The Frontstretch: Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off : Nip It In The Bud, NASCAR by Matt McLaughlin -- Thursday April 3, 2008

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Matt McLaughlin Mouths Off : Nip It In The Bud, NASCAR

Matt McLaughlin · Thursday April 3, 2008


In the minds of some of the media and some fans, accusations that Michael Waltrip purloined some proprietary auto parts from Jack Roush's teams seems to be causing some amusement. Count me among those not laughing. This has nothing to do with which team was stolen from and which team did the stealing; this has to do with honor, economics, and the integrity of the sport of auto racing, already much maligned amongst non-believers.

First, let's look at what limited facts have been publicly released. The sway bar in question was specifically developed for the Car of Tomorrow by Roush Racing, and went missing at Dover last Fall during the Cup race weekend. Neither side in the dispute is arguing that the sway bar in question arrived at Dover with Roush Racing and left the track with Michael Waltrip Racing. Because of the new design of the sway bar, the missing item did not fit on the back of the crash cart where teams normally store spare sway arms, and it was placed beneath the box.

The fact it went missing was not immediately noted by anyone on the Roush teams, and that was sloppy on their part. The fact it was stored differently and configured differently than the normal sway bars certainly could have been enough for someone, particularly on a team struggling mightily, to wonder what magic lay in that bar. Eventually, the piece was found to be missing, causing no end of consternation among Roush and his chassis men. A former employee of MWR hired by Roush relayed the information that the bar was in the possession of his former team. Roush, or someone in his employ, contacted MWR Racing and demanded it back. Supposedly, the bar was returned in a clandestine pre-dawn meeting, but by that point, the horse was out of the barn.

Michael Waltrip would have you believe this was an innocent mistake. Someone from his team inadvertently picked up a piece that didn't belong to his organization, and it was accidentally returned to the MWR shops. Waltrip's contention is, once they realized the part wasn't theirs, they put it aside without making any effort to find out who that sway bar belonged to or what made it special. Of course, any statement from MWR has to be taken with a grain of salt — they still haven't figured out who doctored their fuel at Daytona last February in an attempt to cheat, and such an incident allows the team’s integrity to seriously be called into question.

An unnamed NASCAR official responds upon hearing Jack Roush’s allegations of stolen auto parts.

But dig a little deeper into the story, and some things just don't add up. Some people want to ignore that; after all, a sway bar is a relatively innocuous, if awkward looking, bent up tube, not some super secret new cylinder head or bulletproof set of transmission gears. Most sway bars look very similar, and when discussions turn to the "torsional effect" some pundits and fans eyes glaze over and they want to discuss something really important like whether Dale Junior has a girlfriend or something. I don't claim to be a suspension expert, but I do know something about sway bars from back in the era where I used to own a series of 5.0 Mustangs I would take time to drive on road courses. Replacing the stock sway bars with aftermarket units was a tuning tool to try to get those nose heavy Mustangs to stop plowing the corners. A good set of properly mounted bars made those Mustangs feel like an entirely new car. Combined with swapping set of springs, tires and tire pressures, it was possible to get those Mustangs to handle neutrally in the corner that had lesser cars going off the course nose first …even though the driver had the wheel turned to full lock. And Jack Roush has forgotten more about sway bars than I'll ever know; anyone who has ever had the pleasure to take the wheel of one of his Roush-prepared street Mustangs after driving its stock counterpart will enthusiastically agree. Unfortunately, few of us can afford to own one. Maybe Roush'll leave one laying around at Dover and we can steal it — then say it was just an honest mistake and return it when we get caught.

