we had a guy that was going to be the owner of it and put the money up, but it just wasn’t happening and he wasn’t coming through. It just kind of fell apart. I drive up to what was gonna be our shop; it’s the Stavola Brothers now, and we all knew it wasn’t going to happen at this point. This was about 16 days ago (less than one month before the Daytona 500). I knew when I pulled in, and they knew, we didn’t have a deal ready, we didn’t have anything put together this time.

Jeremy Mayfield had nothing but praise for the hardwork and dedication of his team and crew in 2009.

I thought, man they’re still working and trying hard, and there were a lot of people who wanted to work with us on this deal; I kept telling the guy (the preliminary owner), you’d be crazy not to do this, it’s the best opportunity you’re going to have coming into the sport and he didn’t do it. I was like why am I telling him that and not myself that, I’m crazy if I don’t do it. When I saw the effort they were putting in and not getting paid a dime, I said we’ve got to figure somewhere to go. We didn’t get anything ready for Daytona. So we go in and sit down and talk and didn’t have anything, and then all of a sudden I was like there’s only one way we can do this and that’s to go talk to Triad (Racing Technologies). I know they’ve got the cars and the trailers and all the stuff we need. We go up there and two hours later we sit down and I said ‘let’s do it.’ I bought all the stuff and Tony (Furr) started working the next day and now it’s about 15 days since we started working on cars.

On providing an opportunity to others in the same situation

I’m big-hearted on seeing guys who work all their lives in this sport, and due to the economy and stuff which has enabled us to do this, you see guys get laid off and don’t have a chance, and I was right there with them. If I wasn’t going to Daytona this year, I wasn’t sure I really wanted to run in and out of races. If we miss it, it’s one thing, but I don’t want to run 10 races or 12 races, you don’t gain anything like that. If we’re going to do it, let’s run the whole series and go for it. It provides an opportunity for those who need it right now and I can’t thank NASCAR enough. And I’m not just saying this, if it weren’t for them doing what they did with the cars, if you look at it right now they made it so a guy like me can come in and do this. I’m not sure if that was their intentions or not to start with, but it opened the doors for me to be able to do this now and finance and start the deal on my own.

On his crew

It’s probably the best over the wall team I’ve seen. We don’t have anybody whining because they have to drive to Daytona. They want to drive to Daytona; they want to be known as the underdogs and fight for everything we’ve got and that’s cool. When you’ve got that right there, that’s something 90 percent of the teams don’t have.

On why he didn’t have a ride going into 2009

Here’s what’s kept me motivated through all of this. If the media would help me one time and just look at the facts and say, ‘Was it his ability, is that why he’s not in the sport today?’ If you compare the field, with the stats they’ve got and the stats I’ve got, it wasn’t my ability to drive a racecar that got me here. It’s the best shot for me with the desire and the passion I have of not wanting to be a ‘B’ team or being the ‘B’ guy. The last two places I was at with big organizations, no matter what they say, I was not the ‘A’ guy. We all know that. Was it my ability to drive a racecar? No. It was the fire I had made. I wanted to be the best, I fought for everything we had to fight for to get what we needed to race. Was that the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do? I couldn’t see myself sitting there and taking an ass-whoopin’ every week and not fighting for what I believe is right. I could have done a lot of things differently. I could have not opened my mouth when I realized I was the ‘B’ team.

There’s nothing wrong with a driver wanting the best, and a good example of that is Juan Pablo Montoya last year with Chip Ganassi. The same thing that happened with them happened with me. Juan was unhappy with the way things were going, he said it to the media—he blatantly said it straight up and they had a war going on. But they were able to work through that and continue on. It was his desire to be the best and tired of getting beat every week. It’s all he wanted and that’s all I ever wanted and that got me in trouble. So me sitting on the sidelines had nothing to do with my ability, it was about how I handled the situation I was in and I’ve learned from that.

On fighting through his personal problems

Then that time I went to Haas, the deal with my dad happened. That was more devastating, and that’s how I look at it every day. No matter what happens to me in this world, what I went through for that year with my dad’s situation, passing away, that was harder than anything I ever went through. So the racing stuff was easy. I could sit here and tell everybody, ‘Feel sorry for me I lost my dad.’ Well, a lot of people have lost their dads, but mine was in a different way than others and that got me more than anything.

That’s probably why I couldn’t maintain myself and do the things I needed to do at the time, because personally I lost my spirit in all of it. I fought a lot of things for a year. That’s all behind me now, but that’s something nobody ever knew. So while I was getting beat up on the racing side of it, nobody knew what was happening personally. I should have never brought that up, but that was something, I know why I wasn’t racing. I could have run trucks, I could have run other things and chose not to do that. I wasn’t in it anymore, but now I’m fired up.

On this season being his last chance

This is the last chance I want…it may be my last chance, but it will be the fairest chance I’ve gotten. My whole team’s like that. The good thing is we have nothing to lose, and we have everything to gain. I can already tell you we’re a team that doesn’t have as much money as any of the bigger teams. I can tell you we’re probably going to miss races because it’s going to rain and we don’t have the points and we’re not going to buy the points. I can tell you the negatives right now, let’s lay those out on the table.