Keep in mind, by his own admission Jack Roush was behind the curve when the first CoT races were held. His assertion is teams from rival manufacturers broke the spirit, if not the letter of NASCAR's testing limitations by testing their new cars at non-sanctioned NASCAR tracks while Roush tried to stick to the letter of the law. Once the Hendrick cars and others started kicking his cars butts in races featuring the CoT, Roush launched his own extensive testing program to catch up. There's a limited amount of areas where a team can modify the new cars to find speed; the sway bars are one of those limited parts that don't have to meet specific criteria. With the new cars proving unwieldy and tough on right front tires, Roush used his suspension expertise to find a solution that spread the load between the four tires more efficiently. That sort of research and development doesn't come cheap. My guess is Roush spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on unsuccessful prototypes and testing before arriving at the proper solution. Now, if someone had broken into Roush's motor home and stolen a hundred grand in cash, I doubt anyone would say that the act was anything other than felonious larceny, and that the actor once caught deserved draconic punishment — including a lengthy jail sentence. But by stealing that bar and analyzing its secrets, MWR gained the advantage of all that very expensive R and D without paying a dime for it. How is that any different?

But, oh, right, sorry, MWR finally realized the sway bar wasn't theirs and sort of pushed it into the corner of the shop to wait until someone claimed it. That doesn't explain why the part in question was sandblasted to cover its identity. Nor does it explain why, according to an independent source, someone from MWR approached a manufacturer about having that new sort of sway bar replicated for their team. In my mind, that fact alone proves criminal intent no matter how much Waltrip tries to whitewash the issue behind the latest fusillade of hot air emanating from his seldom shut yap.

NASCAR's reaction to the issue has been bizarre. As far as they are concerned, this is a private matter to be worked out between Roush Racing and MWR. That isn't how the sanctioning body has looked at Roush's teams or others that have tried to slip a part that gives them a competitive advantage into the mix before. Such teams were fined, lost points, and had key members suspended. If a driver who's angry after a crash calls the offending driver a "son of a cuss,” NASCAR hasn't been shy about huge monetary fines and points deductions because such conduct is — let's all sing it together campers — "conduct detrimental to the sport of NASCAR racing." Yet, stealing parts in the garage area is an issue that the two teams will have to work out. Baloney. If someone were to steal a few French Fries off of Mike Helton's plate and get caught, they'd probably be banned from the sport for life. But on an issue that reflects the basic integrity of the sport, NASCAR has decided to swallow their whistle. Color me surprised.

Others have been equally two-faced. When Carl Edwards was caught with parts that were said to be illegal and to offer the No. 99 car a competitive advantage, they wanted to see the Roush organization crucified and said the penalties were too soft. Now that the shoe is on the other foot and it's one of Mr. White's teams caught with their hand in the cookie jar, Roush is just a cranky old man trying to make something out of nothing.

This whole situation eerily parallels last year's debacle on the Formula One circle. Ferrari alleged that arch-rival McLaren had somehow obtained secret R and D and testing documents. McLaren claimed they didn't have any such documents in their possession. Later, emails were found in which McLaren principals, drivers and test drivers clearly discussed information from the very documents that McLaren said they'd never even had a peek at. F1 didn't tell the two teams to settle it amongst themselves. They stripped McLaren of all constructor's points (their equivalent to our manufacturer's points) and fined the McLaren organization a sobering $100,000,000 dollars. No, that isn't a typo. Let me spell it out for you; they fined McLaren one hundred million (as in a tenth of a billion) dollars. (Yes, the fine was paid in Euros, not dollars, but don't quibble with the exchange rate.) In addition, this year's McLaren entries were thoroughly scrutinized to be sure that none of the tricks they'd illegally obtained had been incorporated in the cars they planned to race this year. To date, that's all Jack Roush is asking. He wants NASCAR to make sure MWR isn't running any technology he paid to develop, but even to that NASCAR says it's a private matter. I guess Jack needs to hire someone to hijack an MWR hauler en route to a race at gunpoint, so he can have a closer look at those cars and the sway bars they are using. After all, to NASCAR that would be a private matter too, I'm quite certain.

The garage area is a relatively open area. At most tracks, teams’ garage stalls have no doors that can be locked when the garage area closes at night and team members leave. Even the big team haulers aren't impervious from forced entry made by those with bad intent. Security after hours is a joke. I personally watched someone scale the fence to reenter the garage area to retrieve a forgotten set of car keys because it was easier than going through official channels. Years ago at Talladega, teams arrived race morning to find many cars are had been vandalized or tampered with overnight, in some case with clear intent to cause a brake failure in a car once the race began.

If NASCAR is going to leave this sort of issue as a private matter, they're throwing open the floodgates to more serious sorts of espionage. And once that occurs, they're going to wish they had the sense of our old pal Barney Fife to “nip it in the bud.”

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04/03/2008 12:33 AM

You said a mouthful, Matt! Bravo!

hank lee
04/03/2008 01:11 AM

I’m a MWR fan, and I agree taking the dang thing was wrong. But do you remember in 98 when jeff gordon had a tire go missing after roush’s claims of tire soaking?? seems a lil fishy to me..but that’s just me.

04/03/2008 06:07 AM

Or how about when Bob Dilner reported that RCR had modified their rims? NASCAR denied it, RCR denied it, but the following week RCR bought 300 rims at the insistance of NASCAR.

Another good piece Matt.

04/03/2008 06:33 AM

Thanks for the article.
I always suspected that people had access to the garages at night to mess with certain cars.

Pretty sad. I always suspected it was Nascar doing the messing.

All those mechanical failures Gordon had in 2006, I think it was.

Again..pretty damn sad.

04/03/2008 07:29 AM

Boy! Now that’s making a mountain out of a molehill!

04/03/2008 08:08 AM

Great article…the stealing, I am sure, goes on all the time. What matters is that nascrap refuses to govern the pits. So it will always be. And fans will always side with their teams. so the debate will continue. As I have said elsewhere, in years past a fight of some kind would have settled it. Now days teams and drivers, for the most part, are a bunch of sissies, cry babies, etc. no matter the team!! So the drama continues………

Suzanne Ward
04/03/2008 08:35 AM

Sounds like you want MWR drummed out of NASCAR. Maybe they should just shut the whole cheating operation down. Make 400 pay for the sins of a few.

Actually, how about shutting down any team caught cheating or stealing? Throw all of those dirty cheaters out! Start with Cheatin Chad and his cronies!

Ron P
04/03/2008 08:43 AM

Well said Matt,
Just another reason the stands are empty on Sunday. NA$CAR has no credibility left after this one. Take a look at Formula 1, They know how to go after Teams that steal. That’s why they are the Premier Racing League in the World and NA$CAR it the WWE.

Integrity, now there is word that Brian France knows nothing about.

I hate to say it but It’s a good thing for Brain France that Dale Sr. isn’t around, He’d have slapped that little boy silly by now.

And Poor Mikey He just doesn’t know how these things happen, that sway bar just happened to end up in his teams hands, sandblasted and repainted, so nobody could tell it it wasn’t theirs… Just like he doesn’t know how that stuff got in his fuel system at last years Daytona 500.. Oh why do theses thing just happen to Poor Mikey
Give me a Freaking Break!
NA$CAR’s refusal to do anything about this is just plain BS, It’s all about the Money. Toyota can do anything they want from that 94 Million they gave the France family and this just proves it. If this crap keeps up, you’ll see NASCAR go the way of Champ Car Racing…. just be a bad memeory.

Oh and Suzanne Ward,
Stealing is against the Law, or can we all come over to your house and take anything we want???? It’s people like you that just add to the lack of credibilty in this sport anymore.
Drum MWR out of NASCAR no, but how about the same fine that McLaren-Mercedes got last year for Stealing Ferrari desings.
I dont’ think you’d see DW and Mikey laughing that one off.