I can tell you this right now. I’m not a bad guy, Tony Furr is not a bad guy, none of the guys on our team are bad guys, but they’re all guys who believe in what’s right and will stand up for what’s right no matter the situation they’re in. I don’t get caught in the political battles of anybody because if you say ‘that’s black’, that’s black, it’s not white. A lot of that happens within organizations in any business.

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07/03/2009 12:26 AM

“I can’t thank NASCAR enough.”…haha. I’m sure he’s not saying that now.

07/03/2009 07:58 AM

Like Jeremy or not, believe him or not, but the fact remains: WHAT NA$CRAP HAS DONE TO THIS DRIVER IS CRIMINAL!

Jeremy is the mere lightning rod collecting all the ills of NA$CRAP and how this very sick organization works!







07/03/2009 08:33 AM

I’m sorry, but isn’t a person supposed to innocent until proven guilty. Not with nas$car. They are a distorial organization that likes to pick on the little guy even though they were formed by little guys. They’ve gotten so far from their roots that there is no comparision. I think Mayfield was chosen as an example that their drug procedure works. He was expected to take his pusishment and go away. Problem is, he bit back in a big way. I personally think he’s innocent. As for the other hypocritic drivers that push products that aren’t exactly healthy, shut up.

07/03/2009 10:02 AM

When did a second stringer like Ramsey Poston take over Nascar ? We never hear from any source other than him , and hes hardly a source that means very much . Nascar has decided that they will trot him out to the press , while the people in charge hide in the background .
Mayfields suspension was overturned , as it should have been , because of sloppy testing proceedures by Nascar . Since Mayfields claims of a faulty test carry just as much weight as Nascars claims of meth use , we’ll call it a draw until something can be PROVEN .
Its hilarious to read some of the knee jerk reactions by the press to the overturning of the suspension . “ the floodgates are now open , free license for drivers to use drugs now “ . I’m sure that all of the drivers said “ oh boy , now we can finally go ahead and use drugs when we race , we were only waiting for a court ruling to gives us a reason “ .
Mayfields team wasn’t at Daytona because there was no time to get the team there after the ruling , and it would be a pretty expensive undertaking to bring the whole team to the track and then have the judge uphold the findings of the Nascar drug “test “

07/03/2009 12:15 PM

Should Jeremy actually come out of this clean, his biggest help in monetary damages will be the actions of nascar itself, the sponsors turning away from him because of nascar pressure, the “we know it’s coming” retaliation from nascar, the snide remarks from other drivers, The reporters that repeat every word said in the negative. Nascar will not let this get to court any more than they did the Grant case.

They need to fix the testing program and the teams and drivers need to be very sure that it could very well be them in this situation.

This judge just rattled nascars cage.

07/03/2009 01:54 PM


King Brian, “attempting” to explain the NA$CRAP drug testing policy!


He ACTALLY stated “there has been lots of failed drug tests in our organization, but we look at each one separately and rule accordingly”!

He also stated “no, we do not have a complete listing of banned drugs”!

He also said “we, NA$CRAP have complete flexibility on out drug testing program”!

Folks! This is the IDIOT that is trying to run NA$CRAP!

He is admitting their drug testing policy is up to their interpretation, case by case”!

AND! The first question from a “writer” at the press conference comes from that NA$CRAP brown-nose Jenny Fryer!



And throughout the interview/press conference, he, King Brian, looks one way with one eye, the other with the other eye, never looking at the audience!

What a SNAKE! He knows he is lying!

And further in the press conference, he is talking about??

YEP! Just how exciting double file restarts are! And how HEALTHY the sport is!


In his talking about the double file restarts, he stated “of course we had to get the drivers to buy into these type of re-starts”!!!



Since when has NA$CRAP asked ANY driver their opinion when making a rule change!

NEVER! That’s for sure!

And on the double file restarts, the drivers actually wanted to look at it and maybe implement it next year! NOT IMMEDIATLEY like they did!

Ask the drivers my a**!

Got the drivers to “buy in to it”! MY A**!

Brian France ! YOU LIE!

07/03/2009 06:44 PM

Want to know how long NA$CRAP has been picking on the “Little Guy?” Read the current book on Wendell Scott !! Picking on the little guys is nothing new in NA$CRAP, they have been doing it for years !! They once tried to ban Wendell from racing because several of his pit crew guys had beards !! Richard Petty himself went to bat for him on that one. Read the book and you will lose what little respect you might still have for NA$CRAP !!

07/04/2009 12:35 AM

One thing that really gets me is how a man who believes he is innocent is still thrown under the bus for standing up and fighting. I know if I was falsely accused I’d be shouting from the mountain tops to anyone who’d listen and fighting anyway I could.
Wouldn’t you???
The excerpts in this article describe more a man of principle than the crazed meth head NA$CAR would have us believe him to be.
And as far as NA$CAR picking on the little guy, they want to be a big time sport to rival all the others but, in a lot of ways, they’re still stuck in the ’50s. Using underhanded tactics and discrimination (Grant) that doesn’t work anymore. They wanted the spotlight but can’t handle the glare.

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