04/03/2008 09:01 AM

good article. how come mwr seems to get away with stuff. to me, it seems like nascar is intent on making roush’s live difficult, and i’m no fan of roush.

i’ve never understood if the part was discovered missing last year, which did it take so long to return, and covertly?? oh yeah, nascar’s posterboy just was so busy running his mouth about how poorly his cars were running.

my question is how long will toyota put up with the owner/team who seems to continually surround itself in some type of mechanical/performance controversy?

doctor x
04/03/2008 09:09 AM

NASCAR is either too lazy to get involved or Toyota has paid so much they are looking the other way. Either way Matt you are right, this is a very dangerous precedent to set. Teams now know that any espionage they perform will not be open to NASCAR’s penalties. At the least NASCAR could have said they investigated and claimed “insufficient evidence to prosecute” and at least teams would know that such acts/accusations would, at least, be reviewed by NASCAR. But instead NASCAR has decided to take the Pontious Pilat approach. Better get some extra hand towels.

04/03/2008 09:11 AM

Well done. The unvarnished truth.

04/03/2008 09:31 AM


Your the only Na$car article writer that makes any sense about the problem. If MWR took the part by accident they would of said something and brought the part with them to the racetrack the next week or gave it to Na$car and had it returned. When they called the manufacture and tried to have it reproduced that is where they tried to take advantage of their so called mistake. MWR suspension parts should be inspected by Na$car each race to make sure they are not using this info it would take an inspector 1 minute to see the violation.

It's Me!
04/03/2008 09:33 AM

Is it just me or is something fishy going on? Either MWR is the stupidest team out there or Roush is exaggerating the story. Why would you return the swaybar if it was sandblasted and re-painted? Why not throw the thing into the depths of Lake Norman? So much of this story seems absolutely insane that I’m not sure what to believe!

doctor x
04/03/2008 12:16 PM

“Why would you return the swaybar if it was sandblasted and re-painted? Why not throw the thing into the depths of Lake Norman?”

Because the cat was out of the bag. You are right, they could have disposed of it but there was still someone that knew it at Roush from MWR. They had a choice, cover up or play dumb. I guess they opted for what came naturally.

Mike H
04/03/2008 12:18 PM

There was an article posted on “Jayski” in the last couple days regarding a lawsuit against Wood Bros & Roush by the patent holder of a sway bar design, he won but Roush was dropped since he had been only involved with Woods. This seems to show the part or the means to make it exist. Roush may not want to open this can of worms again & yes he has a history going back pre-nascar of being less then honest in racing, but why does everyone think the Waltrips are honest? Cheating is a family tradition for them & when caught always act stupid. If Mikey is smart enough to get the money to own a team, why does he always claim to be so stupid about what goes on? usually that is called a “lie”. Nascar should police these issues, but they will always just be selective, like fining Robby Gordon $150,000 for jaywalking, while Waltrip robs the bank & claims stupidity.

Mike H
04/03/2008 12:27 PM

The above mentioned article about the “inventer” was linked on “Jayski” 4-2-08 by Godwin Kelly of the Daytona Beach News Journal. Very interesting reading!!

04/03/2008 12:42 PM

Very good piece. I remember that Talladega garage incident from many years back. After that teams resorted to spreading baking flour over the floors at night to see if there were footprints by cars the next morning.
The reason NA$CAR isn’t doing anything about this is simple, TOYOTA.
When Sir Brian spilled his ‘COKE’ and went off roading in his Lexus, Toyota probably just gave him another one.
When ‘MIKEY’ rolled his Toyota Suv and decided to walk home a couple miles in his socks, NA$CAR thought all appeared fine.
When whatever was found in ‘Mikey’s’ intake over a year ago still is a big secret, simple – TOYOTA.
They bought there way into this series, will buy up this series and will be one of the undoings of NA$CAR.

04/03/2008 12:57 PM

well said matt! finally a person whom isn t afraid to speak the truth. i d love to see toyota fined just like mclaren in F 1

Mike H
04/03/2008 01:11 PM

This may be like a rich parent [Toyota] paying to keep one bad kid [Waltrip] out of jail, while the others [Gibbs, RB & BDR]play fair, this is NOT a Toyota theft, it was MWR stealing!!

04/03/2008 01:21 PM

>>His assertion is teams from rival manufacturers broke the spirit, if not the letter of NASCAR’s testing limitations by testing their new cars at non-sanctioned NASCAR tracks while Roush tried to stick to the letter of the law.<<

Oh please, Jack.

Rousch didn’t think it was worth the money and effort to test on non-Goodyear tires at tracks where NA$CAR didn’t run. He was wrong. Rick Hendrick was right. Rousch isn’t a big enough man to admit he screwed up and got his butt kicked. So he whines about obeying the “spirit of the rules.”

OTOH, this swaybar thing smells very, very bad. I’ll bet this is when Mikey wishes he had taken Dolly Wallenback’s advice and cut back on a few of those talk shows he’s involved with. It’s kinda hard to lay low in front of that camera.

hank lee
04/03/2008 01:22 PM

I just realized this was matt’s article. Can’t believe I even took it seriously. Every week it’s a toyota bash.


04/03/2008 01:47 PM

Whenever anyone is referring to Michael when discussing MWR, they need to be referring to DW. Make no mistake, DW is the brains behind MWR. Come on, who in their right mind thinks Michael has the mental capacity to do much more than goof off and clown around. He has perfected that routine for years. It is DW that has perfected the routine of garage espionage. And furthermore, DW has undoubtedly parlayed his position at Fox to gain inside knowledge of other race team’s operations, all in the name of “tv coverage”. One thing DW is not is stupid. The other thing DW is not – honest. Thus what you see with MWR (DWR) is what you get. And far be it for Nascar to shed too much light on those issues, as they prefer the public not see the cockroaches scurry.

04/03/2008 03:16 PM

That is the first time I ever saw DW and brains mentioned in the same sentence!
Fox should show a disclaimer on the screen when DW appears showing that he takes Toyota money.

04/03/2008 06:20 PM

First, let me say that I am an RFR fan, though the Waltrips have a certain “good ol’ boy” charm.

Now that that’s said.

While the rest of the article may be debatable, the one point where our author, Matt, was dead on is that NASCAR or some designated arbitrator should be involved in this affair.

If we had someone investigating the claims and counterclaim and determine what are the FACTS in this case, then a sensible conclusion might be reached. But, NASCAR’s hands off approach here invites the rabid debate and speculation we’ve seen here and elsewhere.

If it was truly a mistake or mudslinging based on Jack Roush’s perception of Toyota, then an investigation should show that and we could all let it drop.

If some wrongdoing actually occurred, then the offenders should be punished accordingly.

Sadly, we’re even less likely to find out the truth here than knowing what the “mysterious substance” was that got MW in trouble at Daytona last year.

04/03/2008 06:48 PM

Hey Matt, when are you going to write the WHOLE story here? Why don’t you write about how many times Jack Roush has changed his story. How did he REALLY find out the part was missing? Did the manufactorer tell him or did the former MWR employee tell him? Jack needs to get his lies straight.
Where was the part REALLY when it was “taken”? First Jack says IN the toolbox, then he changes to under the toolbox. He still can’t get his lies straight.
If MWR had stolen anything, don’t you think they would have denied having it at all? I mean nobody had PROOF they had it, just accusations.
One last thing Matt, please do research before posting comments like “They still haven’t found out who doctored the fuel at Daytona”. IF you had done your research, you would have found out that David Hyder was FIRED after they found out HE was responsible for the fuel.
So please, in the future, DO RESEARCH before posting your Toyota hating drivel.

04/03/2008 06:55 PM

Bravo for that very good article!

The only reason NASCAR hasn’t done anything is because it happened to Jack. If this happened to a HMS car you better believe MWR would be gone! And you can bet your kids college fund that Panty boy wouldn’t be laughing!

I like what Dale Jr said…and no i really do not like Jr…the person/team responsible needs to have their hard card removed and never given back…no ifs, ands, or buts!

04/03/2008 08:35 PM

This is what Mikey the Mouth had to say last year after Hyder was fired…..

He was supposed to oversee all of the cars and the 55 was the one found to be outside of the rules. It took us a little while to understand what to do. It’s such a devastating blow, and we just decided to end the association [with Hyder]. Bobby has been with me for seven or eight years, and we’ve never gotten into any trouble for anything. I don’t know Hyder and I know Bobby. Bobby has never had that type of personality, and ultimately the crew chief is responsible for the car as NASCAR so eloquently pointed out last week.” Waltrip said Kennedy’s role has been redefined and he’s not sure what the new role will be. Waltrip, who met with NASCAR officials again last week, hopes this brings closure to ordeal. “They told us what was found in the intake was obviously a substance that was put there on purpose to enhance performance, and it had to be done by someone inside our company or inside our circle,” Waltrip said. “I don’t want to single out Hyder. I do want to say that a couple of the guys who came with him are no longer employed by us.”

So Waltrip never said it was Hyder who doctored the fuel. He never named the fellows who came over to the team with Hyder. If by inference you’ve decided that means that Waltrip said Hyder doctored the fuel, that’s exactly what Waltrip wanted you to think so the story would blow over. Had he said forthrightly that Hyder doctored the fuel or knowingly allowed the fuel to be doctored doubtless there would have been a defamation of character lawsuit. Hyder still says that he didn’t doctor the fuel and he doesn’t know who did.

Oddly enough it’s not just the crew chief who is responsible for the team….it’s the team owner.

Of course Mikey had a lot on his mind at that time. The team wasn’t making races. Oh, and he was trying to come up with a plausible excuse why he ran home in his stocking feet from a late night single car wreck near his home even after being alerted the police had been called. And why nobody answered the door when the cops knocked on his door that day and the next. (Right, right….he was taking a shower in the pool house…wow, that sure convinces me he wasn’t drunk at the time.) If Michael Waltrip tells me the sun is going to come up tomorrow I’m sleeping with a six cell Maglight under my pillow. He gets away with murder before he’s been NASCAR’s official kiss-butt for years.

04/03/2008 08:39 PM

How can so many people including the writer of the artical be so stupid. Jack Rouch and Micheal Waltrip have started the the only thing nascar doesnt have, a real war, how many of u fools have tuned in to read about the latest “update” in this story? These are not your sixtys drivers with a issue to settle, these are men who are running multi million dollar companys and whats the best way to stay in the lime light, fights conspiracies etc. All the while u dumb idiots are chatting about weather mwr stole a useless swaybar in dover, which by the way can be purchased at at least 30 custom shops around the country, Petty Raceing is on the verge of going out of business. if that happens, im gone from nascar not because of toyota but because from now on it will be just unloyal sponsers, and Iroc copies. Hello Dannica im your newest best fan

04/03/2008 11:37 PM

OK, let me try to retort n a better manner than I did last time. This article is basically a crusade against MWR, Toyota, and the owner in particular. For one, crew members swap as often as I change socks. This crew member better hope he doesn’t fall out of favor at Roush, because he committed professional hari kari (like that Matt?) Who the heck would hire this guy who seems more than willing to spill the beans on industrial espionage and/or theft? Granted, I am pretty sure MWR knew what they had and thought they got away with it. However, if it weren’t for Roush’s obvious anti- Toyota slant which is obviously shared by the author and has been his drum to bang for the last 2 years, I would probably be a little more sympathetic toward the Cat in the Hat. Now Matt, I don’t recall this dare I say, hatred toward “Mikey” when he drove for your man, Ironhead. He was the flavor of the month, restrictor plate master who just needed a chance to prove his worth. Mikey saw the writing on the wallat DEI, probably lasted longer in the #15 than he should have and went where the money was, he’s smart enough to realize that he can do more for Napa and Toyota by being goofy ole Mikey and plugging away and doing the Speed TV circuit.

One major thing this article fails to mention is a timeline. Nt to play CSI- Mooresville, but here are some questions that I don’t see asked or answered in this column.

When did Roush get his swaybar back from MWR? Why is his team manager (Goff Smih, right?)not being taken to task for allowing an obviously critical piece of the car to disappear and not know? Why is it that he only mentioned this after Edwards deal at California? When did they hire Reutimann’s crew member away from Roush? This is probably important due to the fact he had knowledge of this theft and if he did not disclose this at least at the ime of his first cashed Roush payceck, makes me wonder what else he knows? If a team steals from one owner, why wouldn’t they steal from others? I mean, yay, we arbon copied a Ford, but the Chevy’s kicked everyones tail last year.

Now Matt, you’ve sang the praises of Smokey Yunick, Boby Allison, Harry Hyde, Gary Nelson, and others in the past who were legendary in their “modifications” and “massaging” of vehicles. I’ve seen the stories of buckshot, lead radio, lead helmet, etc in your articles in the past. Granted it’s not theft, but the intent is still the same. Not to get into semantics here, but tell me other teams don’t do the same. They just were either smart enough not to get caught or at least neck enough to handle it man to man. Those latter days are obviously long gone in the NASCAR of today.

To me this is all about fear on the part of Roush. So what if Toyota dominates NASCAR, in the gand scheme of thngs, what th hell does that mean? Again, Daimler-Chrysler. I think since we seem to like to reference war when convenient, Germany did just as much atrocious stuff as the Japanese did and we did, but that’s neither here nor there.

Bottom line, MWR may have been the flag ship team when they signed on with Toyota, but they are obviously not the company car as Bobby Allison used to call Junior Johnsons fleet.

As for Mikey not stating by name that Hyder doctored the fuel tells me one of 2 things: Mikey had knowledge,or Mikey had no verifiable smoking gun on Hyder. Which means Hyder would probably be owning a Toyota dealership or 3.

What Jack needs to do is make damn sure he is above reproach. I think he has created a law of unintended consequences for his race team and his manufacturer. If I were Ford, I’d probably be upset that a security lapse happened and it took over a month into the ensuing season for the matter to come to light. Luckily for him, he’s pretty much the only game in town for Ford now as Yates, Wood Bros. and others are for all intents and purposes irrelevant.

I do agree with you though on one point you made which is the most important point of the article. NASCAR needs to get involved on this matter. At the very least they need to assign a commission to gather evidence and rule on it at the very least before the 2009 Speedweeks. If MWR was shown to have stolen and replicate the part, then Mikey needs to disappear from the sport and new owners need to be found for the team and Toyota needs to pay as well. Unless these allegations can be proven, Roush needs to clam up and quit trying his case through the media.

04/03/2008 11:43 PM

I totally agree with this article and with Matt’s Comments above. MWR lost all credibility when they contacted a vendor to copy this sway bar. I’m still amazed at how the deal on Michael’s Wreck last year was swept under the rug. See Matt’s comments above.

04/04/2008 01:44 AM

Matt, you definitely let your bias against the Waltrips show this time. I am not defending MWR, but would like to point to the article by Godwin Kelly in the Daytona Beach Journal recently that detailed a similar incident in which Rousch was the offender. Someone needs to tell Jack that his glass house is in danger from all those stones he’s casting.

04/04/2008 07:44 AM

Memo to self: next time cut and paste from Word. Sorry if my post is unreadable with the misspellings and all.

Got a new laptop that’s not as sensitive as the old one one.

04/04/2008 09:59 PM

MWR stealing a sway bar from Rousch and replicating it is on the same level as Yugo stealing from GM

04/04/2008 10:10 PM

And another thing, since almight King Brian has taken the throne, NASCAR has taken on the aura of WWE.